The answer is simple through affiliation and affiliate programs that all the major e-commerce sites have.

Maybe an example serves here better! Let’s say there is this Amazon product “Z” on your site, A person named “X” visits your site and is redirected to Amazon to purchase that product “Z”.Let’s say that the purchase is successful, now you have done a great job driving traffic to Amazon and helped on a sale! Now you deserve a big “thank you” from Amazon (lol), kidding. You actually receive a commission for the sale for literally doing nothing. Well, this might have happened in your sleep or may happen every night. How cool is that!

What is cooler is that the complete coupons website can be made to run in an autopilot mode.

Steps to start your own Coupon site business alone :

  1. Buy yourself a great domain which suits your niche, in this case, something that has the word coupon/deals in it. You can view your competitor’s sites for inspiration like Coupondunia, Couponraja, Groupon, dealmydeals, Couponshub etc.
  2. Get yourself a hosting package which you can get for 100$ per year or something.
  3. Get yourself a developer who has great knowledge on developing coupon sites. In this case, our development team can surely help. See our wide range of portfolio regarding coupons/cashback/price comparison sites.
  4. With the growing years the mobile users have greatly increased and a lot of traffic nearly 60%-70% is directed from the mobiles. So having a mobile app for your business surely helps.
  5. After your site is half done you can get yourself registered to an affiliating network. Some of these networks are Vcommission, cuelinks etc.
  6. Now all that is left is to do a little marketing to your site. Get your site on social media, do your SEO, creating a business page on facebook.
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