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PWA Applications

What is PWA?

PWA stands for Progressive Web Apps. A Progressive Web App uses contemporary web capabilities to deliver an app-like user experience.

Where is PWA used?

Where is PWA used?

PWA’s are mobile applications that use Web technologies, design concepts and Web APIs in conjunction to deliver an app-like experience to users on the Mobile Web. Features that were only found in native apps can be accessed in PWA through mobile browsers. This enhances the user experience enormously by incorporating standards based technologies in a secure environment and made accessible to all on the Web.

Benefits of PWA

A PWA works on any device and enhances progressively, leveraging features of the user’s device and browser.
Can be searched
A Progressive Web App is actually a website that can be ‘discovered’ by search engines – a huge advantage over Native applications.
PWA’s can use the URI to indicate the current state of the application. This will allow the web app to indicate its state when the user bookmarks or shares the app’s URL.
Responsive design
A Progressive Web App’s UI will adapt to the device’s screen size. It will display optimally, no matter what the form of the device.
App-like behavior
A Progressive Web App looks like a Native app and is built on the application shell model, with minimal page refreshes. It is fast-loading and light.
Can Work without connectivity
PWA’s can work in places with low connectivity and offline – the biggest advantage!