1. Priceblink vs Honey: Which Browser Extension can help you save more money?

Isn’t it true that the majority of your purchases are now online? In today’s environment, it seems like everyone enjoys haggling over prices. As we go into the future, we’re finding more and more methods to save money when shopping.

Customers who want to save money can take advantage of a variety of incentives, including rewards programs, discount coupons, and more. Using the correct browser extension, you can save yourself a tonne of money.

With the finest ones, you’ll be able to use online coupons, monitor the best price, and even earn cashback on your order. Today we will be discussing the two popular cash-saving chrome extensions, Honey vs Priceblink, so that you can choose the best among the two.

2. Honey Overview

Honey is the most popular Browser addon/ extension that looks for coupon codes and discounts to search the web on your behalf. For example, Honey finds and verifies discount codes on more than 30,000 different websites. Honey is a service that you can use for absolutely free. 

Honey Gold, the company’s rewards program, may be accessed by using your email address as a login. Logging in to Honey Gold is as simple as using one of your existing Google, Facebook, or Apple credentials.

3. Honey Pros and Cons

3.1 Pros of Honey Chrome Extension

  • It’s easy to download and set up on a laptop or desktop computer. This application can be set up and operating in a matter of seconds.
  • This software has no hidden costs and is available to everyone.
  • This software may save you a lot of time since it runs in the background as you access any website and search for all of the discounts and bargains that are available there.
  • It is possible to use this software on a large number of websites. This app is always being updated with new retailers and outlets.
  • Saving a lot of money is easy when you use our website because you’ll learn about several merchants who provide their clients with exclusive discounts.

3.2 Cons of Honey Chrome Extension

  • Because honey travel is owned by another firm, it may be difficult to secure a refund from them should something go wrong.
  • There are times when the coupons are unavailable.
  • Some of the deals you’ll discover on their website may have already expired.
  • The app may occasionally malfunction and crash. The key issue here is that if you want the app to operate, you’ll have to start again from scratch. Aside from that, the stuff you placed on your card won’t appear, and you’ll have to start over.

4. PriceBlink Overview

PriceBlink is a web browser price comparison extension just like Honey. In addition to displaying a banner at the top of the page, PriceBlink also displays information about other websites that are offering the same goods, such as their prices and the locations of their stores. 

Firefox, Chrome, or Safari users can install PriceBlink as a plug-in to their browsers. In addition, you can easily browse customer reviews from the message bar, which might help you decide whether or not to buy stuff.


5. PriceBlink Pros and Cons

5.1 Pros of PriceBlink

  • It will search for deals and coupons for you, saving you valuable time.
  • You might get points or money back. It is possible to make use of more than one. However, at the time of purchase, only one can be utilized.
  • Installing it couldn’t be simpler. The Honey app may be installed in a matter of seconds on your computer.
  • It’s completely free. This program is completely free of charge to download and install.
  • Because it automatically scans each retailer you visit for valid and non-expired discount codes, the app saves you a significant amount of time when looking for them before you purchase.
  • The ability to make cost savings. With frequent usage, you may save a lot of money on a wide range of items and services.

Image: Priceblink

5.2 Cons of Priceblink

  • Free extensions and applications need you to give up some privacy in exchange for their usefulness.
  • Some or all of the following may be included in the data gathered. Searches for a product or service; browsing history; purchase history; price paid for an item; coupons utilized; and whether or not a purchase was made are all examples of browsing data.
  •  The app is constantly updating its list of available savings across a wide range of online shopping, travel, and other service outlets.

6. Best Part about using Chrome extensions like Honey and Priceblink.

6.1 Free Browser extension

The best part about both apps is that they are free to use. There are no hidden costs and you can keep using them for a lifetime.

6.2 It’s easy to get started with.

You’ll need to install the Honey and Priceblink browser extension before you can use it on your computer. You should be able to find it on your browser’s toolbar once you’ve downloaded it, and you may use it whenever you’re checking out at an online business. 

Image credits: Priceblink

6.3 Finding Coupons while shopping

It’s easy to save money and get points by using the Honey and Priceblink app, which gives users access to the best offers. There is a toolbar at the bottom of the app that shows you any applicable discount codes when you shop on a retailer’s website using the app. 

Once the coupons have been validated, it will add them to your order without any more action needed on your part.

6.4 Easy uninstall

You can easily delete Priceblink or Honey because it’s simply a browser plugin. Since no software has been installed on your computer, removing it is a simple process. Go to your browser’s extensions or add-on management area, find the add-on, and click Remove.

6.5 Save money

If you are among the regular shopping sprees, no doubt you are going to save a lot of bucks on every purchase in several different eCommerce sites if you use extensions like Honey and Priceblink.

7. Difference: Priceblink vs Honey

7.1 Free Reward Programme

A free reward program called Honey Gold is available to all of Honey’s users. It is possible to get rewards for shopping at more than 5,500 businesses including Home Depot and Apple and Microsoft using Honey Gold’s rewards program. 

To make a profit, Honey Gold relies on the cooperation of its retail partners. Honey takes a share when customers use Honey to make purchases at participating partner stores, and some of that money is returned to customers in the form of Honey Gold.

It’s possible that you won’t be able to collect Honey Gold rewards on all of the goods in your transaction. As a result, it may take some time before you can redeem a gift card for cash. When redeeming rewards for gift cards, you’ll need to accumulate 1,000 Honey Gold, which is worth $10.

