1. Introduction

Glassdoor is one of the most popular and World’s largest Jobs and recruiting websites. It provides almost 9 million+ job listings, millions of reviews, and a bunch of information regarding salaries, interviews, advantages, and many more. And every data given on the website is from the real employees and owners of the company.

How does Glassdoor help Job Seekers? Glassdoor Business Model.

2. How did it start?

Glassdoor was founded by Robert Hohman, Rich Barton, and Tim Besse in the year 2008.

In 2007,  Rich Barton sent to print wrong documents which contained salary and stock data details and immediately sent his assistant to get them back before anyone could see them. 

Then he got an idea, and asked himself What is wrong in exposing such documents when you are doing a respectable job properly? This is the basic idea behind the formation of Glassdoor.

How glassdoor start.

Then all three asked their friends and acquaintances to leave a review on their site. Similarly, in 2008 when the app was launched officially it already had 3,330+ reviews from 250 companies.

Fortunately, they got more than 1.2 million views and 10k+ salary updates on the same day and even crashed due to heavy traffic. Now it has more than 10M+ job postings and 60M+ reviews, salary details.

3. How Glassdoor Works?

How Glassdoor Works

Glassdoor is a marketplace that brings employees, employers, and companies to one place. Here when the employer posts the job, the employee of the one searching for a job, can go through the company’s profile and check the salary profiles and reviews before applying for it.

You can even compare the work-life balances, work culture, and management. Glassdoor also suggests companies based on your designation and work interests.

Whereas, for the employers, it makes it easy to find qualified employees for their company. All the data provided on the website is cross-checked to make sure if the employees and employers are verified or not by the management team.

4. How Does Glassdoor Make Money?

Glassdoor offers a lot of help for both employees and employers. This website is absolutely free for employers or job seekers but the employer’s side will be monetized. Below are a few of the revenue streams of Glassdoor.

4.1 Job Posting.

Just like any other job posting website you can upload the vacancies of your company on the Glassdoor website.

The first three jobs that you post on Glassdoor are completely free for the employer. Any job posting after 3, will need a premium of $249 per uploaded listing.

And this price is charged only for small businesses. The price may vary based on the size of the business and the demands of the organization.

4.2 Job Advertising.

The main objective of this Job advertising is to get maximum reach and impressions of the job by posting it on top of the job feed.

It is a part of a premium package for employers and premium price packages vary based on the number of posts and promotions.

4.3 Employer Branding.

Employer Branding refers to the profile optimization on the Glassdoor platform. A few of its features are:

  • Ability to highlight a review and push it to the company’s profile on top.
  • Showing company through photos and videos.
  • Can remove competitor’s ads from the profile.
  • Targeting employees based on interest through brand advertising.

4.4 Funding.

Along with the recurrent revenue, the company also got substantial amounts of funding of a total of $204.5M in ten rounds, before the company was acquired by Recruit Holdings, in 2018.

How does Glassdoor help Job Seekers? Glassdoor Business Model.

5. Glassdoor competitors.

Just like any other company Glassdoor also has many competitors, Let us have a look at them:

5.1 LinkedIn

It is one of the largest professional networking sites in the world currently. It has more than 690 million users across 200+ countries. It is a platform useful for both professionals and employers to share useful information.

5.2 Indeed

It is one of the first websites in the world with 250M+ users per month. It has free access for the job seekers, and they can also review their past position, add reviews and ask questions.

5.3 JobStreet

JobStreet is one of the popular and leading online employment marketplaces in Asia. It helps job seekers and employers in Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

5.4 TalentTribe

This company focuses on young job seekers to make better career decisions. On this website, the employee can find the videos and photos of the company or organization to visualize the company before applying.

5.6 Ziprecruiter

It is also one of the leading markets for job seekers and employers. It works on Artificial Intelligence which matches the employer and job seeker based on the interest and background. You can use filters to find the right opportunity.

6. Final Verdict!

There are many companies that are thriving to produce enough job opportunities for job seekers by bringing employers and employees to one platform. 

In Glassdoor as we said earlier, they cross-check each and every review to make sure it is not a fake one. Glassdoor has not only created a new platform, but it is also a new market for job seekers and for hiring.

How does Glassdoor help Job Seekers? Glassdoor Business Model.

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