Table of Contents 

  1. Introduction 
  2. What is GrubHub? 
  3. How GrubHub Works?
  4. GrubHub Business Metrics.
  5. Commission on Orders
  6. Restaurant Advertising on the Delivery stage
  7. Different Issues Faced by GrubHub 
  8. GrubHubs Growth Chart 
  9. Safety methods During the Pandemic and In general
  10. Conclusion 



1. Introduction

The Food Industry is one of the booming Industries at present times. Food Delivery through single click has become even more popular in the past few years. Similar to their growth the profits also started increasing, in 2019 the food industry has gained $107.43 and in 2020 despite the pandemic they are on their way to earn 122.74$ billion. Statistics say that this may even increase to 156$ billion by 2024. 

What do you think is the reason for this enormous growth of the Food Industry and Food Delivery Apps? The main and primary reason is customer growth and interest towards delivered food. It is calculated that the number of people ordering their food through Online Food Delivery Apps has gone upto 2 times in the past three years.There might be many reasons for this huge increase, but entrepreneurs should start focusing on this Industry for maximum reach and growth of their Brand. 

It is important that every restaurant or any other Hotels have their own Food development app, this not only helps in reaching out to many people but also increases the goodwill of the Brand. 


2. What is GrubHub? 

No matter whether you are new to trying these Food delivery apps or if you are finding it tough to choose your breakfast, Lunch and dinner are exciting. The Grubhub makes it simpler,

easier and faster for you. This is one of the top food delivery apps in the USA. Grubhub was founded by Matt Maloney and Micheal Evans in early 2004. The headquarters was located in Chicago and it almost expanded its services to 900 locations within 10 years of business in the USA. 

There are many impressive features that make this app stand on top in this competitive world. They have around 10M+ downloads and 20M+ active users in the States. It is one of the most loved food delivery apps for Americans. This app allows consumers to order food from around 1,40,000 restaurants and runs in 2,700 cities including London. 

When it comes to the delivery fee, it is one of the best ways to save your money because you are to be paid only the fee that is set by the restaurant owner itself. There are no extra charges included. This is one of the best options for Tired group of people and also best for hosting parties. 


3. How GrubHub Works? 

Grubhub is the medium of connection between restaurants and the consumers. They can order food and get it delivered at their doorstep within minimum time with no effort. You can access their services through mobile applications or from a website. It has different components. For Instance, 

  1. Consumers 

Here we are gonna see How this GrubHub works for consumers and what are the steps included in this process.

  • Browse: 

There are a large number of restaurants that are right in front of your eyes providing services for you. You can pick your favourite restaurant and can access their menu card and look for your favourite food item as per the availability. 

  • Placing the order: 

Once you find your favourite food and decide the item you want to eat, then you can easily place the order from the restaurant or you have an option to add it to the cart order later. 

  • Payment process 

After the customer places the order you will be directed to the check out page where you find various payment options to pay for your food. He/she can pay their bill through paytm/paypal, debit cards, credit cards and also through cash. 

  • wait for the food 

Once your order is placed and you complete the payment the restaurant starts its work now and within minimum you will receive your order at your doorstep. Till then you have to wait for the order and can also track your order in the meantime. 

  1. Restaurants 

Restaurants play a key role in the whole process of food delivery. They should properly showcase the food and prepare it by themselves. Now let us see how Grubhub works for their partner Restaurants.

  • Yay ! Order received 

As soon as the customer pays the bill, the restaurant will be notified at the dashboard. Now the restaurant has to check the availability of the item and go for the further process. 

  • Confirmation of order 

Once the availability of the order is checked, the next thing is to notify the customer about receiving the order and the nearest courier at the same time. 

  • Preparing and packing 

Now the next thing is that the restaurant has to quickly prepare the meal before the courier arrives. Only then they can provide on time deliveries for their customers. 

  • Handing it over to the courier. 

As soon as the making and packing is done, the restaurant will hand over the food to the courier with proper packing avoiding mess and difficulty in transport. 

Here completes the work of the restaurant and couriers will come into the charge from now on. 

  1. Courier 

As we already discussed, GrubHub concentrates on connecting restaurants with customers. Let us know how this works with couriers.

  • Order received 

As soon as the order is confirmed by the restaurant, the nearest courier will get a notification of work. Then he has to accept the order if he can reach the place at the given time. 

  • Order pickup 

After the making of food is done by the restaurant, the courier will have to go to the restaurant to pick up the order. This receiving the order should also be update on the application to let the customer know about the order. 

