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  1. Introduction
  2. What is a food delivery app?
  3. How much does it cost to build a Food delivery App?
  4. What are the reasons for the booming of Food Delivery Apps?
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  6. Importance of food delivery app development for your startup
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1. Introduction: 

The United States has been known as the world leader from the beginning. The country keeps proving that it can do the best in everything. They keep updating themselves with the latest technology and are also known as Trendsetters for the past while. Similar things happened with smartphones and Food delivery apps. 

Food delivery business has shown a drastic change in recent times. There are many reasons for this change, that include busy lifestyles, laziness, technology development etc. As we are evolving day by day as human beings the surroundings are also showing a great impact on everyone’s lives. 


2. What is a Food Delivery App? 

A Food Delivery App is a mobile application that allows customers or users to place an order from their favourite restaurants using a smartphone or any smart devices, to get their order delivered by their doorsteps.

This allows restaurants and many small scale food hotels, fast food centres to expand their business all over the city. Thus making profit for both the Hotel or fast food centre and the customers.

1. Grubhub 

No matter whether you are new to trying these Food delivery apps or if you are finding it tough to choose your breakfast, lunch and dinner exciting. The Grubhub makes it simpler, easier and faster for you. This is one of the top food delivery apps in the USA. 

There are many impressive features that make this app stand on top in this competitive world. They have around 10M+ downloads and 20M+ active users in the States. It is one of the most loved food delivery apps for Americans. This app allows consumers to order food from around 1,40,000 restaurants and runs in 2,700 cities including London. 

When it comes to the delivery fee, it is one of the best ways to save your money because you are to be paid only the fee that is set by the restaurant owner itself. There are no extra charges included.

Like any other Food delivery app it has 

  • Customer app 
  • Restaurant app 
  • Driver app.

2. Doordash 

This is an American Food delivery app that mainly concentrates on connecting restaurants with its customers. This company was started in 2013 and in the first quarter this even crossed the records of market shares and valuation of Uber eats. 

This has been expanding its business and works in almost 800 cities in the USA. And also during this Covid Pandemic it came up with an idea of contactless delivery which ensures safety for both delivery person and the customer. It is one of the prominent food delivery apps worth 16 Billion USD.

The features of this app include: 

  • Customer app
  • Restaurant app
  • Driver app.

3. Ubereats 

This is one of the best Food delivery apps all around the world with 50M + users from iOS store and 100M+ users from play store. It works in almost 24+ countries and 500+ cities. It allows customers to have the full menu of the restaurant or the nearby outlet and delivers food at their doorstep within no time.

It is as popular as the On demand Taxi booking app and is one of the most favorites in the United States. It is taking utmost care of its drivers and customers during this pandemic to help them stay away from the deadly virus attack. 

Features of Uber eats: 

  • Customer app
  • Restaurant app
  • Driver app.

4. Postmates 

Dispatched as a logistics and on-demand delivery platform, Postmates is presently neck profound into the versatile application as well. Its plan of action is equivalent to its rivals, yet it highly esteems convenient conveyances and clients love it for that. 

Right now, Postmates has 10M+ clients on Google play store and 5M+ clients on Apple iOS store. 

The American food conveyance application advancement organization, Postmates has its tasks in excess of 4000 urban areas across the USA. The news streaked on July sixth, 2020, that Uber will secure Postmates for USD 2.65 billion. We can summarize saying that Postmates is accessible in every one of the 50 urban areas of the United States of America.

Features of Postmates : 

  • Customer app
  • Restaurant app
  • Driver app.

5. Seamless 

This is one of the oldest and popular on demand food delivery apps in the USA.This is much deeper into delivery hubs with apps and many more. It provides services like food delivery and takeout to customers in 600+ cities. 

In 2013, seamless and Grubhub announced a combo of both where Seamless holds 58% and Grubhub holds 48% of the shares. At present seamless has around 1M+ downloads from play store and 700k+ on iOS.

Features of Seamless: 

  • Customer app
  • Restaurant app
  • Driver app.

