1. Introduction:

 There has been a significant demand for salon appointment apps over the last several years. The purpose of this one-of-a-kind app is to connect customers with local salons and spas, making it easier for both parties to find the services they need. But which Salon apps are the best?

Well, worry not! We at Techweblabs have got all your doubts resolved in this blog. From discussing the 7 Top Salon Apps to knowing the essential features these apps must-have, this blog will serve as your handy book the moment you think of salon apps. But let’s start with answering a few questions straightaway.

2. Why Do You Need a Salon App For Your Business?

Your salon Business needs a Salon app because it simplifies and even automates routine tasks, such as keeping detailed records of customers and sales. At the same time, you can make your business more visible to potential clients.

The progress in the Cosmetics and Beauty business is accelerating at an exponential rate. Groupon estimates that women spend an average of $3,756 per year on services at salons.

 If you still think that a salon app isn’t a worthy investment then take a look at the benefits it offers:

  • As a salon owner, stylist, or therapist, you and your customers alike may save a lot of time and effort with the correct app.
  • More prospective new customers may be reached via a booking app, particularly in the increasingly digital-centric world in which we now reside. 
  • They allow you to serve your customers whenever and wherever they need you. I.e 24/7 service
  • You may get an application that does everything from allowing you to schedule appointments to provide advanced tools like invoicing, inventory tracking, and HR functions.

3. 7 Top Salon Apps

3.1  Vagaro App

Vagaro’s capabilities are not limited to only client management. It’s a complete solution for running a salon, including time and attendance tracking, payroll, inventory management, and POS connection. It’s available around the clock, seven days a week, so you may use it whenever you need it.

You can contact your clients on their chosen device since it is compatible with iOS and Android. This smartphone software uses email to communicate with users, remind them of upcoming appointments, and give them reminders. Even better, it can notify customers of their confirmed appointments and keep you, the stylist, apprised of any changes.

Best Feature: 24-hour availability even at odd hours and third-party integrations

Pricing: Starting from $25 per month for a single user with a free trial available for a month

3.2 MyCuts

MyCuts is a cloud-based salon management system with a straightforward layout and well-thought-out design that makes it a breeze to pick up and use.

Group schedules may be created as well. Clients and other people, such as coworkers, may schedule group appointments, for instance. Confirmations and reminders of scheduled appointments are automatically sent to ensure that neither clients nor stylists ever forget about their appointments again.

Best Feature: Accessible via multiple devices and excellent inventory management system.

Pricing: Free for the first 25 clients. Standard and Premium Subscription for &15 and $25 respectively.

3.3 The Salon Iris App

Staff management, stock controls, payroll administration, and a Point of Sale system are some useful features of this all-in-one Salon Iris scheduling software for hairstylists and barbers.

An integrated customer directory allows you to profile your regulars for targeted email campaigns and special offers. Salon Iris makes it easy to reschedule and automate recurring appointments for customers. This may be accessed on the web or mobile devices like Android and iPhone.

Best Feature: Payroll management, stock controls, and Point of Sales.

Pricing: $29 and $59 for Basic and Deluxe subscriptions

3.4 Phorest

A salon receptionist developed the concept for Phorest approximately 20 years ago. The software, built on real-world expertise, provides various tools for promoting and administering your Salon’s business, including stock management, customer inventories, loyalty programs, and more.

Also, Provides notifications in the event of a client’s absence and tracks these notifications against past instances of customer absences. Phorest allows you to reach your customers via SMS and email marketing campaigns.

Best Feature: Built-in barcode scanning functionality makes it ideal for tracking inventory.

Pricing: Starting from $99 and more for Starter, Grow Ultimate, and Enterprise subscriptions

3.5 MindBody

Although it is possible to keep track of customer reservations, the system allows you to personalize promotions for each customer individually.

Using Mindbody’s technologies, businesses may collect data about their clientele over time, tailor campaigns to individual customers, and encourage repeat business. Additionally, the ability to instantly update customer databases, accept payments online, and provide invoice support are welcome additions.

Best Feature: Integrated Tools best suited for creating customized marketing initiatives for clients.

