1. Introduction:

Food delivery apps have become highly popular in recent times. They are not only a blessing for users but also business owners. So if you are also one of the business owners, Who are thinking to get benefitted from an app like Swiggy We are here to help you.

We will talk about Swiggy’s History, the reason behind its success, features, How to build an app like Swiggy, the cost of making an app like Swiggy, and a few tips for its development.

2. How did it start?



So let us see where it started, Swiggy began its operations in 2014 with 150+ deliveries a day. It had tie-ups with 300 restaurants during the initial stage and started to develop slowly. As a startup, the funds received by this app were breathtakingly huge. With the help of those funds, Swiggy expanded its presence in 7 big cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata.

People all over the cities started accepting Swiggy and paved a successful way for it, which led to the partnership with firms like ICICI, Phonepe, Flipkart, and many more businesses for easy and trouble-free payment options.

3. Why do people love ordering food online?

In this busy world, no one likes to stand in long queues for ordering food, reserving tables or for reading menus. So the easiest way they can get their food is by ordering it online. So most of the working people or people with busy schedules are attracted to apps like Swiggy.

4. Factors that attract people towards online food ordering.

There are few factors that attract people to order food online. Below given are the points that you should consider when building an app like Swiggy.

  • Fast delivery
  • Delivery to your doorstep
  • Various payment options based on customer convenience like Cash on Delivery, credit cards, debit cards etc.
  • Fast ordering process with discounts and offers.
  • Variety of food options at your fingertips.
  • Food tracking
  • Reviewing.

5. What are the steps to create a Food delivery App like Swiggy?

5.1 Attractive User Interface.

A food delivery app is a replacement for your hotel on a smartphone. So you should never feel it is a waste of time. So the app should be easy and attractive for users to use and navigate to their desired pages. If there is any wrong in doing that, customers can easily switch to a similar app like yours.

user interface

5.2 Data Accessibility.

Data is the most important factor in a food delivery app. Make sure your app has all the access to different restaurants, dishes, menus and delivery times. This information enables users to order their food effortlessly and engages the customer in the right possible way.

5.3 Ease of Payments.

One of the most appealing features of the online food delivery app is the Easy payment process. Having more opportunities for payment can make the user feel more flexible about your app. It also makes the user feel secure about their confidential data which is the uttermost important factor.

5.4 Offers and Rewards.

Everybody likes tasty food at reasonable prices. So adding offers and giving rewards makes them happier. This is one of the secret strategies for the growth of any business. Giving offers or rewards benefits both the users, restaurants, and developers.

5.5 Push notifications.

The best way an app can engage with its users is by sending notifications. This not only helps you in letting users know about your offers but also develops your relationship with the customer. This eventually motivates them towards offers and rewards.

5.6 Testimonials, reviews, and ratings

If you want to build trust with your customers, all you have to do is showcase your reviews and works. Dedicate an area on the homepage of your website and display the testimonials, user experiences, user reviews, etc. Most of the successful brands rely on testimonials. This helps in building the goodwill of your business.

6. Concept of Food Delivery mobile apps.

The food delivery mobile app contains details of all the restaurants and their dishes. People will search for their favorite restaurant names or items in the search bar. Then they will find the restaurants related
to the searched menu item or they will find the menu items related to the searched restaurant. In this, the consumer can find various offers and discounts on their favorite food or restaurant.

They have an option to add their current location so the delivery becomes completely effortless. People will add their favorite items to the cart. At the time of checkout, users can pay through different payment types like Paytm, Phone pe, in-built app wallet, Debit or Credit cards, etc. Users will see their past order history, payments, wallet amount and they will manage their delivery addresses.

The above concept is very much focused on today’s generation. When people are hungry they can order food anytime anywhere. These delivery apps take less delivery time to order the food so all the people will order their favorite food from their favorite restaurants. So the craze for food delivery apps is increasing day by day.

Every restaurant or fast food owner needs a food delivery app to start this high-rated business or boost their existing restaurant business. If you are one of them, here you will find out the features of the food delivery mobile app. Every food delivery mobile application has 4 panels.

  • User Panel
  • Admin Panel
  •  Restaurant Panel
  •  Driver App

6.1 User Panel:

  • Login/Signup:

This is the basic section of every app. Users can log in/sign up using social media credentials like Facebook, Gmail, etc to order their favorite food online.

