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Swiggy clone

Create a super-fast food delivery app for your food venture with customized swiggy clone apps

Benefits of swiggy clone

Swiggy has turned one of the best in the food delivery industry. In this business, all people are profitable like owners, restaurants, delivery boys, and customers.  There are many benefits of this swiggy clone script.

1. Highly scalable

Enriched with bug-free backed and attractive UI, our swiggy clone exhibit the app’s competence to handle millions of users.

2. Customized

We customize the design for your vision to recreate the swiggy app based on your requirements.

3. One-time investment

Buying the swiggy clone script is a one-time investment and you can earn profits for a lifetime.

4. Ease of admin panel

You can handle all the business things like total orders, payments, restaurants, etc with a user-friendly admin panel.

Customer app

In any food delivery application like Swiggy, the customer app is used by the customers or users to order food from nearby restaurants. Customers can search the food items or restaurants and get the list. Then select the food items and added them to the cart. After adding to the cart, the customer can see the item prices along with taxes and they are able to apply the coupons available for that restaurant. After that customer can add the delivery address, mobile number, and payment details. After payment, the customer can see the order tracking like preparing, picked by the driver, delivered, etc.

Vendor App

The Vendor app is used by the restaurant owner to add the menu list, prices, coupons, offers, etc. In our Swiggy clone script, we provide the vendor app. In this app, the vendor can manage the orders, like pending orders, completed orders, Live orders, etc. Here, vendors can add any food item in their restaurant or special items with details, image, availability, price, quantity, category, price, etc. The vendor gets push notifications when the order is confirmed and assigns the nearest delivery boy to the order. In this app, they can see all his earnings by date wise and manages his profile.

Delivery app

Every food delivery solution has a driver app. This driver app is used by the delivery boy. In this application, the driver can see all his delivered orders, pending orders, canceled orders, earnings, etc. The driver can on/off his active status and able to accept/decline the order. After accepting the order, the driver can see the delivery location, address, and customer details. The driver can track the customer’s address through GPS to deliver the order. After delivering the order, the driver gets the ratings & reviews from the customer and the driver can set his profile with name, photo, phone number, and delivered orders.

Admin Dashboard

Admin can manage all the customers, orders, vendors or stores, products or items, drivers, earnings, transactions, and many more. Admin can manage everything in this food delivery business. Admin can see all the transactions and manage all the completed orders and canceled orders to improve the performance.  Admin can create the accounts for vendors and drivers and manage all the paid ads in the application. If anyone has any issues with the app and wants support, the admin can handle the chat support or call support to help the customers, vendors, and drivers.

Key features of swiggy clone

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Why choose us for your Swiggy clone ?

There are many reasons why you are choosing Techweblabs for your Zomato clone script. we are expertise in developing on-demand mobile applications and served our services all over the world.

  1. Experience: We have well-experienced developers who will deploy the app in the play store or app store bug-free. Our smart designers will design the app user-friendly and we launched 50+ food delivery apps is a peak point for our mobile app development process.
  2. White-label solutions: We metamorphose the Swiggy clone with your ingrained business identity elements such as logo, brand name, making you the sole owner of the food delivery solution.
  3. Non-Disclosure Agreement: We religiously adhere to the regulations of the Non-Disclosure Agreement struck between us, making the entire development process leak-proof.
  4. Approvals: Every single progress in the app development process is reverted and reflected by you, and only upon your approval, we move with the subsequent development stage.
  5. Ready to launch: Our arresting array of mobile app development solutions are not just aesthetically pleasing and magnanimous but can be launched in a matter of a few days.
  6.  24*7 support: We exhibit the knack of pampering our customers with all-encompassing, all-inclusive support at every touchpoint of the Swiggy app development process.
  7. On-time delivery: We exhibit the knack of pampering our customers with all-encompassing, all-inclusive support at every touchpoint of the Swiggy app development process.

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