Price comparison sites are becoming more popular after the e-commerce sites. Price comparison sites help the consumers to compare the prices of products in various different stores while shopping. The major intention of a price comparison website is to save the time and money of consumers while shopping. Follow the below steps to understand how to start a price comparison website.

Select a niche:

The most important thing in price comparison website is revenue and it depends only on its niche. The other one is the target audience. Finding the right nice and target audience are the important points to start a price comparison website.

Affiliate marketing:

The second main important thing in price comparison website is affiliate marketing. Almost E-commerce portals have an affiliate system using which you can get a commission for the sales. To get started with this, you will first have to sign up as a business partner on popular E-commerce portals that you will be using for price comparison. Once accepted as the affiliate partner, you will be given a referrer name that can be appended to the product links going out from your price comparison site. Getting accepted as an affiliate partner is a fairly easy process.

Technical setup:

  1. Web scrapping. The best and effective way to gather the data is “Web Scrapping” and can display all the data on your website from top websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, etc., You can also make price comparison for those products and get traffic to your website. You can implement these functionalities by visiting this guy, Home – TechWebLabs | Website Development | SEO | SMM
  2. Build it from scratch If you are trying to make a price comparison website from scratch it will be a little bit costly because the website contains all new features and requirements. Building a custom price comparison website will also consume a reasonable amount of time. Flexibility is a great advantage that comes with building one on your own. If you are looking to get started as quick as possible, you might want to consider other options which we’re about to discuss below.
  3. Price comparison scripts If you don’t really want to build the price comparison website from scratch, don’t panic, there are ready-made scripts that can help you build one easily. Most of such scripts are coded in PHP and fulfill all your requirements.
  4. WordPress plugins You can do anything with WordPress. WordPress is as dynamic and versatile. If you want to build your price comparison website on WordPress as there are some great WordPress plugins. CompariPress, ComparePress and Compare theme which is available on ThemeForest.

Design yourself or ask some company to have an attractive design for your website matching your target market. Web crawling technologies are used to extract price data from E-commerce websites for comparison. As the number of products in question is large, the scale of data extraction would be huge too. Start marketing your website.

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