  • Search for nearby restaurants:

Users can search for nearby restaurants or search for their favorite food. Then a bunch of restaurants and food items appear in front of their eyes to select their favorite option.

  • Offers:

Users can check offers to save money while ordering food online. They get offers, discounts, and promo codes while ordering food, which can save a lot of money.

  • Order checkout:

Users can move their selected items to the cart. By doing this it will be saved in your account and you can order it anytime directly.

  • Multiple payments:

Users can pay their order amount through various payment methods like Paytm, Phonepe, credit or debit cards, any in-built wallets, etc.

  • Wallet system:

Users can quickly pay the order amount through the in-app wallet present in the food delivery app.

  • Order tracking:

Once the order is placed the user can track the order and get an estimated delivery time.

  • Table booking:

Users can also book the table in a restaurant by selecting the date and time.

  • Catering:

Users can order the food for parties and events also from their favorite restaurants.

  • Rating and review system:

Users can give the rating to the restaurant, driver(delivery person) or they can also give reviews about the services of the restaurant which will help other customers while searching.

  • Customer support:

If users want any information about payments and orders they can contact customer support which is available 24/7.

  • Easy reorder previously ordered food item:

Customers can easily reorder the previously ordered food item by finding it in their previous order history. It is a very easy process and takes less time to reorder the previous order.

  • Mobile OTP verification:

This mobile OTP verification is for sign-in to confirm their mobile number.

  • Auto-detect location address:

Auto-detecting the location is a simple way compared to entering the full address. So customers can quickly order the food through this feature.

  • Multiple add-ons for food items:

If the customer wants any extra food items with their ordered food item, this feature is useful for the customer.

  • Order cancellation feature:

Every customer wants the cancellation feature. If by mistake they order the unwanted food item or they want to go somewhere urgently, they will have the option to cancel their order.

  • Order details and status:

After ordering the food item, customers can see their order details and status like food is cooking, your order is on the way, delivered, etc.

  • Real-time order status and driver tracking:

After ordering the food item, customers can track their order status like how much time to deliver the food, etc. and they will track the driver who wants to deliver their order.

  • Restaurant menu:

The restaurant menu is very important for every food delivery app. Customers can select the food items in that restaurant’s food menu and order the available food items Only.

  • Multi-language:

Nowadays people show interest in ordering food in their own language. so, we can provide a multilingual app. It can cover all the languages in which customers want to order and also makes it easy for people who don’t know English.

  • Add a new delivery address:

It is also a very important feature to all the customers. Every time the customer orders the food to different addresses. So they can add a new delivery address by using this feature.

  • Order History:

In the order history, customers can see their past order details.

  • Add to Favourites:

Customers add their favorite or liked food items to favorites. So that customer can easily check their favorite food items and order whenever they want.

6.2 Admin Panel:

  • Content management:

Admin can manage the content anywhere in the food delivery mobile app.

  • Category management:

Admin can also manage the categories like rice items, veg items, non-veg items etc.

  • Advertising management:

Admin takes care of advertising of the app to post the offers and discounts to the consumer’s eyes.

  • Message alerts:

The main purpose of message alerts is to tell our information to customers like recent offers, appreciation for new registrations, order details etc.

  • Location tracking:

Admin can manage the locations for every food ordered customer and send it to the driver.

  • Database backup:

Database is very important for every business. Here admin can manage the drivers, customers and restaurants info and backup is used for future use.

  • Charts and reports:

Admin can see the total reports for business growth analysis.

  • Customer support:

Customer support is very important for every business. If customers have any doubts, they can immediately contact the customer support.

  • Withdrawal requests from restaurant owners:

Admin can give the amount of money to restaurant owners. So they can
accept the withdrawal request from restaurant owners.

  • Order detail and status:

Admin can see every order placed in their app and he/she can also see all the order details and status of the order.

  • New order push notifications with firebase:

If the new order is placed in the app, the admin can send the push notifications to the new user regarding order.

  • Users management:

Admin can have access to manage all the users registered in the app.

  • Membership Packages:

This membership package is only for restaurants to add the restaurants in the food delivery app.

