1. Introduction

Rapido is an Indian online bike taxi aggregator and logistics service provider based out of Bangalore, India. Founded in 2015, the company operates in over 100 cities across the country and offers booking services through a mobile app. 

The service allows users to instantly share their travel journey with other Rapido customers who happen to be travelling in the same direction at the same time of day. It serves as an alternative to public transportation by allowing people to share rides with others who are on similar journeys at similar times.

2. Are Rapido Bikes Safe?

Customer safety is the utmost priority for Rapido. To make sure that riders/users are having a safe ride they insure the Rapido ride with Acko Insurance for no additional price. They also provide helmets and disposable caps to safely enjoy your ride without thinking or worrying about hygiene issues.

3. Does Rapido Have Female Drivers?

It was found through research that nearly 15% of Rapido users are women. And Rapido does hire women captains to make their lives easier and happier. Many women disclosed Rapido bikes are much safer than Uber, ola taxis as they can’t be seen or heard in case of any incidents.

4. Is Rapido Safe For Women?

Definitely yes, Rapido is one of the safest and most user-friendly options for women. It takes maximum care and security and provides various safety features for women. 

  • They have a call masking feature that protects your contact information.
  • They also have an SOS emergency button that connects with the Rapido safety team or the rider’s emergency contacts. This is available 24/7 to ensure safety.
  • Easy share option about your ride and the captain.
  • They hire only trusted and verified people as their rapido captains.
  • The rider can also live track their maps on the home screen.

5. How to use the Rapido SOS option?

Rapido has this amazing feature that the user can access in an emergency called the SOS feature. With this feature, you can contact the Rapido safety team or your trusted family or friends during an emergency.

All you can do to access this feature is open the Rapido app that is installed on your mobile. And go to the homepage of the ride that you’re taking currently using Rapido. There you will find a SOS button that you can click during an emergency or any accident. 

This emergency call will connect you to your family members, friends or to the Rapido safety team.

6. Does Rapido work 24/7?

Rapido are not available 24/7, the users can use their services from 6 am to late at night till midnight. The prices remain the same with no surge prices i.e., Rs. 15 which is the base fare.

7. Is Bike Taxi Legal in India?

While bike taxis are legal in a few places as of now, most governing authorities have simply issued guidelines for such travel to be allowed without explicitly passing any laws that make it illegal. 

The Central Government has made suggestions for state governments to consider passing legislation that will apply to bike taxis, but the legality and allowing the use of bike taxis across India is still going through much scrutiny. Either way, we’re pretty excited about what’s being done with these guys because they’re extremely cheap and there seems like an endless amount of potential!

8. Does Rapido require a Yellow board?

It is illegal to operate a taxi with a whiteboard, as the whiteboard indicated that the vehicle is privately owned and the Yellow board indicated that the vehicle is in commercial use.

So Rapido requires a yellow card as they are commercial vehicles.

9. Are Rapido Bikes safe to use during the pandemic?

With the Daily increasing cases of the Covid pandemic, Rapido is highly concentrating on rider’s and captain’s hygiene. Rapido provides the users with a half helmet and a mask along with the captain. Not only that they also clean the pillion seat before getting the customer onboard.

They also revealed that they are educating their users regarding the pandemic situation and how to minimize the virus exposure through their app notifications, emails and social media handles.

10. Conclusion

Embark on a journey to create your ride-hailing app like Rapido with our comprehensive insights and expertise. 

 Rapido was made to give proper safety for their users even during pandemic times by educating them. They are also implementing many new safety measures to their users a safe and hygienic ride wherever they want.

To that end, the company has developed a revolutionary safety measure program called Safety Shields that provides customers with a safe air-conditioned space while being chauffeured by Rapido bike taxis. 


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