1. What is mobile application development?

Mobile Application development is a process of making software for smartphones on both Android and iOS platforms. These applications can be pre-installed or downloaded from the app store or can be accessed through web browsers.

Mobile app development is enormously growing in recent years due to the increase in technology and mobile phone users. Every industry has its own app related to its business. 

One has to learn all about coding and programming languages to build apps on related platforms. 

Go ahead and read the article to know all about the topic you are searching for.

2. Choosing the best programming language

Many developers or companies first try building their apps on the Android platform. Do you know why? Because almost 70% of smartphone users use the Android system. 

Moreover, the Play store also has very few restrictions when compared to the iOS app store. These are the two main reasons why android attracts more apps and developers.

For example, if you are developing an app for your office members, then you have to go with the cross-platform app that works for both the android and iOS platforms. Or if you are building an app for your audience, then you should go with the majority based on the platform they use.

Few more things that you should consider before building an app can be monetization strategies, user anticipated behavior which can influence both geographical and cultural factors.

3. Non coding solutions for app building

We agree that no one in the world is a developer. But what if I say you don’t need to know coding to develop an app? Yes, you heard that right. This world is filled with possibilities so you can do anything. Below given are the non-coding solutions for app building.

3.1 Sketchware

If you are a complete newbie in this world of app development, then Sketchware is highly recommended. 

With a minimum knowledge about block coding, creative ideas, and a little more patience you can be the owner of the next trending app.

This is very easy to understand so you don’t have to worry about its features. In case, if you are stuck anywhere, they have forums, documentation to help you out.

And the more interesting thing is, it is suitable for creating games as well.


3.2 AppyPie App Builder.

If you need a professional application within hours, then you can choose this AppyPie App Builder.

You will find a lot of templates that are ready-made for you. YOu just have to choose the template, customize that and give a name and ID to it. Your app is ready to go to the stores.

This is one of the easiest solutions you can ever find.

AppyPie App Builder.

4. Coding solutions for app building.

4.1 AIDE

This is one of the best solutions available for building apps using coding on your mobile phone.

It is one of the oldest apps and most used Android IDE. So it supports both Java and C++.

It has syntax highlighting, auto-completing, and a powerful editor. If you are a beginner-level programmer or if you want to learn to program then this app is definitely for you.

4.2 Anacode.

Anacode was one of the apps with great potential.

It has syntax highlighting, Powerful features, and a powerful editor.

The only disadvantage of this is that you need to purchase the full version of it to enjoy maximum benefits.

5. 10 Best Mobile App Makers in 2021

5.1. BuildFire.

It is a leading platform with the most reliable app builders in the market. Over 30,000+ businesses have used BuildFire to develop their apps. This is an app that is popular among various brands, influencers, and medium businesses. You can make an app within days using BuildFire.

This app is also highly popular because of its easy interface and fast reconfigurability.


5.2. Appy Pie.

Appy Pie is one of the most popular app makers in today’s market as it is very easy to use. You can build an app within minutes even if you are a newbie.

It is very useful for small and medium-sized industries to explore its various features and to get started for free.

It has pre-made templates which can be used by anyone with little coding knowledge. By making little to no changes you can make the app with the application for the platform.

5.3. GoodBarber.

The GoodBarber offers a flexible and easy user interface for the users. You can easily code and make your app even if it’s your first time.

As it is a web app you can start working right after signing up. A few of its features include:

  • Chat
  • Social Networking
  • Geofencing
  • Push notifications
  • iBeacons.

5.4. AppMachine

This is another user-friendly and fun app to use for building apps. If you are new to this world, you can feel the seamlessness of using this app. There are around 200,000 apps made using AppMachine.

Features of this app Include:

  • Ad support
  • Push notifications
  • Location-based services
  • E-commerce options
  • RSS feed options
  • Social Media Integration
  • Loyalty Features

5.5. Shoutem.

The app not only helps in making amazing apps, but also looks so appealing with its sleek templates and user interface. It offers many options to customise the app to have its own design and feel.

You can change the themes, layouts, colors and typography. So you don’t have to worry about the output.

6. Steps to create your own app:

The below-given points are the basics that show how to make an app on your own using AppyPie App maker. The process of making an app is divided into different steps.

 6.1. Choosing App Name.

This is one of the important tasks that you have to do before building an app. Because the name of the app says about your business. Keep in mind that the name of your app should reflect your business name and services, It also needs to be unique and different from other apps.