  • Restaurants management:

Admin can also have access to manage all the restaurants that are present in the app.

  • Track order:

Admin can also track all the orders and all the
drivers also.

6.3 Restaurant panel

  • Time and menu management:

The restaurant owner will manage the restaurant opening and closing time and their menu in the restaurant panel.

  • Customer order management:

The restaurant owner will manage the orders from different customers and allocate the orders to the drivers based on locations.

  • Offer management:

The restaurant owner will manage the coupons and offers to attract customers to order food using their food ordering app.

  • Multiple payments:

Allow customers to pay the order amount using different payment methods.

  • Social media connections:

Allow the customers to connect their friends using social media.

6.4 Driver Panel

  • Order request:

Drivers can check the order requests and accept or decline the order as per their convenience from the restaurant.

  • Order tracking:

Driver can track the customer location and deliver the order to the customer in time.

  • Service availability:

Driver can also mention if he is available or not at the order request time to deliver.

  • Delivery Information:

Driver can check the order delivery information like name, order location etc.

  • Profile:

Drivers can also set their profile(name, address, mobile number etc.) in the driver app.

  • payment and order history:

Drivers can also check the previous payments and orders from the restaurant.

7. Tech Stack.

To complete a proper application, include a combination of programming languages, frameworks and tools that are used by developers. Few of them are given below as per the category.

  • Platforms: iOS, Android, Web
  • Data platform: S3, Presto, Druid, Snowflake, Flume, Hive, Spark, Storm
  • Database: Postgres, HBase, MongoDB, Cassandra
  • Payments: e-wallets, Stripe, PayPal, Braintree, net banking
  • Navigation: Google maps
  • Push notifications: Push.io, Twilio
  • Analytics: Storm, Flink, Firebase.
  • Cloud Environment: Azure, Google, AWS.

8. Top 5 Food delivery apps.

8.1 UberEats.

UberEats offer food delivery services in major cities all around the globe. Ordering food and doing payment is easy and simple with Uber Eats. It also enables real time tracking of your delivery.


uber eats

8.2 Swiggy

Swiggy is one of the largest and most popular food delivery applications. It has partnership with various top food industries and gives its users a world class experience with easy food delivery and payment.


swiggy app


8.3  Zomato.

Due to its unique features, zomato has become popular in a short period. It has the latest and modern features like social media integration, following and interacting with other users and many more.




8.4  Deliveroo

Delivery is an online food delivery app which is unique unlike swiggy and zomato. It provides its services in a limited radius without an individual delivery system. It uses only motorcycles and bicycles for delivering the food. This indirectly leads to more employment in the delivery service.



8.5 GrubHub.

GrubHub is widely popular for its growing customers regularly. It allows users to connect with various restaurants and deliver food through independent contractors. GrubHub also allows personalized apps for users which have customized features.



9. Cost of building a food delivery app like Swiggy.

It is a preferred feature and functionality that estimates the price of the application.

Order-only app

An app like Grubhub allows ordering of food and delivering from various restaurants across cities with food catalog, order management and 24/7 customer service and support. The first version of this app with administration and customer roles without payment process and geo- tracking feature can be developed within 2.5 – 3 months and would roughly cost about 25-40,ooo$.

Order- Delivery apps

An app like Ubereats covers almost all the restaurants and allows ordering and delivering the food. We can say that this can be great for startups if they have competitive features to withstand the existing players in the market.

Similarly the first version of this app with a full cycle of providing and managing various restaurants can be developed within 3.5-4 months and can hardly cost upto 20-30,000$.

Fully Integrated App

An app like EatPurely includes a restaurant chain and covers almost everything from cooking to delivering, from the nearest clients, couriers etc. Restaurant owners and individual businesses usually go for this app.
The First version of this app with its own restaurant’s chain infrastructure, payment process, and geo tracking can be developed within a period of 3-4 months and can cost you upto 30-40,000$.

10. Conclusion:

By now, you already understood that it is highly impossible to survive without a food delivery app if you are into the food sector. So, starting a business and earning money is easy only by developing a food delivery app like Swiggy.

If you want the best and unique food delivery mobile app to start your business, Techweblabs will provide you the food delivery app development with the affordable cost and the custom features and you can launch your food delivery business within 24 hrs using our clone scripts.

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