With the help of new technologies and internet, the human life had lot of benefits and it became so much simpler and comfortable. In just simple steps, we can do everything in online from tickets booking to online food ordering.

Food plays an essential role in the human existence. In the human busy lives, sometimes they did not have time to cook and go to restaurants. If they go to the restaurants also, they will wait sometime to get food in their plate. Nowadays these waiting are irritated by the people. So, the food delivery apps are came into existence. It is very easy and simple work to get the food from your favourte restaurant. This process proved food is just one-click away from you. 

The online food delivery app takes another step in the technology business to save people time and make work easy. The food delivery app development bring the food ordering experience within the hand in very few clicks. Online shopping allows people to save more time and experience something new with the help of the internet without moving a bit from their comfortable place.

Best Online Food Delivery Applications

Online Food Delivery Appliations helps people to order food online by sitting anywhere the app provide services. Customer can order from their favourite or nearby restaurant and the ordered food will be delviered to the customer at their doorstep. These food delivery apps provides different payment methods and different offers to save time and money. This whole process will be smooth, easy and stress-free. 

Below are the most popular ten succeeded food delivery apps we looked in the last few years and we will continue to watch in 2020.


Food delivery app development

Uber is the India’s first company who started the on-demand services. At first, they started taxi hailing after that they expanded their business to food. Uber Eats is an American online food ordering and delivery platform launched by Uber in 2014. In food delivery business also, they are succeeded and spread their services to all over the world. Within 6 months, they spread their services to 8 major cities in India. Uber Eats operates on a network comprised of more than 220,000 restaurants in over 500 cities. In IndiaUber Eats was launched in May 2017 and is currently present in 37 cities across the country.

Ubereats has always delivered best to its customers. It also collaborated with top brands to see all the restaurants. When you change your phone’s language, the app language is also changed.

It is available for Web, Android and ios app users.


food delivery app development

Swiggy is the India’s largest and famous food delivery service in India  founded in 2014 and headquarters located in Banglore, India. Now Swiggy serves 300+ cities across India. People can just signup and order the food from nearby restaurants and pay the money online or COD. The food delivery app brings the order to your doorsteps after you have successfully placed the order with them. They had different payment to order online and number of coupons and offers to save money. Swiggy is available in Hyderabd, Bangalore, Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai, Aurangabad, Pune and other major cities.

It is available for Web, Android and IOS app users.


food delivery app development

Zomato is an Indian restaurant aggregator and food delivery service. Now Zomato serves 24 countries all over the world. Zomato providing number of offers, new categories like food@work, table booking, self pickup, Gold memebership offers and other instant offers to attract customers. Zomato will deliver the food on-time, otherwise they refunded the amount to customer.

For food ordering, people will signin with their social media accounts and search their favourite food item or favourite restaurant in the search bar. Then customer get a list of nearby restaurants based on their search and filter them accordingly as their need using filter section.After ordering, customer can tract the order from restaurant and get an instant updates. Zomato had different payment options to pay and had an option to rate and review the food item and delivery boy.

It is available in Web, Windows, Android and IOS app users.


food delivery app development

Seamless is a food delivery service for ordering food from different restaurants and caterers. Seamless provides the services in United states and London. Customers will order the food after they signup with their social media accounts. They will search their favourite food or restaurants in the search bar. Now they will get a list of restaurants and customers had an option to see the restaurant menu. And customers will save the money using coupons and promocodes at the time of payment.

It is available in Web, Blackberry, Android and IOS users.


food delivery app development

Postmates is an American food ordering and logistics company that operates in 2,940 US cities. They will provide the number of new offers, categories and different payment methods for customers. 

It is available in Web, Android and IOS users.

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