I think everybody loves food. So the restaurant and food delivery business will always keep thriving. No matter what. The entire food delivery system like ordering, cooking, delivery to the person. It is all evolved and it never goes down. In this 21st century, people do everything in their smartphones. So they will order their food on that phone only. I think everyone uses food delivery app from their smartphones to order food online.

If you are a restaurant owner, then the food delivery app will help you to increase your online presence to get more profits. It will also help your customers also to order the food online.

Why Online food delivery apps are popular for foodies?

  • Time-saving

For example, In a scenario, you have a lunch break for 30 minutes and at the time you are soo hungry. The first choice is to go for a restaurant and order food. Now the order will take approx 20 mins to reach your table. Now the alternative choice is to order favourite food from your favourite restaurant and they will deliver it with no delay when your lunchtime begins.

Among these both choices, I think almost most of the people will choose the second one to save time.

  • Money-saving

Money-saving is an important part of our life. If you get a chance to save money without invest anything, then why you lose it?

So I think this point is running in all people mind. So, all people are looking for some offers when they are spending money. In offline, no restaurants will give any offers to customers. But online, they are a number of offers, coupon codes, cashback offers, refer and earn etc.

Why online food delivery apps give offers?

The main thing is to attract customers without losing money.

  • Order Anytime from Anywhere

For example, take a scenario. You returned home from work at late night. what will you do to satiate your hunger pangs? You may go out to search for a restaurant at closing hours.

Is this right to go out at that time with hungriness and tiredness?

Huh! Exactly your mind says No.

At that time, your mind says order food online. So, people will download the mobile application and choose the nearby restaurant and their favourite food at their doorstep without extra cost.

Smart right? Obviously, It is a very smart way to order food online.

Why Online food delivery apps are popular for Restaurants?

According to Statista, various online food delivery apps have generated revenue worth US$18000 million in 2018 in USA only. Revenue for online food delivery segment amounts to US$22073 million in 2019. The trade experts stated that the annual growth rate of 6.5%, resulting in a market volume of US$28,398 million by 2023. I think this is very huge and nobody wants to miss out. This is the main reason that most of the people increase their revenue by owning food delivery app.

  • Improved customer retention

A good User Interface(UI) or User Experience(UX) of your food delivery solution makes a lot of difference. when you use an online food delivery solution, the good and advanced CRM will bring you more customers. In addition to this, the user can track their real-time order using GPS like order is cooking, the order is out for delivery etc. Now everything is occurring the same as user expectations. When the user receives their order in hand, they are fully satisfied by taking their order at their doorstep in less time with no extra cost. Customer satisfaction is very important for your business. When the customer is satisfied, the user will come back to your restaurant every time when they order and he/she will refer to their friends. This is how customer retention is improving day by day.

  • Improved customer relation management

When any customer wants to order food in a food delivery app, they want easy signup. They did not have much patience to enter all fields you are given in signup form. So, when a customer uses any online food delivery website or app he/she signup through their social media accounts. It will be easier for the customers to signup. Then by the end of the day, the profile creation makes a huge database of customers. This database keeps improving with every order placed by customers. As a result, the owner can manage the customer relationship in a better way. The improved CRM will always help to improve the revenue of the business.

  • Improved orders and profits

When the customer places an order, the admin can see the order in their admin panel. When the ordering process is easy and the better UI gives you more orders and more profits. When your customers place an order online, you can see, filter and manage all of them with a few clicks with the help of online food delivery solution. You can see all the data in a central database. An experienced online food delivery app development company will help you to improve your orders and profits by giving attractive UI.

Final thoughts

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