1. What is CASHKARO?

Cashkaro is one of the leading cashback and coupon websites in India. It has more than a million users who actively shop and earn cashback through this website.

2. How did it Start?

The largest coupon and cashback provider Cashkaro was started by Swati & Rohan Bhargava in April 2013.

In 2014, the company on-boareder over 500 e-commerce retailers and grew 50% stronger across Delhi and Chennai.

In 2015, The company raised Rs 25crores as a funding from Kalaari Capital partnering with Alibaba Wholesale becoming India’s first website to offer cashback on orders.

In 2016, Ratan Tata founded the company cashkaro and also on-boarded 1500+ e-commerce partners.

In 2017, Established a new office in Chennai and credited 80 crores as cash back to the users.

In 2019, Paid over 100 Crore as Cashback to users, Crossed the 3.5 million + users mark and Launched EarnKaro – India’s first social deal commerce platform.

3. How Does Cashkaro Make money?

The business model of cashback is so simple, The retailer enlisted in the cashkaro gains a commission. which can be shared with the customer as cashback after the purchase.

4. Is Cashkaro Safe?

As Cashkaro is one of the leading and successful cashback apps, it is safe to use for your shopping needs. You are just a step away from getting the cashback or rewards. You can redeem your cashback in the form of cash or vouchers.

As we said previously Cashkaro is backed by the Man Of Integrity Mr. Ratan Tata. There are a million and more users using Cashkaro for their shopping regularly from the retailers enlisted in Cashkaro. 

Cashkaro receives a percentage on all the purchases that have been made by the users. It shares a part of that amount with the users, but not the entire percentage.

Moreover, they also get huge traffic for their website along with few strategic partnerships online they can generate a lot of income constantly. 

From the seller point of view, they offer cashbacks or discounts to keep the customers coming back to the store or websites. And we customers or users also feel excited as the price is less when compared to other websites. We also get back a part of the amount we paid for the product.

It is not always about money, but it definitely plays a vital role when purchasing something.

So Do you think a successful app or website like Cashkaro can scam people just for the sake of money? The business model of Cashakro is much more sustainable so they are definitely not going out of fashion anytime soon.

So you can happily start buying or purchasing from Cashkaro and enjoy the endless rewards and cashback on products.

5. How to get Cashback in Cashkaro after shopping?

Getting cashback on your products is very simple and easy using cashkaro. 

  • Firstly as we all know you should create an account or login to your existing cashkaro account. If you are not a member then you are not eligible for cashback as the system can’t track your ID.
  • Secondly, find the product from the search bar from your favorite e-commerce store such as flipkart, amazon, Myntra etc.
  • With every product you will find a button “ Activate Cashback” if you activate the button you will be redirected to the particular e-commerce store. Then you can hop regularly as you always do.
  • And then, cashback will be credited to your account once you complete the shopping, but remember that it can’t be withdrawn until it is confirmed.
  • Finally, you can withdraw it with the payout option available in cashback.

How to get Cashback in Cashkaro after shopping

6. What is the payout process?

You can withdraw the amount from cash back once you reach the minimum limit Rs 250. To track the order and details it may take from 5 minutes to 72 hours. The pending cashback can be turned into confirmed cashback within 2-90 days. Then you can withdraw that as well using a Bank account or Amazon and flipkart gift cards.

What is the payout process

7. What is the Cashkaro Referral program?

The Referral program in Cashkaro works like this:

Cashkaro also runs a referral program, where the user can earn money when someone makes a purchase through their referral link.

You get 10% of cashback every time they purchase using cashkaro. This has no time limit so you can enjoy the benefits lifetime. Also, there is no limit on referrals you make.

8. Final Words.

Cashkaro offers you the best deals, discounts and coupons on every purchase. Which makes it one of the best cashback websites and apps in the country.


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