1. Introduction

Due to the pandemic, there was a lot of negative impact on ride-hailing apps like Uber, Bolt, Ola, and many more. The Covid protocols like social distancing, wearing masks, have shrunk the raid-hailing industry market by 59% since the beginning of 2020. But before the pandemic in 2019, their market shares and the users have gone up by 14% which shows clearly that this industry has been affected due to the pandemic.

But what are Ride-hailing apps? How do they work and what are the advantages of using those apps? Let us find answers to all these questions in the article today.

2. What are Ride-hailing apps?

Ride-hailing is the process of hiring a driver or a vehicle that takes you to the destination from the pick-up location. They are almost similar to taxi services in the past but here the user can book the services directly from the app by sitting at their comfort. 

2.1 How do they work?

Usually, the user can order or book a car from a particular app and the app sends their location to the nearest driver available. 

Now the driver can decide whether to accept that ride or not depending upon his other pickups. If the driver accepts the ride then the customer can see or track the driver’s location towards their pickup location. They can also see information related to drivers that include their mobile number, vehicle number plate, and their name.

Finally, when their vehicle or car arrives they can just hop on and relax. If the payments are online, most of the time the company automatically charges it from the user’s card. But when it is a cash payment you can pay it when getting off.

So today we are presenting you the comparison between two top ride-hailing apps Uber and Gett. And will let you choose the best one by the end of the article.

3. What is Uber?

From San Francisco to the world’s top raid-hailing company, Uber has grown into one of the biggest companies in the world. It is operating in almost 70 countries and over 10,000+ cities.

Just like how we explained before, uber works similar to any other ride-hailing apps. You can use the app to book the vehicle services and wait for the driver to arrive at your place when tracking the location.

When the vehicle arrives you can happily enjoy your ride with Uber. After the ride, you can rate the driver and the services.

3.1 Advantages of Using Uber

  • It is very simple and easy to use.
  • It is a cashless app and completely gives freedom to the user regarding payments.
  • It has affordable services when compared to any other ride-hailing services in the industry currently.
  • They offer great, professional, and polite services to their customers.
  • They always have clean and tidy uber vehicles. Many customers have agreed to that too.

3.2 Disadvantages of Using Uber

  • As we know it is not always bright and sunny, everything has some downfalls so does Uber.  Taxi drivers are often called scammers as they choose the longest routes and make the customers pay more for it.
  • Safety has become one of the major problems with Uber.
  • Ride cancellation by the drivers can also be one of the biggest disadvantages as it can affect the customer plans.

4. What is Gett?

Gett is a London-based raid-hailing company that was started in 2010. It is an app with a one-stop solution for corporate fleet, raid hailing, taxi, and limo providers. You can’t hail your personal car in this app like other apps but you can order or book a car within a couple of clicks.

The company also declared that all the riders in the UK are carbon-neutral and aims to reduce carbon emissions.

4.1 Advantages of Using Gett

  • You can hire a taxi or car with a few clicks.
  • You can also pay for the app using the app.
  • You can also track the driver using the app-tracker given in the app.
  • They have flat rates and are affordable.
  • You can also get a referral bonus that lets you ride for free with the code.

4.2 Disadvantages of Using Gett

  • Safety has become one of the major problems with raid-hailing these days.
  • Ride cancellation by the drivers can also be one of the biggest disadvantages as it can affect the customer plans.

5. Which is more affordable: Gett vs Uber?

As of the recent statistics and data collected both the apps are in a neck-to-neck competition across London but it was found that Gett is a cheaper option than uber. They said that Uber prices have gone by 1.7% which made Gett one of the cheaper options for the citizens.

6. How is Gett different from Uber?

The main difference between Uber and Gett is that Gett hails only taxis unlike uber. Gett doesn’t hail ordinary or regular drivers. 

7. What is the best taxi app in London?

As we know many people started to use ride-hailing or taxi apps all around the world. Frew of the top taxi or ride-hailing apps in London are Uber, Bolt, Gett, Ola, Wheely, Xooox, Via, and Free now.

8. Top 3 reasons why you should choose Uber

8.1 You can track your vehicle location

This is one of the most needed features in any taxi app. With the help of GPS, you can track your vehicle location and know when the driver is arriving.

8.2 Free rides

As we all know Uber is one of the leading and top ride-hailing companies. It sometimes offers free rides for its users whenever they expand to a new place or state. This helps them show people their work and helps in creating loyalty.

8.3 Various Options

When you order a cab or a vehicle using Uber taxi hailing application you will also have the choice to choose from various mid-sized and other cars. You can choose the car based on the number of people traveling in it. And we have to say that they are affordable too.

9. Top 3 reasons why you should choose Gett

9.1 Fare ride prices

Whenever you book a cab using this application, you will get a black cab that means you have to pay for the ride based on a meter rate. So that you will know how much you are being charged for the ride based on kilometers and price for it.

9.2 They are less polluting

The company started a carbon offset for every ride they give. It helps in promoting clean energy. They also introduced electric class car rides in parts of London and helped combat deforestation.

9.3 High-end technology.

We can say that the company Gett is a bit obsessed with technology and user experience. So they implemented many changes and successful features. You can anytime pre-book and book on demande transport instantly using Gett.  You will also have 24/7 customer services to ensure high service standards.

10. Is Uber Costlier than Gett?

As per the pricing data collected from both Gett and Uber in major cities in London, it was found that Uber is costlier when compared to gett only during the surge pricing hits 1.7X. In regular cases, if we compare  Uber and Gett, Uber is cheaper than Gett.

For example, if the cost of traveling from King’s Road to Green park you will be charged £7.50 in UberX whereas you will be charged almost £12 in Gett taxi. It is almost clear that UberX is way cheaper than Gett.

Uber changes the prices when the demand for the drivers is higher than the supply of demand, unlike Gett where the prices are almost the same all the time even during peak times. 

The surge prices of Uber may vary at a very high rate. For example, if the original fare is £13.00, the surge price 1.7X will be around £21, 2X is around £26 and 3X is around £39. Which makes it costlier than Gett. 

Also as per the research in 2017,  it was found that Uber is one of the most downloaded apps in the UK beating all its tough competitors like Gett, Addison Lee, and MyTaxi.

11. Conclusion

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