The true fact about the people is people love shopping without hitting much on their pocket. People are very interested to shop the products and they also looking for prices in other stores simply compare the product prices from different stores because they want to buy the products at the less price.

Mobile apps are covering each and every niche for the people use every time. In this time they are ready to cover the concept of Price comparison mobile apps. These apps have given a solution to the people who want the product at the lowest price compared to all stores.

Concept of Price comparison mobile apps

price comparison app

The Price comparison mobile app contains all the products for which users are searching along with their price that are running on different eCommerce sites. For example, if you are searching for a mobile then the mobile that you select will be displayed if it exists on the other sites as well with their price. So, you can easily compare the prices of your searched mobile in different e-commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm and other sites in your own place. Interesting isn’t?

Well, the above-mentioned concept is very much focussed on today’s generation, it just makes shopping easy and cost-effective. Most of the people are looking for developing such apps and if you are one of them, here you will find out the top features of price comparison apps, architecture, the technology required and everything else associated.

Keep reading the post in order to struggle the brief understanding about the Price comparison mobile apps.

User panel

Price comparison script
Login/sign up:

This is the basic section of every app. so users can signup with their Google account or social media account credentials.

Account verification:

This step is very important. A verification code is sent to your registered mail id or mobile number to verify the user details.

Browse products:

Users can easily browse the products as per their requirements. They can filter the product categories, brands, and the prices running on different categories.

View Product list:

User can view all their filtered product lists. They can also view the prices of the products from different e-commerce sites.

Get Product details:

Users can fetch the product details as well along with specifications of the products on different websites so as to purchase the best products at cost-effective prices.

Save products:

Users can save their liked products as well and they can see the details of the products later on and make a purchase when required.

Select their favorite products:

Users can select their favorite products and order them at the displayed price structures. This is a great way of saving money plus buying the best quality products at a very reasonable price.

Order history:

Users can view the previous orders as well and check the information such as billing details and other specifications.


Under this section, users can give the review and rating of their purchased product from the price comparison website.

Admin panel


Admin can check all the orders along with order status and also analyze all the details such as shipping, and cost structures.

User Management:

All the users are registered with that app are availing the services are tracked by the admin.

Product Management:

All the products that are present in the app and their integrated prices on different e-commerce websites are listed and managed by admin.


All the services that are being delivered by the app such as product listings, offers, shipping services, notifications and much more tracked by the admin.


All the notifications related to the new offers, order confirmation, payments, order tracking, order deliveries are managed by the admin.

Report generation:

All the reports such as the number of products purchased, the number of users registered, price standards etc are managed by the admin.

Manage earnings:

All the app earnings generated by the subscription packages, in-app packages etc are managed by the admin.

Retailer panel

Products Submission:

In this section, retailers can upload the products list. Admin can review and approve the products of retailers.

File submission:

Retailers can choose the file submission format, mostly CSV is used in which the product list is being delivered to the admin.

Bulk edits and upload:

As per the requirements, retailers can make a bulk edit through CSV or a particular format and upload it again in order.

Order tracking:

All orders are generated for the retailer products that can be tracked by him. He can make the provision for deliveries as well to meet the client requirements.

                             Advanced features

Adding offline vendors:

In this price comparison mobile app, you can add nearby local merchants or offline vendors and add the bargain option to the customers.

Hot products:

Present today’s fashionable scenario people are updated to the trending products. The price comparison app shows them the right products that are trending according to their previous search queries. The products can be related to dressing, grocery, accessories or maybe anything thus, providing them with a detailed description of the products with the right price.

Get dealer details:

It is a very important feature of price comparison mobile app. with this feature users can get the dealer details like contact addresses, specializations and many more. If the product you purchased arrives with a certain kind of manufacturing defect, the dealer information will help you to find the details in a convenient way.

Location tracking:

Based on the user concurrency sensors, their location is being tracked and analyzed for making traveling more convenient and secured.

Scan and compare:

In today’s digital world scanning is a must. The in-built QR scanner allows us to scan the product QR code and compare the products in different e-commerce sites. It makes the shopping makes easy for the users and keeps them in a better way.

Real-time analytics:

Integrate a reliable analytic API that is capable for the sales, orders, retailers associated etc in real time for real-time decision making.

SMS, Voice and phone verification:

For authenticity, the app developer can use an SMS or phone verification to identify the user.

Social media integration:

It is one of the important features of today’s tech generation. Integrating the features with social media can boost their overall shopping experience. They can even share a wish list with their friend as well so as keep them in the loop.
This concept works great for your app reputation and makes your deals and offers capture a high number of users.

Cost for developing Price comparison mobile app

Now coming to the cost, most of the companies cost charged based on an hourly basis. For android and ios it will take nearly 350 hours. The US companies charge an average of $70-$100 per hour and India will charge approximately $20 per hour. It is cheaper than the current market price. The total cost to develop the price comparison mobile app around $3000-$5000 based on user requirements.

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