1. Magicbricks vs 99acres: Which Property Website is better? 

What are the most popular property websites in India, whether you’re looking to buy, sell, or rent a house? This is a common question among buyers, brokers, and sellers

In the beginning stages of a property purchase, sale, or rental, property websites are helpful to a great extent. Certainly, thanks to apps like Commonhouse, 99acres, and Magicbricks for making the work easier.

However to further simplify your work, today we will be discussing the top 2 property listing websites, i.e Magicbricks vs 99acres.

2. What are property websites?

To help buyers narrow down their list of potential homes, most real estate websites include sophisticated search features that allow them to narrow down their possibilities.

Sellers can put their property on the market and have it viewed by a large number of potential buyers, which allows them to receive the best price possible. 

They have a lot of common features among them but a few of their differentiating features helps a particular website to stand out among others. Let’s see how the two Real estate websites and apps are better in their own aspect.

2.1 Magic bricks overview

With its unique services and creative online features, magicbricks.com is an international property site catering to a worldwide market. For the benefit of the customers, Magicbricks real estate portal features are continually being developed, tested, refined, and improved.

In addition to everything else, magicbricks.com has become associated with international property fairs. The best properties in India’s main cities are exhibited here for audiences both domestically and internationally.

At least 75 local and 15 foreign property exhibitions have been held by magicbricks.com since its inception in 2009.

2.1.1 About the company

A subsidiary of Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd. is Times Internet Limited, which owns magicbricks.com. It is said that Magicbricks has more than 15 million homes to choose from. Ayushmann Khurrana and Kriti Sanon, two well-known actors, are also brand ambassadors for the company.

2.2 Pros and Cons of using Magicbricks Property portal

2.2.1 Pros of Magicbricks Property portal

  • There is nothing better about Magicbricks than its openness.
  • As a result, the site has been elevated to the status of a household name. And this has allowed it to aid millions of people throughout India.
  • With Magicbricks’ latest Live Video Tour feature, purchasers can now tour properties from the comfort of their own homes.
  • Here, in addition to renting a home, you may also learn about a wide range of subjects. Whether you’re looking for a house insurance policy or a mortgage, MagicBricks can help.

2.2.2 Cons of Magicbricks Property portal

  • It has got a lot of poor reviews in the past. Websites like Quora and other review websites have claimed the same.
  • It was mostly due to a lack of customer service not being provided instantly to the buyers and sellers.
  • Package options for premium members are very limited.

3. 99 Acres Overview

As India’s leading property platform, 99acres.com handles all aspects of the industry’s demands for buyers and sellers alike. It is an internet platform where buyers, sellers, and brokers/agents may rapidly, efficiently, and affordably communicate information about real estate properties

In recent years, this property marketplace has gained a lot of traction because of its inventive advertising campaigns. Customers may choose from a variety of alternatives. You may either rent a house, purchase it or simply be a paying visitor.

3.1 About the company

Info Edge India Pvt. Ltd. owns the website 99acres.com.com. It is an organization that also features portals for marriage, employment, and education, among other things. The website was launched on August 1, 2005. 

Currently, 99acres.com has a database of over nine million properties in 600+ locations throughout India. At the conclusion of the fiscal year 2018-19, the website had more than 5.7 million paid listings.  

On top of its web platform, 99acres.com gives its customers advertising opportunities such as microsites, banners and home page links for more exposure and branding in the market.

3.2 Pros and Cons of 99Acres Property listing website

3.2.1 Pros of 99Acres Property listing website

  • It has properties in more than 50 locations throughout India and more than 8 million listings on its website. 
  • 99acres is the best real estate website in India because of its wide range of properties and its ability to customize search results.
  • 99acres also features a property type filter that allows you to narrow down your search. In addition, it may assist you in keeping track of the building’s progress.
  • 99acres just launched a home financing panel, which allows you to quickly and conveniently search for appropriate loan options to help you purchase your dream house.

3.2.2 Cons of 99Acres Property listing website

  • There are fewer images and details about the niche and less visible property, making it difficult for the users to trust them.
  • The largest issue customers encounter is a lack of reliable information. Even these websites aren’t much assistance in verifying the reliability of users.
  • They don’t provide any notifications and updates regarding price sales or drop in the locality where the user had initially searched for properties. Thus they need to improve their AI features

4. Best Part in Magicbricks vs 99acres

In Magicbricks vs 99acres, there are a few similar features that customers enjoy and get to experience using either of the apps.

4.1 Genuine Rating provided by buyers

The websites and app feature a Ratings & Reviews section where current and former residents may evaluate and review their favorite society/locality and provide their honest opinion to assist you to make an educated selection.

4.2 Hassle-free Payment and Rental Agreement

Both the property app now allows you to pay your rent with a credit card in a matter of seconds. Improve your credit rating and pay your bills on time without having to worry about a low bank account balance.

In addition, the app links homeowners with potential purchasers and renters. Homeowners may use this app to sell their property with the aid of features such as a personal relationship manager and the ability to update listings through WhatsApp.

4.3 Personalizing dashboard

Keep a close eye on your favorite apps and widgets with a personalized dashboard. All the properties you’ve been looking at may be found in one convenient location. The best thing is that both websites allow you to customize your choices very conveniently.

4.4 Smart filters

Customize your search results and bookmark relevant property possibilities for future reference. Use our clever filters to narrow your search, whether you are seeking to purchase an apartment, rent a flat, lease a store, or buy a plot.

If you’re looking to buy a home, you may use the Real Estate Intelligence platform to find out about the best and worst neighborhoods in the nation, based on real data points.

