Price comparison websites are more popular in current days. The work of price comparison websites is to compare the prices of the products from different stores. So, maximum people are using price comparison sites while shopping. So price comparison sites earn money easily.

How price comparison sites earn money

There are many ways to earn money using price comparison sites.

Price comparison site is an affiliate model or acquisition model. Here all the affiliate marketers include Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc. They provide up to 20% commission on every sale that is redirected to their store by your website. For example, if people buy the product from that merchant through your website, then the price comparison website owner gets the commission based on the product.

Price comparison website development

Observe the above image you get a clear idea about Price comparison websites earning money through affiliation sites.

Most of the price comparison websites use Google Ads. The number of clicks to these ads will increase and the websites will earn money through these ads.

The brands are keen to advertise on price comparison websites. Brand advertising is one of the income sources for price comparison websites. Before I talk about the price comparison sites, let me mention the blog that is worth reading.

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