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Price Comparison Website Development

Generally, Price comparison site is used to compare the prices of a product from several different vendors to help the people to find the affordable price to buy the product and it is the valuable tool for the people to analyze the fluctuations in prices. See the below image you will get a clear idea on price comparison. These sites are designed for customers to find the right products at the right price. This is the ideal tool for the businesses to see what their competitors are offering, including product types and service levels.

Price comparison website development

50 – 70% of consumers tend to check and compare prices online before making purchases. For retailers, this means they need to seize the opportunity and use high-quality price comparison tools to translate their pricing strategy into significantly increased revenues.

This is the best time to start your own price comparison website or mobile applications to earn money using our price comparison script. Start your business with price comparison script is an easy process. We expertise in developing price comparison scripts in web and mobile applications and it is easy to develop price comparison script in WordPress. We already developed price comparison scripts to help entrepreneurs, startups, and business organizations to start their own online business and earn more income through these price comparison websites.

How Price comparison websites gather data?

The Price comparison websites get their data through merchant feeding, crawling and  API integration.

  • If Price comparison websites can establish an agreement with a store so that they can get the data directly from retailers web feeds.
  • All the merchants cannot provide feeds to the shopping sites, so the shopping search engines crawl the web for the shopping data through crawling bots which regularly gather information for further processing about products. This process is possible to get the exact information present on the website.
  • some merchants provide an anti-crawling mechanism which blocks users. so you can integrate with shopping sites and get all the data needed for exact product comparison via API requests. It is an expensive process and efficient also.

Want to know the process of price comparison website development?

Follow the below steps to make the Price comparison website in WordPress is very easy and simple.

  • Need a Domain and Hosting –
  • Need Price Comparison WordPressTheme
  • Need Price Comparison plugins
  • Need Affiliate Partner Account of e-commerce Website.
  • Domain name and hosting is very important because without fast loading pages you cannot get more traffic to your website.

The themes and plugins are important for doing a price comparison website in WordPress.

Pros of running Price comparison website:

  • No maintenance as the products added automatically to your website.
  •  It takes only an initial investment from the owner.
  • Now the whole world uses your Price comparison site to compare the prices of the products from different stores.
  • You can set your site integrated with multiple countries and its affiliating vendors.
  • No hard processes do not involve and money keeps flowing if the marketing is done well.
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