Do you currently run a food business and use a food delivery app similar to Uber Eats? If your answer is no, then you might want to give the matter some serious thought. Because the mobile food delivery business is one of the fastest-growing industries. The development of Food Ordering Apps has risen rapidly during the last decade. Not only developed but also the demand for those apps has gone up into the sky. In the recent study, it was found that 44% of the consumers in the US use food delivery services at least once a month, I can say this is the best time for online food startups to flourish. Isn’t it? And that is what Ubereats, Zomato, Swiggy does. This all started back in 1994 with Pizza Hut, they delivered the first online order. The online food ordering market not only includes food prepared by restaurants but also by independent people, food cooperatives, food riders, and drivers. If you want a piece of the market, then it is time to jump in on the trend.

What are the reasons for the booming of apps like Uber Eats?

It is a well-known fact that people will always go after their convenience. This applies not only to the place
you live, the movie you watch, the people you talk to, and yes the food we eat. This is the highest contributing factor behind the boom of food delivery apps. To begin with, here are a few reasons for the
growth of food delivery apps.

  • The menu is easily visible and accessible to the customers within the app.
  • These apps for real-time app tracking of the food they ordered.
  • People can order food online from anywhere, anytime unlike walk-ins.
  • Researchers reveal that 91% of online users are likely to order all over again on mobile apps and websites. This means online ordering solutions boost the likelihood of customers.
  • Numerous offers like promo codes, festive offers, IPL bonanza, etc.
  • Online food delivery apps push notifications that help to keep customers engaged with restaurants.
  • Online food delivery apps help people who look for a fast and easy way to do their daily stuff and don’t want to make any manual efforts.

So these are the few important reasons for the growth of food delivery apps. As I already said, in this era food delivery apps play a key role in many of our lives, now let us see the importance of food delivery apps.

  • Urban foods for remote foodies: Let me simplify this, your restaurant has captured foodies from all over the city..what’s next? Why not extend it to remote foodies? Sounds like a great deal, isn’t it? You can do this with online food delivery apps by extending the option to deliver in their area. They can get access to the food, restaurant menu, etc.
  • Workaholics, won’t starve anymore: Being a profession-driver person, we afford to miss our diet but never to miss deadlines. But nothing to worry about! You can quickly order your favorite food from one of the nearest restaurants and refill your stomach and get back to your track again.
  • Ladies, you can enjoy parties too!: Gone are those days where you have to boil yourself in the scorching heat for your guests. With the new food delivery systems or online food delivery apps you can quickly order delicious food items, single or many, with just a few taps on your mobile screen.
  • Discount alert!!:  Eat more and get more cashback. Yes, with this online food ordering system you get excellent deals on cashback and discount offers while ordering for delivery.

If you want to develop a food marketplace, building a single app is not enough. Take Uber Eats, for example, it consists of a customer app for clients, delivery app for drivers, and Admin panel for restaurants.

Features of Customer App:

  • Registration and Profile Management: Users will be acquainted with the app directly from the sign-up page. This is the reason why the process should be fast and easy. Most apps use email, password, phone number, etc, and social media signups. After the registration, users can customize their profiles by adding photos, payment details, delivery address, language, etc, or simply they can choose the default profile.
  • Advanced search: Search fields usually include various filters to simplify the process and let users sort options by choosing their price ranges, cuisines, ingredients, etc.
  • Order placement:  Users should be able to add their items to the cart with just one-two clicks, as well as edit or remove it. If that is not the case you risk losing customers even before the very first order. The order process should be simple, easy, and quick.
  • Payment: The main points to be considered at this stage are speed, security, and convenience. You can start by offering 2-3 payment methods and increase while the business expands
  • Order tracking: This tracking feature helps in finding out the time between the customer and their order. This helps in displaying the approximate delivery time.
  • Ratings and reviews: Rating and Review is one of the best ways to share their amazing experience by giving the highest rating or writing a review.
  • Notifications: Business targets will always be busy customers, but they neither have time to track their order status nor to look at special offers in the app. So they push notifications about their food order status and other special offers via SMS.

Features of Restaurant App:

  • Vendor Login: Every restaurant owner who wants to join the app, needs to sign in to the vendor/partner app, personally created for restaurants to get more customer orders.
  • Menu management: Restaurant owner can manage the restaurant menu in the app and list the available items in the restaurant, popular items, most ordered items, today special items, category wise items etc.
  • Payments & Customer order management: In the app, restaurant owner manage the everyday customer orders, successfully delivered orders, cancelled orders, rejected orders and manage the payments and check the customer order is online payment or COD.
  • Manage Restaurant timings: The restaurant owner will manage the delivery timings, restaurant open and close timings etc.
  • Manage delivery areas: The restaurant owner will manage all the delivery areas in the app and assign the nearby delivery app to the customer.

Features of Driver App:

  • Registration and Profile setup: Similar to customers, delivery personnel should have their profile for identification. Once the profile is created, couriers will get access to the system’s database and can track recent orders.
  • Order management: As soon as they register in the system, they will get access to all relevant information including a list of nearest food orders. They toggle the ‘go online’ button to accept offers. They have the option of rejecting offers as well.
  • Status update: For customer satisfaction and convenience, the delivery person should update their status along the way. So that customers can track their food.
  • Delivery History: Making note of orders delivered list useful for couriers, they can leave a note next to difficult places or routes.
  • Earning screen: Drivers will be able to check their daily and monthly earnings. The app can also display current balance, recent transactions, promotions, etc.

Features of Admin Panel

  • Registration and Profile Management: Works the same way as the remaining two panels. However, the restaurant needs to add its business details to profiles like name, location, menus, and many more.
  • Content management: It is important to add or update the details of the restaurant time-to-time because it attracts clients and promotes an eatery. Menu management is another important thing that allows you to add photos of dishes, which is a great tool of attraction.
  • Order management: The staff should track their incoming orders and update their status like preparation process, order cancellation, completion, etc.
  • Payments: This will of course be the best part of any business. The payment should be released to the restaurant as soon as the client confirms successful delivery. As we all know, technology has brought many revolutions in the world and changed the way human beings used to live in ancient times. Like everything else, mobile technology has gifted us a lot whereas it has killed the mobility of humans.

Advanced features:

  • Order history
  • Real-time tracking
  • Estimated delivery time
  • Offers
  • Nearby restaurants
  • Auto-detect location

Being a food-tech startup or entrepreneur, if you have decided to develop an online food ordering system for your on-demand food delivery business or restaurant, you can get in touch with us and discuss your

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