Importance of Food Delivery App Development 

Food delivery app development has become an important part for people who wish to start their business in the Food Industry to earn millions of dollars. Because in recent times you have seen rapid growth in online food deliveries because of people who are busy with their work. So they don’t have time to cook or at least wait for a few minutes in restaurants, so they prefer Online food delivery to their doorstep without any time delay. And in very little time these food delivery apps impressed people with their features and efficiency.

The most impressive thing is that they can order their food online at their fingertips from anywhere to anywhere. Mobile apps are covering each and every niche for people to use regularly in their daily life. During this time the concept of food delivery was covered by the people and created a food delivery mobile application. 

These food delivery mobile apps have given a solution to the people who didn’t like the waiting time in the restaurant or who were busy with their work. 

Online Food delivery mobile app is the perfect platform between Restaurant Owners and Customers. At TechWebLabs, we build highly interactive and attractive UI food delivery web and food delivery mobile applications that connect your restaurant / fast food joint with customers. We build food delivery solutions for your single and multiple restaurants as well. 


3. How much does it cost to build a Food delivery App?

The cost of a Food delivery app is primarily based on the features it offers. On an average online ordering software as a part of a food delivery app can cost you upto 25,000$ starting from 12,000$. By chance if you are willing to opt for a full sophisticated online ordering app, then it can cost you around 40,000$. 

The cost of developing a clone application for Seamless can cost you somewhere around 10,000 USD to 35,000 USD.

The cost of developing a clone application for Grubhub can cost you somewhere around 10,000 USD to 40,000 USD based on the features and work efficiency. 

The cost of developing a clone application for Ubereats can cost you somewhere around 5,000 USD to 15,000 USD based on the features and work efficiency. 

The cost of developing a MVP clone application for Postmates can cost you somewhere around 50,000 USD to 52,000 USD based on the features and work efficiency. 

The cost of developing a fully featured clone application for Doordash can cost you somewhere around 20,000 USD to 50,000 USD based on the features, elements, work efficiency and AI technology. 


4. What are the reasons for the booming of Food Delivery Apps? 

It is a well-known fact that people will always go after their convenience. This applies not only to the place you live, the movie you watch, the people you talk to, and yes the food we eat. This is the highest contributing factor behind the boom of food delivery apps.To begin with, here are a few reasons for the growth of food delivery apps. 

  • The menu is easily visible and accessible to the customers within the app.
  • These apps for real-time app tracking of the food they ordered.
  • People can order food online from anywhere, anytime unlike walk-ins.
  • Researchers reveal that 91% of online users are likely to order all over again on mobile apps and websites. This means online ordering solutions boost the likelihood of customers.
  • Numerous offers like promo codes, festive offers, IPL bonanza, etc.
  • Online food delivery apps push notifications that help to keep customers engaged with restaurants.
  • Online food delivery apps help people who look for a fast and easy way to do their daily stuff and don’t want to make any manual efforts.

So these are the few important reasons for the growth of food delivery apps all around the world. They started growing their business and expanding their services in the past few decades. 


5. Don’t miss out these Following: 

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6. Importance of food delivery app development for your startup:

Food delivery app is the most important thing for your startup. When you have an idea to start a food delivery startup, the first thing that comes to your mind as an owner is the food delivery app. It is the heart of your food delivery business. Without a food delivery app, you didn’t get a platform for receiving orders. Food delivery app is a single loop connection for placing, receiving, and delivering orders. 

Once you choose the top Food Delivery App development company, the next thing you will look forward to is for the smooth operations of your business. 


7. Wrap up: 

The above mentioned are the Top 5 Food Delivery Apps in the United States, that rule the country and fulfill everyone’s cravings within a tap. If you also wish to start up your own Food Business our team will be glad to lead you through your dreams. We will make an application as per your requirements and guide you to reach the best of the Industry. 

If you are the one who is searching for the best food delivery app for your cravings I hope you found your app for all your food orders from now on.

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