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There is a tough competition in the market for sustaining a pharmacy store as many stores are getting launched due to the demand for medicines and medication services. Many pharmacy stores have already gone online to capture a larger market and to retain their existing clients. An online pharmacy app development works out to be an ideal digital option as the new age users are more technologically inclined to make their purchases.

It brings convenience and saves time for your customers. They can search for products better and buy faster at any time. This is easy to manage as there are no long queues at the counter anymore!

Reasons why your pharmacy needs mobile app development?

“I intend to get what I need here and now, without delay” – that’s what most modern consumers think. And why not? IT technologies are able to provide us with a decent level of comfort. In particular, we, people, can buy online whatever we want, and pharmacy products are no exception. And this leads to the issue of medical app development.

  • Innovative marketing: Marketing is the main thing to promote your brand among the people. Innovative marketing and promotion are adding new innovative techniques in your existing marketing. Effective marketing and promotion is the main thing in online pharmacy app development. You get a good platform allowing you to successfully advertise your own pharmacy. Moreover, you’ll be able to find out what your customers really want when it comes to your pharmacy. Such information will help you to improve your product.
  • Gaining more customers: Online pharmacy app development is the main chance to interact with customers directly. Not just satisfy their needs, you are very closer to them at just a simple click. Use your pharmacy app to the maximum by interacting with the client through push notifications about offers and discounts, available stock etc… in other words, turn users into loyal customers.
  • Getting customer feedback: Feedback is the sign of loyalty and it is the main important thing for the company or brand growth. It is very important to get new customers.
  • Increase your profit: When you get new customers, then you automatically get more profits. Using an online platform for your pharmacy brand will increase your customers and profits.
  • Increase your competition: When you are a competition to other pharmacy brands, you get more customers to your brand.

Effect of COVID-19 pandemic on medicines

The COVID-19 pandemic is effected on all categories. But in our day to day life, groceries and medicines are very important. In this COVID-19 effect, people are feared to go out for needy things like medicines and groceries. So it is better to have a mobile app for your pharmacy. So you get loyal customers and loyal feedback from your customers. Through this loyal feedback, you get more new customers. So, your sales and profits are increased.

Medicine delivery app development for pharmacy business

  • Single store model: If you have your own pharmacy, you can get more sales through online pharmacy app development. Your customers will easily order medicines from your pharmacy without direct contact. And it is an easy way for your customers to get medicines online. Through the mobile app, you can interact with your customers in an easy way like push notifications etc. You can get more customer trough online pharmacy app development.
  • Aggregator model: If you are an entrepreneur, you can also start your own online pharmacy business. you can tie-up with multiple pharmacy stores across cities and manage the business through on-demand pharmacy app. You can manage your customers and pharmacies through the admin panel in an easy way.

Key features of our medicine delivery app development solution

Customer features:

  • Quick social media login
  • coupons and offers
  • Upload prescription
  • Advanced search
  • Manage profile
  • Order tracking
  • Get medicine info and details
  • Refill prescription
  • Push notifications
  • Feedback

Admin features:

  • Inventory management
  • Customer management
  • Offer management
  • Manage order status
  • Manage payments
  • Store or pharmacy management
  • Reports and analytics

Pharmacist features

  • Signup/login
  • Push notifications
  • customer support
  • Inventory management
  • Menu management
  • Order management
  • Manage payments
  • Customer info and view prescription

Benefits of Techweblabs online pharmacy app development solution:

Save time and money: Our pharmacy app developers will surely help you to understand your requirements. So you can save your time by choosing the best mobile app developers. And Techweblabs will provide you with the online pharmacy app development at an affordable price. So, you can save money also.

Amazing UI/UX: Techweblabs provides you with the app and the web admin panel with attractive and easy UI/UX for your customers for easily understanding and ordering medicines. So, it will improve your customers and brand awareness.

Robust & Scalable: Technology stack is very important for any mobile application. We have used a powerful technology stack for your highly scalable medicine delivery platform. In the future also you don’t get any issues with the technology stack.

Your own model: Selling medicine online can be done in multiple ways and we work with you to build it the way you want. We understand your requirements completely to build your own model.

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