  • Delivery 

After picking up the order, the food has to be reached for the assigned place. The courier can call and ask for directions or let the customer know in case of any delays. Once they reach the destination, food is dispatched and tips are collected. 

This is how the complete cycle of ordering food to delivering food takes place in GrubHub. 

Knowing How GrubHub Raises Funds? 

GrubHub is working on a convincing plan of action, assisting the organization with bringing in cash. Clients have restricted decision to the menu before the dispatch of a grubhub like delivery application, however now they don’t need to go to eateries and stand by till the food is served to their table, they can simply go

through a broad menu accessible on the web and can make the most of their #1 dinner directly at a spot within short periods. 

GrubHub effectively associates clients with cafés making the interaction advanced. It is demonstrated to be an amazing method to advertise for diners, assisting them with extending their business reach and guarantee growth.The application has a durable U.I. What’s more, a UX plan that guarantees to settle clients’ problem areas and give them a consistent encounter, which they mean to have from any of the brands. Statista report shows that in 2019 alone, Grubhub created around 1.3 billion U.S. dollars in income, up from 300 million the earlier year. 


4. GrubHub Business Metrics. 

Exhibiting the market presence in 2004, GrubHub has become a monster ace. Its tale approach has helped the delivery goliath set its progress on the business model, ensuring monstrous income 

age in a brief time frame. It utilizes an eatery to list the aggregators and assists them with advertising their business online rapidly and proficiently. It began bringing in cash by offering eateries with advancement choices for their business advancement. Grubhub has encountered exceptional development as of late, for the most part because of expanded items and mindfulness by cafes. They have assisted the organization to improve its deals with verbal referrals.GrubHub is an on-request delivery stage dependent on the proprietorship model. In any case, it is cherished by a large number of clients routinely. The two huge wellsprings of income for GrubHub are as per the following:


5. Commission on Orders 

GrubHub makes it simpler for clients to arrange their #1 food from nearby cafés and convey it to their doorsteps. The stage charges a commission on each positioned request. The measure of commission ranges between 5% to 15%, GrubHub, and seamless takes 13.5 cuts on each delivery request. 


6. Restaurant Advertising on the Delivery stage 

Other than the commission structure, GrubHub likewise offers showcasing offices to eateries and charges some sum from them. The publicizing plan assists cafés with getting their business recorded top on the stage.


7. Different Issues Faced by GrubHub 

GrubHub is without a doubt a market chief, yet new names are added as time passes to the delivery market. There are various difficulties that GrubHub looked at because of developing contests on the lookout, investigating which challenges GrubHub needs to address. 

  • Hold and draw in new eateries in the best compelling way.
  • Keep up and shield the brand picture in a cutthroat business market. 
  • Produce an income and keep up the benefit level.
  • Update business with a changing innovation market.


8. GrubHubs Growth Chart: 

Grubhub offers a frictionless and consistent food delivery service to its foundation clients. There are various difficulties which the association has defeated shrewdly and productively. GrubHub group is zeroing in on improving its plan of action to give its clients the best help on their interest. You can create an application like GrubHub to support your business development and upgrade your clients’ administration. 

All things considered, you can not duplicate any other person’s plan to begin your endeavor, conceptualize, and connect with a new methodology, on the off chance that you need to know the  nuts and bolts about the online delivery business, check our previous articles : 

Importance of mobile app for your business in 2020.How to build an app like Ubereats? 

Food delivery app development has become an important part for people who wish to start their business in the Food Industry to earn millions of dollars. Because in recent times you have seen rapid growth in online food deliveries because of people who are busy with their work. So they don’t have time to cook or at least wait for a few minutes in restaurants, so they prefer Online food delivery to their doorstep without any time delay. And in very little time these food delivery apps impressed people with their features

and efficiency. The most impressive thing is that they can order their food online at their fingertips from anywhere to anywhere. 


9. Safety methods During the Pandemic and In general

Regardless of whether you get food by means of online delivery services or you eat through dining, there is consistently a requirement for certain arrangements of security measures. Food is produced using various individuals in an alternate kitchen. On their way to your home, they may have gone over delivery men or couriers to heaps of objections which might be focal points for crown impact. 

The COVID-19 infection may contaminate the laborers utilized close by staple conveyance in the USA. There are bunches of situations where a solitary conveyance administration has caused far reaching pauperism of the illness. The clients who are served need to carry out the fundamental methodology for individual wellbeing



This is all about GrubHub’s income and Business Metrics. If you have an idea of getting an app for your business or work. You can quote us right away and we can help you in receiving the desired app for your needs and customers.

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