Why we are using salon apps instead of going salons?

Along with changing time and generation, people are changing their thoughts. Yes, right?

Yeah! If we compete our today’s generation with the past generation, there are a number changes you can find in our lifestyle. Nowadays today’s generation became more consicious about their look, health, habits and their lifestyle and giving more importance to time. And people need their beauty treatments, makeups and hair stylings from expert professionals. If there is any wedding or party or meeting, due to their busy schedule they did not have time to go to the salon and wait for their turn. That’s why we think to implement something that makes the people’s life easily and happily with our salon app developmnet services.

Nowadays, in this busy life people did not have time to wait in a salons. So the salon apps are very helpful for today’s people. They will book their favourite beauty expert appointment in the salon or in user location as per their choice. Or User can select or book a particular salon with the services what they want at particular time. As per their request, beautician is assigned to the user at that time by the salon and send the notification to the user as confirmation. Many beauty experts are tie up with beauty salons to do business or many enterpreneurs are go to a thought to tie up with salons and beauticians to do business. So, now this is the trending and profitable business in the world. In case, if you are thinking to build the on-demand salon app development to start your business with new ideas, then this blog will helps you and guides you.

Challenges in Salon business

  • Manage and schedule appointments
  • Customers engagement
  • Expanding a business and motivating team
  • Connect more Beauty experts
  • Improvement of Brand recognition

Benefits of Salon app development

  • Showcase services and products
  • Appointments scheduling
  • Salon at home(user location)
  • Inventory tracking
  • Easy booking confirmation
  • Easy online payments
  • Getting more customers
  • Availability of salons and beauty experts
  • Managing profiles in an easy way
  • Nearby salons by GPS
  • Attractive offers to customers
  • No waiting time for customers
  • Powerful Analytics

in this post, you will find out all the features of the On-demand beauty service mobile app associated with any of the business models to cater an amusing styling approach to your users.

User app features:

Signup and login: This is the first basic step of any kind of app. User can signup and login through email, mobile or social media accounts to view the salon and beatuty services and offers to book the appointment.

View nearby salons or search the beauty expert: User can search the nearby salons and select the salon to book their appointment for their services at their available time. Or user can search the salons or beauty experts to book their appointment.

Book an appointment: User can book an appointment mentioning the services what they want, their available place(home/salon) and the time with the salon. Then salon assigns the beauty expert to her and confirms her through app notifications. Or User can directly book their favourite beauty expert providing the services what they want, available place(home/salon), time. If beauty expert is free at that time, they confirms the appoiment or they reject or send their available time to the user.

Payment gateway integration: Users can make the payments online and offline as per their convenience. Here user can make the payments to their concerned beauty expert or salon through credit/debit cards, net banking, and other social media payments.

View subscription packages: If there are any beauty packages in the app, user can view and buy that packages.

View schedules: User can view their past and future schedules in their profiles.

Chat with Stylist: Usercan also communicate about the salon owner or the stylist to discuss about various services and offers.

Review and Ratings: Users can give the ratings and reviews to the salons and stylists after their services and user can view the salon and stylist ratings and reviews before booking an appointment.

Beauty stylist app features:

Registration: The stylist can register in the app with the help of email or social media accounts.

Manage their portfolio: under this section, the stylist can manage their own portfolio and showcase his/her hairstyles, facials, makeup etc. to attract customers.

List services: In this section, the stylist can list his/her services, prices, packages, offers that he/she will delivered to customers.

Bookings: The stylist can have the access to view the user bookings, requests, chats etc.

Approve/Reject user request: As per the number of bookings, the stylist can approve or reject or reschedule the user booking request as per his/her availability.

Manage calendar: The stylist can manage his/her own calendar in their profile. So that user can book the appointments in a particular date and time.

Payments: The stylist can receive the payments from their clients within the app.

Salon owner panel features:

Registration: The salon owner can register his/her salon in the app using email or social media accounts.

List salon services & timings: The salon owner can list their salon services, timings, prices, packages, offers etc. So that user can see the salon services, timings, offers, beauty packages etc., to book their appointment.

Manage portfolio: The salon owner can add and manage their own portfolio and showcase their beauty services like hairstyles, makeup, facials etc., to attract customers.

Manage calendar: The salon owner can manage their own booking calendar for users. So that users can schedule the bookings as per the salon date and timings.

Manage bookings: The salon owner can have the access to view their user bookings, accept/reject bookings, reschedule the bookings etc. So that salon owner can assign the stylist to the user to meet the user requirements.

Payments: The salon owner can receive the payments from their clients within the app.

Admin panel features:

User, salon and stylist management: All the users, salons and the stylists are managed by the admin.

Approve/Reject stylist registration requests: If stylist can register in the app, admin can have the access to approve/reject the stylist registration reports.

Charts & reports: Admin can only see all the reports of the business like requests, salons, growth, payment reports, sarvices availed, number of bookings, number of users etc. for govering the business operations.

Manage payments: All the transactions and the payments are managed and goverened by the admin.

Advertising management: All the promotional activities like banners, advertisements etc., are monitored and managed by the admin.

Analysis before building salon app development:

  • Analyze your competitors
  • Make sure your app functionalities
  • Choose the right mobile app development company

How much it costs to build salon app development?

Nowadays salon apps have high demand in the market. Once you invest in this business, you will get double profits in the future. Because, today’s generation have no time to wait in the salons and all they want is at their time and place only. So, definitely people use these kinds of on-demand service apps.

The Salon app development cost is completely depends on your requirements like app functionalities, technology, completxity and the nation. Different nations have different hourly rates and costs. If you are thinking about the profits, then you will get the quality and the good salon app for the platforms you wish to launch with advanced features.

There are number of mobile app development companies in and around but choosing one of them is some difficult task.  Techweblabs is one of the best mobile app development expertise in developing web and on-demand mobile applications.

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