Pricing: Starter for $159 /mo, Accelerate for $279 /mo, Ultimate for $499 /mo, Ultimate Plus for $699 /mo

3.6 Square

Square is armed with one of the most sophisticated CRM systems available. Information about your customers’ visits, purchases, and payments is stored in a database that may be used to create a detailed profile of each customer. If you already have a customer database in another program or on spreadsheets, you may also import it.

Square’s scheduling software is completely free if you’re the only one who needs to use it. It even has handy extras like automatic scheduling, reminders for upcoming appointments, and calendar synchronization. This is a web-based software, so you may use it on any browser-enabled device.

Best Feature: Integrated with extensive customer relationship management tools. 

Pricing: $0, $60, or $299 per month depending on the subscription

3.7 Acuity

Acuity, like other salon scheduling apps, has a built-in scheduling system that lets clients quickly see your availability and schedule an appointment when it’s convenient for them.

It’s easy to set up recurring reservations and as simple as reserve a room for a large party. The staff at Acuity will not make a big deal out of your need to postpone your appointment. The basic version of Acuity is available at no cost. Nonetheless, if you’re looking for higher support and customization, you may upgrade to a premium edition of the program.

Best Feature: Group Bookings 

Pricing: $14, $23 and $45 for Emerging, Growing and Powerhouse Subscription respectively.

4. What Features Make The Best Salon Apps?

Seamless appointment booking, in-app payments, inventory management, notifications reminder, GPS technology for salon tracking, and loyalty programs are some of the few features that can make your salon app shine out. 

4.1 Consolidated List of all services with pricing

These days, hair salons offer much more than simple cuts and colors. Their offerings have grown considerably in scope. Services include scalp massages, laser hair removal, and waxing. One of the best ways to advertise your Salon is to have a picture gallery with examples and pricing details. 

4.2 Appointment Booking

 Customers should be able to schedule meetings at their convenience using the app’s built-in calendar. The booking option should guide them to the service they want, the time and date, and any message for the beautician.

4.3 In-app payments

The app’s control panel should serve as the hub for all account management and financial dealings. Customers should be allowed to use Credit cards, Debit cards, UPI, Google Wallet, Apple Pay, and other payment methods.

4.4 Push Notifications

For some consumers, push notifications are a great way to keep in touch. Sending personalized motivational messages is a powerful way to boost sales and keep customers engaged. Also, Sending updates on service improvements, appointment dates, and cost reductions make it user-friendly.

4.5 Go to Your Preferred Beauty Parlor

Customers who seek out services related to their appearance and hair are notoriously picky. They like to see a certain cosmetician and not just anybody. Mobile appointment booking allows customers to choose the attendant if you provide beauty or hair treatments.

4.6 Inventory Management

Find out how many products you have in stock at your Salon and take command of your supply. The accountant keeps tabs on monthly income and expenses for the Salon, calculates waste levels, and verifies that all applicable laws and ordinances conduct business.

4.7 Integrating GPS technology

Add the convenience of GPS to your app, and your customers can find your Salon quickly and easily.

4.8 Loyalty Programs

Your app should include incentives and discounts for customers who choose you over others again and again, like a free body massage on a spend of $80 and more. Reward them and keep them by including these attractive offers.

5. FAQs

5.1 Is a Salon app a good investment?

Know the costs before deciding to invest in a booking app. Even if you may attract many new customers using booking applications, you should consider whether your company really provides the services people are actually looking for.

5.2 Are marketing options available in Salon apps?

If customer retention is a high priority for your Salon, don’t hold back your efforts to bring in new app-bookers. Many other salons, spas, and barbershops will offer specials and discounts on the app to win customers away from you. 

6. Final Thoughts

It’s time to take your salon business one step ahead. Whether it’s Full Body Massage or Manicure, these services available online will expose your brand to a wider audience, resulting in more sales.

Tell us about your vision for a salon app, and we at Techwelabs will build you a top-notch, bespoke solution. Our team has worked on several apps that have been deployed throughout the world.

You can rely on our team of professionals to assist you in achieving your objectives and maximizing the return on your investment from your new salon app.

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