On the other hand, Priceblink doesn’t offer any such Prime membership for its users. Its free to all.

Winner: Honey

7.2 Drop List Feature

A price tracking function for Amazon, Macy’s and Target, and Walmart products are also available through Honey. It’s possible to add items to the Honey Drop List using the app or browser extension.

 You’ll get alerted by email or app notification if the price of the item falls below a predetermined threshold. Drop List may be used to track the price of things over 30 to 120 days.

Though Priceblink does show such alerts of a price drop, it doesn’t have a separate page or feature for showing this data.

Winner: Honey

7.3 Supporting Websites on laptop

As of right now, PriceBlink is accessible for the Chrome and Firefox web browsers on both Windows and Mac OS platforms. Internet Explorer and Safari are no longer supported by PriceBlink. 

On the other hand apart from the three mentioned websites, Opera, and Safari are all supported by Honey. Thus Honey supports two additional browsers.

Winner: Honey

7.4 Supporting Websites Add-ons for Android

 There is no PriceBlink support in Chrome (or any other browser add-on for that matter), but you may install the add-on if you use Mozilla Firefox for Android instead. On the other hand, the Honey extension supports the same web browsers.

Winner: Honey

7.5 Availability

The PriceBlink.com website and add-on are only available in US and UK. However, for the time being, they’re concentrating on making PriceBlink the best it can be for our current users in the United States and the United Kingdom. 

Whereas, Honey currently supports shopping sites in the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, and more.

Winner: Honey

7.6 Updates Coupons and Deals

The demerit about Honey is that it shows the expired coupons as well, which gets detected after you initiate the payment option. This wastes a lot of time. But Priceblink doesn’t have any such demerit.

Winner: Priceblink

8. Priceblink vs Honey: At a Glance.




No of websites associated with

30,000 websites

11,000 websites

Service cost

Free service. Paid service available


Browsers supported in laptop

Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Edge

Firefox, Chrome.

Browsers supported in laptop

Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Edge


Prime membership

Honey Gold


price-tracking feature

Available as a different page and feature

Shows latest price drops

OS supported

works with on both Windows and Mac Systems

works with on both Windows and Mac Systems


Available globally

U.S. and U.K.

App Supported

Available for both Android and iPhone

Available for both Android and iPhone

Website look

Website has a lot of features and an amazing UI interface

Website is user-friendly but has an average UI with far fewer features

9. Similar money-saving browser extension like Priceblink and Honey

9.1 Ebates

Ebates is another cashback service that gives rewards for shopping at much more than 2500 retailers. When new members sign up, they receive a bonus of up to $1,000, which they may then use to collect quarterly payback rewards in the form of a cheque or PayPal.

Registration and shopping via Ebates are required to receive rewards. To utilize Ebates, you must be a resident of the United States.

9.2 Octoshop

As well as comparing pricing, the OctoShop can tell you when a product, such as the Xbox One S, Playstation 5, or Nintendo Switch OLED restocks. 

Restock notifications and price reduction alerts for various shops are also available options. The delivery speeds are also compared, so your item won’t be delivered in the following year.

9.3 Pricescout

Pricescout, like both Honey and PriceBlink, can help you obtain discount codes and compare prices from several merchants at the same time. While you’re shopping, it searches the websites of over 21,000 different merchants and displays the best deals it finds for you. 

10. Final Verdict: Priceblink vs Honey

No doubt that Honey overshadows Priceblink in terms of

  • userbase
  • No of retailers shops
  • Availability in different countries
  • Prime membership
  • amazing UI interface,
  • and much more.

If you reside in the US or the UK, you can try out Priceblink in case you are facing some common issues with Honey like crashing several times, showing expired coupons, etc.

We hope you were successful in finding what you were looking for today while deciding between Priceblink and Honey. By following the steps and procedures outlined above, you will be able to begin grocery shopping with ease.

Techweblabs will help you develop an interface that is easy to use as well as visually stunning designs. Our team has worked on several supermarket apps that have been deployed throughout the world.

You can rely on our team of professionals to assist you in achieving your objectives and maximizing the return on your investment from your new chrome extension.

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Remember to save our website as a resource for information and frequent updates on app development.

11. FAQ

11.1 Is PriceBlink a safe site?

Yes. Personal information is not collected or shared by the PriceBlink add-on. There is no malware or adware in the PriceBlink add-on, which provides price, discount, and product review information.

11.2 What is the process through which PriceBlink works?

While looking at a product, PriceBlink constantly searches over 4,000 retailers to see if there are any better deals available elsewhere. PriceBlink has all of your needs covered, whether you’re looking for clothes, appliances, toys, or tools.

11.3 Why aren’t shipping and handling costs included in all of PriceBlink’s prices?

PriceBlink displays delivery costs in the vast majority of its price comparison findings. Some sellers don’t provide shipping information, therefore we can’t provide shipping costs for all of the results.

11.4 Is Honey stealing your personal information?

This is the visual representation of a honey business.

Aside from retail websites (where you may buy and make purchases), Honey does not keep track of your history, emails, or online browsing habits. This means that we may disclose your personal information to third parties that assist us in running Honey or as required by law to fulfill your transaction.

11.4 Is Amazon able to support Honey?

On Amazon, the Honey works quite effectively, since the program can find discount codes, coupons, and lower pricing for numerous things. To help customers find the best deals, Honey offers an Amazon Best Price feature. Using the Honey App while buying on Amazon Mobile is also an option for customers.


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