Healthcare app development

healthcare app development

Health is our main Wealth. So, we have to monitor our health regularly. And it is essential to visit doctors timely and monitoring our health status. But most of the people does not have time to consult a doctor for small health issues and people don’t have a time to wait for doctor consultation. Nowadays mobile apps can help people in a smart way. In our society, everyone had a smartphone in their hand. At that time, the healthcare apps are came into existence. These healthcare apps are very helpful for people to focus on their health in their busy schedule. Nowadays the healthcare app development plays a very important role in the society for checkups, diagnostics and  many more.

Why healthcare app?

In these modern days, healthcare apps are very useful and important to people, doctors and diagnostic centers. By using these healthcare apps, people can book an doctor appointment to consult a doctor in the hospital. If people have some health related issues or problems, they did not go to the hospital. At that time, people will ask doctors about their health related issues. And people will also book their appointment for regular checkups in the home only. Based on the customer schedule, the clinician will visit the patient address as per mentioned in the app. There are different types of healthcare apps like reminders and medication apps, lifestyle apps and EMR/EHR apps.

Reminder and Medication apps: 

Most of the people use these type of app who forgets to take pills on time and the app will remind you with the schedule. These type of apps will help people to track their medical doses and regiments. so they always know what medication they should take, how many pills per one time, and when. These type of apps are very helpful for pregnant women to track dates of analysis, doctor’s appointments, drug regimen, and so on.

Lifestyle apps:

Everyone wants a healthy lifestyle. But they don’t know how to maintain. So these type of apps will helps people to maintain healthy lifestyle. People who are on a diet may monitor the number of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates eaten today and the number of calories burnt today. Fitness apps may also be included in this list since their goal is to maintain health conditions on a high level.

EMR/EHR apps:

Electronic Medical Records(EMR) or Electronic Health Records(EHR) apps. EMR app stores the information only about one specific disease, and it serves as the electronic copy of disease history. EHR apps store data about all diseases of each patient where medical records are official information for clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare service providers.

Advantages of healthcare apps:

There are number of advantages of these healthcare apps for general people, clinicians, doctors etc. Below are some of the

Time-saving:  Patients and doctors directly communicate via healthcare app. So, it saves time for both parties. Besides that, patients can find the information quickly for their health problems.

Increase productivity: A doctor or a patient may use the app anywhere at any time. So it is solving patients problems fastly and more efficiently. And it is more covinient for both parties.

cost reduction: When a patient may contact with doctor without the necessity to visit the hospital, it reduces the expenses for patientsand they optimizeall their needs. And these healthcare apps does not require more administrative work.

Accessibility: Patients get access to the expert doctors at anytime and anywhere. It is always possible to communicate with each other, all they want is the good internet connection. So they have permanent access when they have a health issue or they are also reading the documents about their health issue. And the patients find their answer about their issues in the healthcare app.

Must have features in your healthcare app

Depending on the type of the healthcare app, patients may check their lab results or  reports, chat with the docts, monitoring their diet and nutrition, track medication etc. Healthcare app includes many capabilities and features all you require is a healthcare app development company. They will integrate everything in the app what you need.

Social media Signup: Nowadays, people wants easy sigup/signup process. And all people have social media acounts in these days. So  social signup and sigup through Facebook, Google, Linkedin etc to enter into the app.

Geo location: Geo location is the perfect way to find the nearby hospital and doctors for patients when it is necessary. For any emergency services, Google maps are very helpful. So, integrate Google maps API in your healthcare app.

Real-time chat: In any healthcare app, most patients and doctors prefers real-tiime chat. So the real-time chat is very helpful for both patients and doctors. This is an excellent and creative way to integrate real-time chat in your healthcare app.

Push notifications: Notifications are very important for every mobile application. They popu on the screenof the device to tell about the  app updates, search updates and many more.

Payment gateway integration: Payment gateway is must for any healthcare app. All the healthcare services are paid and all you want is the secure payment gateway integration.

Ratings & Reviews: This is a must have feature in your healthcare app development. If patient thinks it is a good app or get a quick solution for their health problem, they will give the ratings and reviews to doctors and app also.  And when the user wants to find the good doctore, they will read all the ratings and reviews of the doctor. So, this features is ery help ful during healthcare app development.

Refer to friends: This feature is very important for every app to increase users and downoads of your app. When a patients or doctor likes using the app, they will directly refer to their friends.

Things to avoid during healthcare app development

Poor UI/UX: User Experience is very important for any mobile app. If the user interface is not good, then the user does not deal with it. So it increases your app bounce rate. So, you must focus on UI/UX design in healthcare app development.

Poor developer experience: This is similar what we talked above. If you hire a poor mobile app development company and has lack of skills in the healthcare app development, then your won’t be successfull. So, it is important to hire the good mobile app development company.

Non-compliance regulations: You should follow your local healthcare policies and regulations depending on the region you want to create app for. So concerning local legal regulations of you region is very important.

Lack of testing: Testing process is very important for every app. Testing process recovers many bugs and issues. Coming tote healthcare app, testing process is more important than other apps beacuse it may eve cost a life. Inaccurate results and diagnosis will become severe problem for both patients and doctors. So make sure that QA services of your healthcare app fullfilled completely.

Find a reliable mobile app development company

Well, you should focus on this step since a conscientious healthcare app development company will build a high-quality and high-performance app for you. To find a good company, you need to use trustworthy resources like Clutch or GoodFirms. You will find reviews and ratings right there, and you will see what fields the company is more experienced in.

As for Techweblabs, our company has years of experience in various mobile app development sectors like Ecommerce, healthcare, food delivery, education and so on. Besides that, we are working on the app for finding doctors. We are the company should have good reviews and vast experience in healthcare app development services. And you will not fail.

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