1. Introduction

The one thing that we all love is to shop, but what if you can squeeze and get maximum discount and every penny of your hard earned money back?

Yes, if you want to save or earn passive income cashback websites are the best choice. But not every app provides you with the best deals. So today we are here to give the best app for your online shoppings. The two top players of this industry are Honey Vs Rakuten. Today we will compare them and see which one is more profitable.

2. What Is Honey?

What Is Honey

Honey is a free shopping platform that was started in 2012. It was acquired by Paypal and grew into a leading platform for users over 17+ million worldwide. The statistics also say that the users of this app already saved over $1 billion through shopping. This app is best known for its automatic coupons and codes. One of the most impressive features of this app is that whenever you look for an e-commerce store you can find a pop-up where you can compare the best deals.

2.1 Advantages of using Honey:

  • It is easy and free to install on your mobile phone, laptop or your PC.
  • The app saves your time by automatically searching available codes on every store you visit.
  • It has a wide range of collections and stores to choose from.
  • You can save a lot of your money if you use this app regularly for your day-to-day purchases.

2.2 DisAdvantages of using Honey:

  • The customer support is not as good as expected, it takes a lot of time to find a quick answer.
  • Coupons are not always available.
  • Cashback rates or percentages are low when compared to other apps.
  • The app is not as useful as the chrome extension.

3. How to use Honey?

  • After adding the extension to your browser you can start surfing your favorite shopping website for your products and add them to your cart as you normally do.
  • Don’t check out yet, and click on the Honey icon to view all the offers and coupons that are available currently.
  • Thirdly click on the apply coupon button to get a discount or percentage on the products.
  • Finally click continue to check out and finish your shopping using Honey.

4. What is Rakuten?

eBates currently known as Rakuten is a top cashback shopping platform and known player in this industry. Using Rakuten you can get real cashback instead of coupons, it’s just pure cash that gives you pure happiness.

You can get a bonus of $25 when you sign up using the referral link. It provides cashback on every shopping you make using Rakuten. 

The cashback will be transferred to your Rakuten balance within days of purchasing. You have an option to choose physical cheques or digital PayPal transfers.

What is Rakuten

4.1 Advantages of using Rakuten:

  • It has an easy-to-use browser extension.
  • You get an amount of $25 for each referral.
  • You ought to get more cash back when paid with a Rakuten Visa Credit Card.
  • You will find more cashback or cashback percentages up to 20% with some stores.

4.2 DisAdvantages of using Rakuten:

  • You will receive cashback only 4 times a year which can be hard sometimes.
  • It has a wide range of options to choose from
  • The user tends to buy more as they can see a lot of offers

5. How to use Rakuten?

  • Just like any other app all you can do is choose your store, product and check for the offer availability.
  • Once you choose the offer, link your card to the cashback app and finish the payment.
  • After paying with the link card using the offer you will be eligible to get a cash back.

6. Honey Vs Rakuten – Features

Let’s dive deeper and know which app suits you the best for saving more money.

6.1 Availability of Stores.

The first thing you should consider when checking cashback websites is the availability of stores. Because, if there are no stores that you can shop regularly it is next to impossible to save money or earn passive income.


The good news is they both have a number of stores for the users to shop at. They work in almost many countries including:

Honey –  Canada, the United States, Australia, and the UK.

Rakuten – Supports retailers in Canada, the United States, and the UK.

6.2 Coupons and codes

Both our top players offer coupon codes for its users to save money when shopping. But Honey is famous for its automatic coupon codes. Though it doesn’t have offers all the time, it is one of the best features of Honey.

On the other hand, Rakuten doesn’t focus much on coupons. So in this section Honey wins the race with its automatic coupon codes.

Coupons and codes

6.3 Cashback rewards

Both Honey and Rakuten have cash back rewards that you can earn while shopping. With Honey, you get Honey gold known as the platform currency. In Rakuten you will get a specific amount of reward online Honey gold which is random.

Cashback rewards

Honestly, this is the feature that makes Rakuten better than Honey. Because in this you can calculate the cashback and shop accordingly which is not possible in Honey.

So in this comparison Honey is best at coupons, But Rakuten helps in better cashback shopping.

6.4 Reward options.

Both Honey and Rakuten are better when it comes to Reward options. With Honey you get upfront savings and can redeem honey gold for free gift cards from various retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Target, Ebay, uber and many more.


But the only downside of this app is that it doesn’t have paypal rewards if you want cash. On the other hand, Rakuten pays cash rewards through paypal once you each have $% or more in your account. 

But when comparing both the aps, Honey has more flexibility than Rakuten but nothing beats real cash so Rakuten can be the ideal choice for real monetary cashback.

Reward options

6.5 Browser Extensions.

The main objective behind Honey and Rakuten browser extension is to make this automated and easy for the users. With honey, you get notified with coupons and honey gold opportunities. Similarly with Rakuten, but it has few coupons and better cashback offers.

The main difference between these two apps is that Rakuten has a nifty comparison feature that notifies you with better prices than the current retailer you are shopping at. So this will be a tie between Rakuten and Honey.

6.6 Referral Program.

The referral program is not given much importance in both these apps. But in Honey, when you invite a friend you both receive 500 gold which is equal to $5 whenever they earn their first gold. You can refer upto 200 friends and there is no time limit to it.

Whereas, Rakuten gives you and your friend $20 whenever your friend spends their first $20. So we think Rakuten wins the comparison as well as it has a better referral program.

7. Honey Vs Rakuten: Reviews.

As per the user reviews and the website status the BBB has given reviews to both the business as follows:

Ebates or Rakuten has been in the business for the past two decades and has been rated with A+ with about 250 user complaints, this was before it was acquired by Rakuten.

Similarly, Honey is rated with A+ with zero complaints. Though it is new to the business since it was acquired by Paypal.

8. Final winner.

Finally, both Honey and Rakuten offer a lot of deals and easy cashback for their users. Honey offers immediate coupons and honey gold points as additional rewards for its users. On the other hand, Rakuten provides cashback offers with immediate calculations.

Both are ideal for you if you want to try and experience seamless shopping with cashback rewards. To collaborate with top website developers for your cashback website or App Development send an email at [email protected] and discuss your requirements and get a custom quote.

9. Frequently Asked Questions.

9.1 Is Rakuten legit and safe to use?

As there are many people using this app and saving their hard earned money it is a legit platform. You can earn by just shopping online using this app. You will also have a wide range of options with almost 2,500+ stores.

9.2 Can you use both Honey and Rakuten at a time?

Our answer is no. You can’t use both of them at a time as they will turn off each other with the help of cookies. But it is worth trying both the apps as one might have an offer on a particular product and one may not.

9.3 How long does it take to receive cashback from Rakuten?

Usually, it takes around 48 hours to get your cashback credited to your account. But sometimes it depends upon the store you shop. It may go up to 30 days to confirm your cash sometimes.

9.4 Is there any membership fee for Honey and Rakuten?

No, there is no membership fee for both Honey and Rakuten; they are absolutely free to download and use.

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