1. Introduction

If you are a home service business owner then you definitely know How hard it is to grow your business. And if your business is occasional or seasonal then we know it is even harder. So today we are here to explain to you about two lead generation platforms Thumbtack and Taskrabbit.

Using apps like this can bring you a lot of advantages for you and your business. It can also get you, clients, grow your business, increase your profits, and many more.

In the article below we will be comparing both the lead generation apps Thumbtack and Taskrabbit, and let you decide the best app for your business.

2. What is Thumbtack?

It is one of the leading tech companies that service in the home service industry. It has a wide variety of services that a customer can choose from. The work you choose can either be short-term or long-term, using this app you will be connected to the professionals around your city.

Thumbtack strives to be a one-stop solution for all the users with various kinds of services. It was founded in the year 2008 by  Marco Zappacosta, Jonathan Swanson, Jeremy Tunnell, Sander Daniels in San Francisco, California, United States.

2.1 Who is it best for?

If you are good at offering any services or teaching them you should definitely ist yourself on Thumbtack. It has over 2000+ categories to offer or to take services from and over 1,00,000+ professionals offering those services. So you can happily choose this app if you are in need of any services.

2.2 Advantages of using Thumbtack

  • You can create and use a free profile.
  • It is very easy to use and has a simple interface.
  • You can only pay for the leads that you want to pursue.
  • If the professional you choose or the lead doesn’t respond within 48 hours your amount will be refunded.
  • It expanded its business in the smallest state of the US too.

2.3 Disadvantages of using Thumbtack

  • As anyone can join this app and provide their services, there will be huge competition for the best quality work.
  • As there is a large competition, it is hard for every professional to get the job/offer.
  • The price you set for your services should match with your competitors or fellow professionals as they may find your prices high sometimes. 
  • You will have to short-sell yourself sometimes.
  • One bad service from a professional can lead to a bad name for all the service providers.

3. What is TaskRabbit?

TaskRabbit helps the users in any home-related service with just a  single click. It has over 1,40,00 professionals who are providing their services using TaskRabbit. Unlike other services provided in TaskRabbit, you can see more individual contractors. 

It was founded in the year 2008 by Leah Busque headquartered in San Francisco, California, United States

3.1 Who is it best for?

TaskRabbit is an app that is helpful for people who need help with any tasks which can either be small or huge. It is a place where experienced professionals and service providers are gathered within the app to provide services for the users.

3.2 Advantages of using TaskRabbit.

  • Contractors will have the freedom to choose the right job they want to work with.
  • They will have flexible work hours.
  • As TaskRabbit is partnered with IKEA, the customers can get maximum help with the delivery and assembly of the furniture and other home furniture.
  • TaskRabbit serves in almost 8 countries in Europe and North America.

3.3 Disadvantages of using TaskRabbit.

  • If you are someone who only likes to work with certified service providers, then this app is definitely not a right fit for you.
  • The user has to rank or review the services every time if not the service provider can’t be ranked high.
  • You can’t seek services from the same professional every time.

4. Comparison between Thumbtack vs Taskrabbit.




Estimated Average Costs for Jobs




Only pay for leads that you pursue and other pro features like targeted advertising

$25 upfront registration free +15% TaskRabbit service fee that is charged to the customer

Review System

Users leave reviews and ratings on job completion

Users leave reviews and ratings on job completion



USA, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, and Italy


More than 2000 services

20+ services

Advertising option.

Thumbtack offers the advertising option for service providers who have premium membership.

TaskRabbit also has the feature of advertising for those who have TaskRabbit Elite status

Customer Service

Very responsive. Users can connect with pros only through the app or website

Very responsive. Users can connect with pros only through the app or website

Industries they serve.

They offer almost all services related to cleaning, painting, pet care, beauty care, plumbing, HVAC and many more.

There is no specific industry

4.1 Who provides better quantity & variety of services?

You can hire a professional for any of your home needs from the above apps that we discussed today either from TaskRabbit or Thumbtack. But in Thumbtack you will find almost all kinds of services from fixing your bathroom to services and magicians for your parties at home. Clearly, Thumbtack is the winner here as it offers more variety of services when compared to TaskRabbit.

4.2 Whose review system is better?

Both the companies ask their customers for a written review provided by the service provider. Thumbtack’s review system works more efficiently as these reviews decide the livelihood of the service provider unlike TaskRabbit where there are only part-time workers mostly.

4.3 Who has better fees for contractors?

In Thumbtack you can find professional or certified service providers for all the services that you are looking for. Whereas, in TaskRabbit, you will find people who know how to do their job. So obviously the one with more experience and professionalism will charge more when compared to someone who knows how to do the job. For example, if you need some electricity help for your home, you can call for a professional or a part-time worker. But who do you think will provide the quality work? 

5. Which lead generation platform is the best?

This comparison ends with a neck-to-neck competition where both companies offer a similar and wide range of services with the help of services providers working with that company. Choosing the right professional to get all the necessary work done for your business will be a hard task with a wide range of options. So we hope we helped you better in narrowing the choice and choosing the right one.

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6. Frequently Asked Questions:

6.1 How much does it cost to build an app like Thumbtack?

To build an app like Thumbtack, it may cost you somewhere around $15000 – $20000 depending on the complexity and features of the app.

6.2 What are the alternatives to TaskRabbit?

There are many alternatives to TaskRabbit as most people prefer these services in this modern era. A few of them are Thumbtack, Urban Company, HouseJoy, Porsche, Handy are the top competitors of TaskRabbit.

6.3 Is it worth joining TaskRabbit?

If you are looking for a part-time job or for a second income then TaskRabbit is worth giving a try. It might be a little hard to start in the beginning but your efforts will pay off and you will have a flexible and scalable business for yourself.

6.4 Does TaskRabbit help you make a living?

A Tasker earns about $110 a month on average. Few can also make up to some thousand dollars depending upon the work and type of work they do. So if you work hard you can definitely make a living using TaskRabbit.


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