Liquor app development

Liquor demand in COVID-19 situation:

In India, liquor stores were banned more than a month during COVID-19 lockdown for not spreadng corona virus. Then the people feeling crazy without liquor. We all know how it feels. Almost every Indian experiend this dry lockdown during COVID-19. After 45 days means lockdown 2.0, the government gives the green signal for liquor. Afters shops open, the people are queued up in front of the liquor shops. In this pandemic situation, it is not safe to buy liquor in queue at shops. It is the best time to know and learn about online liquor delivery. Online liquor delivery at their doorstep is safe for people. As the government has eased restrictions on the sale of alcohol across the country, the demand for liquor app development has suddenly increased. The bars and alcohol store owners are looking forward to starting with liquor home delivery service with the help of a smart app.

I think everyone is familair with food and grocery delivery apps. So the liquor app is also similar to these food and grocery delivery apps. This liquor delivery app is specially designed and developed to liquor shop owners. The shop owner will add the store available items or brands to the menu. So that user will see the brands or items, select the quantity and add the items into their cart. At checkout, customer will pay the bill and order their liquor.

Thinking to start your liquor business online?

Yes, you are thinking correct. It is the best idea to deliver liquor in a safe way. In this pandemic coronavirus situation deliering liquor is safe for both customers and buiness or shop owners. So don’t think much, nowadays online delivery app is important for every business. 

Many people drinking liquor in our society and the people don’t want to wait in a line infront of the store. And now people are very interested to order anything in online. Currently we are seeing many entrepreneurs like Swiggy, Zomato are earning more profits and looking to increase their market globally in delivering the food. So, the liquor delivery is the same thing like food delivery. 

Important features to include in liquor app development:

If you want to build a single vendor application, it is working on customer application, Driver application and liquor store outlet. If it is a multi vendor application, it is working on customer application, store application, driver application and admin panel. It is better to develop liquor app for bars, clubs, pubbs etc. 

Customer app features

  • Social media signup/login
  • Choose liquor type
  • Offers
  • Tracking
  • Easy payment methods

Admin panel features

  • Customer management
  • Delivery boy management
  • Offer management
  • Manage Earnings
  • Manage accounts
  • Manage payments

Delivery boy features

  • Driver signup
  • Driver profile
  • Delivery status
  • Google map navigation
  • Earnings
  • Ride history

Wish to develop a liquor delivery app for your business?

At Techweblas, We have a high-end development team for developing on-demand mobile applications. For now, we have worked on many on-demand genres like food delivery, grocery delivery, meat delivery, fuel, flowers, medicines, cakes, liquor delivery and so on. These on-demand delivery apps are one of the fast booming apps in the world. So, developing liquor delivery app is easy for our developers who had already developed many on-demand delivery apps.

For this, we help you with the unique admin dashboard to manage all the things like adding categories, items in an easy way. If you want to know more features and information about liquor delivery app development, we are here to help you.

Step forward!!! Get a free quote from us to start your online liquor delivery business.

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