4.5 Properties available for all

Both the property app allows you to purchase or rent flats, homes, plots, farmhouses, and service apartments. Explore commercial properties for sale and lease, including offices, stores, showrooms, land, and warehouses.

Find no-fee flats, homes, offices, shops, and more for rent, lease, or sale, where real estate owners offer their properties for rent, lease, or sale.

5. Differences between Magicbricks vs 99acres

While there are certain similarities and a win-win situation when Magicbricks vs 99acres is compared, however in some parameters, they differ and out shadow one another. Let’s take a look at them.

5.1 Newly added project sections

With so many homes being put to the market every day, you’ll be hard-pressed to make a decision. Check out the new and forthcoming developments, as well as the amenities and neighborhood, in the Newly Added Projects section. 

Thus Magicbricks is a clear winner in the case of Newly added project sections.

5.2 Trends in Loans, EMI

Analyze property values in your neighborhood or city with the 99acres app. Interactive graphs and charts make it easy to keep up with the newest real estate market trends.

Take advantage of India’s greatest house-buying software and get a great bargain on your home loan! You can Find out if you qualify for a home loan, calculate your monthly payments, and apply all in one simple step.

Thus in the case of assisting with loans, EMI, and payment-related things, 99Acres is a clear winner.

5.3 Premium Package Options

99Acres has different package options for owners, dealers, and builders. For owners, the basic plan starts at Rs 850. Other plans include Platinum, Till you sell/rent, owner’s combos, and even more. 

The best part is that you can further customize the features after choosing a particular package. Whereas for Magicbricks it starts with Rs2499 or silver, and the others include gold, diamond, and titanium with fixed and defined features.

Thus in the case of premium package availability and convenience, 99Acres is a clear winner.

5.4 Pricing for advertising

As mentioned earlier, the 99Acres can be customized as per your convenience can include various plans. Thus it’s way more budget-friendly than Magicbricks whose starting price is over Rs. 2500.

Hence, 99Acres is a budget-friendly option as compared to Magicbricks.

5.5 Other Features

To save time on your everyday commute, use Landmark Search in Magicbricks. Save time by looking for homes near a certain landmark or location that you’re familiar with.

You can also check to see whether prices have gone up in the area you’re interested in. This feature is available in Magicbricks but not 99ACres.

6. Magicbricks vs 99acres: At a Glance



99 Acres

Most popular websites with maximum visitors




All the cities of India

Over 600+ cities in India

Google play store rating



Properties available

More than 20,000 exclusive properties are accessible exclusively via the app.

More than 1 million properties like flats, PGs are available

Posting properties charges



Premium package charges

Silver package for Rs. 2499

Basic package for Rs. 850 along with more options for premium subscriptions




Availability outside India



Type of app

Mobile apps for both iOS and Android, and browser extension

Mobile apps for both iOS and Android, and browser extension

Landmark search

Uses accurate AI statistics and shows changes regarding the price increase and decreases on recently viewed properties

Shows similar properties and needs improvement in AI.

Tracking price trends, EMI calculator and loans related calculations and best deals

Only blogs are available. No such feature is present.


Newly added projects

A separate section

Can be filtered to search

7. Some other Real estate websites you might want to use apart from Magicbricks vs 99acres

In this rivalry between Magicbricks vs 99acres, there is a pool of property listing websites that you can use. The other popular ones apart from Magicbricks and 99acres are

7.1 NoBroker

For those who don’t want to pay a big brokerage charge, the firm offers to show you residences, and it claims to verify all the owners. There happens to be a list for owners to follow to guarantee that all listings are complete and accurate. However, it’s less well-known than the others.

7.2 CommonFloor

While CommonFloor isn’t ideal for families searching for a place to live, it’s a decent option for those in the market for a roommate. As you scroll down the map, the hunt continues. Additionally, CommonFloor provides huge 3D property tours that may assist reduce the number of trips to the property. 

8. Final Thoughts on Magicbricks vs 99acres

As far as Magicbricks vs 99acres is concerned, it’s nearly hard to achieve a clear winner. Both property listing websites have the best features integrated with a pleasant UI.

8.1 But use 99Acres, if:

  • You are looking for properties instantly.
  • Want to calculate your loans, EMI for selling properties, etc
  • Have budget constraints.

8.2 Use Magicbricks if:

  • You are planning to rent or sell over a long period as it can help you show the trends.
  • Want a more personalized and precise search regarding rental and selling options.

Hope you found what you have been searching for today. By following the above steps and process you can start with property renting and selling seamlessly.

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9. FAQs

9.1 Is Magicbricks a product-based company?

With its unique services and creative online features, magicbricks.com is an international property site catering to a worldwide market. The Magicbricks design is the result of extensive study, original product creation, and a user-friendly new initiative.

9.2 Is it profitable to use Magic Bricks?

Based on financial records obtained by Inc42, MagicBricks had sales of INR 246.28 crore in FY20, up 16 percent from INR 213.24 billion in FY19. After a loss of INR 7.89 Cr the previous year, the firm has managed to make a little profit of INR 4.47 Cr this year before taxes.

9.3 What does it mean to say “built-up area”?

The overall size of your apartment, including the balcony, terrace, and any other outside space, is referred to as the “built-up area.” When calculating the size of usable (or carpeted) space in your apartment, it includes the area occupied by walls and columns, plus a little more.

9.4 How to use 99acres and Magicbricks?

Create an account at 99acres.com. Use their database to find a variety of properties that fit your needs. Projects in new and rising places will be shown as per your preference. Keep an eye out for potential dealers and make plans to meet with them.


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