Importance of Grocery Delivery in this Coronavirus outbreak in the world

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Nowadays the coronavirus is shaking the total world. In this panic situation, total world is in lockdown stage. This is a very tough situation for all the people and governments. Many governments are saying stay home and save lives to their people. India’s panic buying for staples and groceries is taking place online nowadays. This is the time when in the metropolitan cities are urging people to stay at home, shutting all the malls and various restaurants to avoid the mass spread of the Coronavirus. In this pandemic situation, many people are facing a major problem like buying groceries, medicines and food. So some governments have declared that don’t come outside, you can buy groceries and medicines through online. 

So, now buying groceries and medicines through online is a need for the people. In this pandemic situation, the demand for online grocery is at its peak stage. So, people want to know one thing at their home in this tough situation. The number of online grocery delivery ecommerce giants like Bigbasket, Grofers, Amazon pantry, Instacart and many more are increasing their business and sales having a massive growth in quantity as well. It has been witnessed an almost 80-100% growth in their extensions.

Importance of Grocery:

Most of the people have already  stockiing up the vegetables, household items, rice, wheat and pulses as well. And nowadays there is a massive growth and more demand for many sanitizers, masks, and disinfectants, diapers and many personal care items. 

Many ecommerce grocery like grofers had an increased rise of sales and now the people are stockpiling it  due to thepanic of Coronavirus. Now the Grofers size had spiked up 80% over the weekend. The surge in demand had soon typically slowed the process, and the delivery estimate time has grown up from 2-3 hours to 3-4 days.

In the same way, Bigbasket also had a massive growth in the sale. While the Bigbasket is witnessing doubled its growth. 

On an average, the single oline grocery app is delivering 1.6 lakh orders per day. Now, the scenario of shipments is about 90000 orders per day and has now grown and are ever-growing as well.

Worldwide Online Grocery Delivery Growth:

This Coronavirus situation is not only happens in India but also worldwide as well. Many people in the world are suffering to bu groceries. This is continued after the Coronavirus outbreak as well. This outbreak has been lead to panic stage. In this panic situation, people are searchig for new sources to buy groceries and different kinds of stuff.

Many online grocery ecommerce giants like Walmart, Instacart and shipt are seeing massive growth in their businss. And all the grocery app downloads in the playstore and appstore are increasing and shown in the graph below.

The above graph shows the online grocery app downloads in the US in these COVID-19 times.

As the Coronavirus is spreading all over the USA, the above-mentioned grocery apps are had seen an above mentioned considerable growth. This shows how people are very panic and interesting to buy groceries to stay live all over the world, not the only USA. This COVID-19 panic gives more pain to the poor and wealthy people. As we know that all the people with necessity having the general and basic needs easily not being afforded to buy the basic things like sanitizers, tissues, toiletries etc.

The above-mentioned story says from February to the current time. Comparing the average daily downloads the Instacart, Walmart and Shipt have seen their daily downloads and usage by more than 100%.

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