 Choosing App Name.

6.2. Select the color schemes.

Now that we understand the first step, let’s move to the second step, which is choosing the right color schemes. We first consume color then look for features, so make sure the color is appealing to the eyes.

You have various color options to choose from in this app maker, so you can take your time choosing the right color scheme that matches your brand and its logo.

6.3. Customize your app design.

The way your app looks is more important, it includes many factors other than just color schemes. They are: app icons, background, splash screen, app layout, fonts and colors.

Customize your app design

6.4. Choose the right test device

This is one of the important and most awaited steps in the process. Here you can see the result of your efforts. You can download the app here with the help of a QR code or link on your device. Then you can use the app like any other app and check how it works.

6.5. Add the features you want.

Now as we completed the basic process of how to make an app, dig deeper and add the features your users want to use in your app. Features would not go well with the app but are also important to serve your customers to the maximum extent. This usually depends on the purpose of your app.

Add the features you want.

6.6. Test before the launch.

Just because you are confident about yourself and your coding skills, we can’t say that the final product turns out well.

It is natural only if you think your product is flawless, but testing it before going live with it is more important. YOu need to spend your time testing using various devices to make sure it is perfect.

These are the 6 steps that are involved in the app building process using Appypie appMaker followed by publishing the app and promoting the app.

If you are a developer it is not always recommended for you to have your own PC with all your softwares. It is time to decide which smartphone goes into your pocket. Here are

Test before the launch

7. The few Best Phones For Android Development.

7.1. OnePlus 9 Pro

OnePlus can be your ideal choice if you prefer Android or if you love this brand. Though the main focus of this model is on the Hasselblad cameras, the overall performance is never less. Powered by the most powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 888, the OnePlus 9 Pro 5G delivers fast and smooth performance across every app.

OnePlus 9 Pro

A Day’s Power in 15 Minutes – Take wired charging to the next level with Warp Charge 65T, or charge wirelessly at ridiculous speeds with Warp Charge 50 Wireless. The biggest advantage of this phone for developers is if you are concerned about the software aspect, the guaranteed OS updates till Android 13 and security patches till 2024.

You can Buy the product here: OnePlus 9 Pro

7.2. Google Pixel 5.

If you prefer a phone with a smooth experience during the app development then Google Pixel is on the top. It has a battery power of 4,080mAh which is almost double the Pixel 4’s 2800 mAh. It supports reverse wireless charge along with 5G technology.

Your phone will automatically receive the latest OS and security updates for at least 3 years. The custom-made Titan M chip helps secure the operating system and sensitive data, like passwords.

Google Pixel 5

You can buy the product here : Google Pixel 5.

7.3. Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

This is the only device on our ist today with a stylus 6.9-inch and 120Hz beast. Pen precision meets PC power with S Pen & Samsung Notes. Not only that, it is also one of the most expensive smartphones on our list today. 

Samsung’s fastest Note processor transforms your gaming and binging with less interruption. The phone doesn’t lack anything including performance and doesn’t even heat up after using.

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

You can buy the Phone here For Android Development: Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

7.4. Galaxy S21 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is the best mainstream android smartphone that any developer wishes to have. It has the most powerful snapdragon chip 888 on the market, with a high 108MP camera and a glass back. It also provides a smooth 6.8 inches display and 120Hz refresh rate.

Though it looks dashing with the monolithic design and the contour cut camera, it still remains the large phone when held in hand.

Galaxy S21 Ultra


You can buy the Phone here For Android Development: Galaxy S21 Ultra.

7.5. Samsung Galaxy S20 FE.

If you are a developer who loves the Samsung line but doesn’t like to spend too much on it. Then this phone is definitely the best choice. 

At an affordable price, it offers a 6.5 inches display and a 120Hz OLED display. It also has a triple camera system. It works with a snapdragon 865 processor which is paired with 6GB RAM that can do any task for you.

It Features high-powered, pro lenses for beautiful photographs in any light with 3X optical zoom.

You can Buy the product here: Samsung Galaxy S20 FE.

8. Conclusion:

These are the few top smartphones for android development a developer can buy. It may change again in the next 6 months as there is a constant growth in technology.

Building an app may be a hard task when you are doing it for the first time. However, you can follow the steps that we mentioned to make sure you get the desired output.

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