1. Introduction

Cashback platforms are becoming increasingly popular as a way to save money. They don’t ask for anything in return and, on top of that, allow us to recoup some of the money we’ve spent.

One of them is Letyshops, which is a globally recognized cashback app where you can get a considerable amount of cash back upon purchasing from their generated links or stores.

But one general question that arises every time in the mind of users before they use it. Is LetyShops legit? Is it safe to use, and is it worth our time and money? Well, we have researched it all for you!

2. Is LetyShops Safe To Use?

Yes, LetyShops is completely safe to use and is a reliable cashback platform. It is legit, considering its positive reviews and ratings. Some sites on LetyShops give you cashback as high as 60 to 70 per cent like Udemy, Adidas and Healthcare. And in case of any issues, the customer support is responsive which is enough proof that it’s a safe platform. 

3. Is Letyshops Reliable And Legit?

Yes, LetyShops is a 100% genuine and legit cashback earning platform. Letyshops have earned the trust of a large number of other users based on our own and their own first-hand knowledge and experience with it.

Even though some businesses’ payback percentages are low, if you stick with Letyshops, you’ll wind up saving more money than you planned and may even get a free item. 

This platform’s extended cashback is what we appreciate the most about it, unlike certain retailers like AliExpress that don’t allow all goods to be eligible for the discounts.

4. Can You Make Money Using LetyShops?

Yes, you can make a considerable amount of cash using LetyShops. There is not only one method but around 3- 4 ways by which you can ensure some cool cashback every time you make a purchase or perform a task as required by them. Some of the tasks include inviting friends, loyalty programs, and much more.

5. Does Inviting Your Friends To LeyShops Help You Earn Cashback?

Letyshops compensate you for referring your friends or anyone using your referral code or link, thus giving you a 5€ coupon and giving him one as well. However, to avail of the coupon, you’ll have to wait until your friend makes his first purchase.

6. What Is a Loyalty Reward Program in LetyShops?

There are three tiers of membership in the Letyshops Loyalty Reward Program, and as you utilize the platform for your purchases, you’ll advance through the levels and gain additional perks on your cashback.

Loyalty Reward Program in LetyShops



10% higher cashback is given to Letybronze members who accumulate $10 or more in cumulative cashback.


You gain an additional 20% of the base cash back rate if you have accrued $50 or more in cashback with Letysilver.


If you have accrued at least $150 worth of Letygold cashback, you will receive a 30% increase in your base cashback rate

The percentage is based on the store’s base rate, so if the cashback rate is 5%, you’ll receive a rebate of 5.5 per cent as a Letybronze member. In addition, if you choose, you can transfer your balance to your bank account at any time.

7. Is LetyShosp Safe To Use On A Mobile Phone?

Yes, LetyShops is completely safe to use on a mobile phone or any other device as well. The LetyShops app is mobile-friendly, and you can also avail all its benefits on mobile.

To access all of their locations on a mobile device, simply launch their app and sign in. All you have to do is use the Lety Shops app to make purchases, and your cashback will be sent into your account immediately. Following delivery or confirmation of an order, you’ll get an email from us.

8. How To Activate Cashback in LetyShops?

Use the site’s direct link to enter your credit card information. Afterwards, the Letyshops extension shows up by itself. Activate your cashback by clicking “Activate Cashback.”

Then, do some shopping. Your Lety Shops Account will be updated with your cashback in the near future. Following delivery or confirmation of an order, you’ll get an email from them.

9. How Do You Get Paid on LetyShops?

Your LetyShops account balance will be credited with every cashback reward you earn. To withdraw your winnings via PayPal, you must have earned 500 Ruble, which is approximately similar to $6.5.

If you buy a lot of things online, this is a pretty modest reward level that can be easily met. Unfortunately, LetyShops only accepts this payment method. Your payment request will be handled in 1-3 business days and it will be transferred to your account in a month.

That’s a good turnaround, but keep in mind that your LetyShops cash back incentives will take some time to post to your account. As a result, don’t hold your breath waiting for reimbursement.

10. Why Is It Taking Time To Get The Cashback On LetyShops?

Though LetyShops provides you with cash backs, you will have to wait at least a month for your reward to be deposited into your bank account (max 3 Months). It’s not from their Lety Shops Network; it’s the store where you made the purchase. So, you need not assume LetyShops is not safe or legit.

11. How Much Money Can You Get Through LetyShops?

Most of your earnings from a cashback site will be based on how frequently you make purchases as well as the site’s reward rates. As a result, there’s a considerable possibility you’ll come across a cashback offer at some point in the future.

They typically provide payback rates between 0.5 per cent and 5 per cent, but they may go as high as 10 per cent. However, the more cashback you earn, the closer you go to your next status upgrade with their reward program.

In fact, the higher your level, the more cashback you’ll get from deals. Bronze, silver, and gold are their three levels of advancement. You must earn $10 in cashback rewards before you can move up to the bronze level. Once you’ve surpassed that threshold, you’ll receive an additional ten per cent in cashback.

Earn $50 worth of cashback rewards, and you’ll get 20% extra to your baseline cashback rate to reach the silver level of status. To achieve a gold level, you must earn $150 in cashback, which entitles you to an additional 30% bonus on top of the standard reward rate.

12. Can I Lose My Cashback In LetyShops?

Before making a purchase, make sure you’ve read the store’s terms and conditions. If you are still certain that you did everything correctly, you will be eligible to receive a refund for any unused cashback that you may have earned.

For their consideration, including a thorough explanation of the situation, as well as a screenshot of the shop showing the money paid, the status, and the content of the transaction.

13. What To Do If I Did Not Get Or Lose Cashback In LetyShops?

In case you lose your cash back or if you are yet to receive it, visit their Help page if you have any queries or concerns. It covers the majority of the site’s significant subjects.

If you can’t find the answers you’re looking for, or if you want to appeal a cashback award denial, or if you’re having technical problems, you may file a request to their customer service help.

14. Conclusion

LetyShops is a safe cashback site as it offers a wide variety of cashback deals, along with supportive customer assistance. It’s simple to use the platform without much ambiguity and its reviews speak for themselves. So you need to worry about its legitimacy and can go ahead using it to make some cash.


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