Today, everyone has a smartphone. The number of mobile app users is exceeding way beyond desktop users. Due to the user-friendliness as well as extended usability and flexibility, the Mobile App Development services industry has become one big chunk. A person who faces challenges while operating a “Windows” computer, can do wonders on a smartphone. At the same time, mobile app developers will do wonders while app development by adding new features and functionalities.

Importance of Mobile Apps:

Morning in the 21st century: the first thing people do when they wake up is checking their smartphones…Gmail, Facebook, Twitter…Whenever we need a taxi or food delivery, we take out our mobile devices and get it within minutes. It is not possible to imagine our modern world without mobile phones or tablets. Thus, the role of mobile applications has increased in recent years, giving a signal to mobile app developers across industries to pay attention to the rising trend.

So, Mobile apps became a major part of the business industry.

No matter what kind of business you are doing, mobile apps can help you to grow your business and get more loyal customers. A simple and creative mobile application will grow your business very easily. In today’s modern world each and every person would go online when they want any product or services. If your business is available online and you have an app the people can easily download your app in the store and they will use it. Then your business can make a really good impact on them. So, you can successfully run your business and also make your customers happy just by creating a mobile app.

Mobile app development is no longer an optional investment for businesses, but a necessity. Many businesses have already started to take advantage of the mobile app development trend and achieved significant results!

Benefits of Mobile Apps for businesses:

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  • Great chance to grow your online business.
  • Easy interaction with customers
  • An easy approach to the targeted customer
  • Generate a direct marketing channel
  • Promotes customer loyalty
  • Increase accessibility
  • Increase your online visibility

Back in 2015, mobile web traffic surpassed desktop for the first time. Since then, mobile device usage has been on the continuous rise. In fact, figures released by Statista show that 52.2% of all worldwide traffic came from mobile phones this year, up from 50.3% in 2017.

This increase in mobile phone usage has opened plenty of doors and opportunities for businesses to grow and reach more audiences instantaneously. Most businesses with mobile apps are large companies, but small and medium-sized businesses benefit from having a mobile app as well.

Which mobile platform is best for your business?

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Which platform? Hmm. It depends on your business and your target location or audience. If you do not much think about the cost then go for native android and ios otherwise go for a hybrid mobile app. In some locations, people mostly use either android or ios. Based on those locations, you will create either native apps or hybrid apps. Nowadays most of companies prefer hybrid mobile app development. Because it works for both android and ios.

1. Android applications:


  • The number of android users is high compared to IOS users, especially in Asia.
  • Less maintenance cost.
  • The cost of development and hosting on the Android market is low.


  • Takes a longer time to develop.
  • Most of the users do not download the paid apps, so it may not perform the same as on the apple store.
  • An android app needs to serve a wide variety of devices in different sizes and screen resolutions.

2. IOS applications:


  • IOS apps take less time to build and costs lesser than android apps.
  • IOS users are mostly spending audience. So, the paid app is more likely to have downloaded on IOS.
  • The App store has a strict guideline to ensure the quality of mobile apps.
  • IOS platform is more engaging and easier to use.


  • The cost of hosting in the App store is higher compared to the Play store.
  • Approval of the App store may become tough since the guidelines are strict.
  • Actually, in Asia, Android users are more compared to IOS users.

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Design and Development of mobile apps:

The mobile app development cost will completely depend on the complexity of the app.

It is much difficult to put a number on how much your mobile app might cost because of its functionalities. There are some average costs depends on features and functionalities to help to get an idea.

Techweblabs – Mobile app developers in Hyderabad give life to your mobile app ideas. They will develop the mobile apps based on client requirements with enthusiasm and zeal. The result will be completely the same as your thoughts of the mobile app. They are professional mobile app developers to give attractive UI and error-free code. They have developed and deployed a number of mobile applications from Android to IOS in all the major business areas. Come and experience the unique range of mobile app development services in Techweblabs.

Role of Mobile app developers to start a business:

As a responsible IT guy, a mobile app developer has the duty to meet the client requirements in a given timeline. At Techweblabs, top mobile app developers in Hyderabad will understand your business process and requirements to play our part in perfection. We take client requirements very professionally and suggest client-centric solutions to the clients to improve their business presence. Our mobile app developers ensure quality backend, attractive UI, predicted the app to lower costs, less risk to improve ROI for better market opportunities.

For example, a basic food delivery app with an admin panel, restaurant panel, driver panel, and user panel will costs you around 2000$ to 10000$.  In the US, it may cost you up to 20000$ and with the same features. However, the mobile app developers in Hyderabad will give you the same app at half the price with an attractive design based on client requirements.

The cost may vary according to the platform and the country where the app is being developed. The development of such an app takes anywhere between three to six months.

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