Importance of Food Delivery App Development

Food delivery app development is very important for people who want to start business in food industry to earn million dollars. Because, Nowadays food delivery apps are increasing because people became very busy with their works. so, they have no time to cook or to wait in restaurants. At that time, the food delivery apps came into existence. People liked these food delivery apps very much. Because at anywhere they will order their favourite food in favourite restaurants online at their fingertips.

Mobile apps are covering each and every niche for people to use every time. In this time the concept of food delivery is covered by the people and created a food delivery mobile application. These food delivery mobile apps had given a solution to the people who didn’t like the waiting time in the restaurant or who are busy with their works.

Online Food delivery mobile app is the perfect platform between Restaurant Owners and Customers. At Techweblabs, we build highly interactive and attractive UI food delivery web and food delivery mobile applications that connect your restaurant / fast food joint with customers. We build food delivery solution for your single restaurant and for multiple restaurants also.

   Concept of Food Delivery mobile apps

food delivery app development

The food delivery mobile app contains all the restaurants and their dishes. People will search their restaurant name or items in the search bar. Then they will find the restaurants related to the searched menu item or they will find the menu items related to the searched restaurant. In the app also people will also find the offers and they will set their current location. People will add their favourite items to the cart. At the time of checkout, people will pay through different payment types like Paytm, Phone pe, in-built app wallet, Debit or Credit cards etc. Users will see their past order history, payments, wallet amount and they will manage their delivery addresses.

The above concept is very much focussed on today’s generation. When people are hungry they will order the food anytime anywhere. These delivery apps take less delivery time to order the food so all the people will order their favourite food from their favourite restaurants. So the craze for food delivery apps is increasing day by day. Most of the people think that they want food delivery app development to start this high-rated business or boost their existing restaurant business. If you are one of them, here you will find out the features of food delivery mobile app. Every food delivery mobile application have 4 panels. Those are:

  • User App
  • Admin Panel
  • Restaurant Panel
  • Driver App

             User Panel

food delivery app development


This is the basic section of every app. Users can log in/signup using social media credentials to order food online.

Search for nearby restaurants:

Users can search for nearby restaurants or search their favourite food then they will get restaurants or restaurant menu items.


Users can check offers to save money while ordering food online.

Order checkout:

Users can move their selected items to the cart. After that place an order.

Multiple payments:

Users can pay their amount through in-app, means Paytm, Phonepe, credit or debit cards etc.

Wallet system:

Users can quickly pay the order amount through the in-app wallet present in the food delivery app.

Order tracking:

After order placed users can also track the order and get an estimated delivery time.

Table booking:

Users can also book the table in a restaurant by selecting the date and time.


Users can order the food for parties and events also from their favourite restaurants.

Rating and review system:

Users can give the rating to the restaurant or driver(ordered) or they can also give reviews about the service.

Customer support:

If users want any information about payments and orders they will contact to customer support.

Easy re-order previously ordered food item:

Customer can easily reorder the previously ordered food item. It is a very easy process and taking less time to reorder the previous order.

Mobile OTP verification:

This mobile OTP verification is for sign in to confirm their mobile number.

Auto-detect location address:

Auto-detecting the location is a simple way compared to entering the full address. So customer can quickly order the food through this feature.

Multiple add-ons for food items:

If the customer wants any extra food items with their ordered food item, this feature is useful for customer.

order cancellation feature:

Every customer wants the cancellation feature. If by mistake they order the unwanted food item or they want to go somewhere urgently, they will cancel their order.

order details and status:

After ordering the food item, customer can see their order details and status like food is cooking, your order is on the way etc.

Real-time order status and driver tracking:

After ordering the food item, customer can their order status like how much time to deliver the food etc. and they will track the driver who wants to deliver their order.

Restaurant menu:

Restaurant menu is very important for every food delivery app. Customer can select the food items in that restaurant food menu and order that available food items only.


Nowadays people showing interest to order food in their own language. so, we can provide the app in multilingual. It can cover all the people to order food who doesn’t know English also.

Add a new delivery address:

It is also a very important feature to all the customers. Every time the customer order the food to different addresses. So they can add a new delivery address by using this feature.

Order History:

In the order history, customer can see their past orders.

Add to Favourites:

Customer adds their favourite or liked food items to favourites. So that customer can easily check their favourite food items.

        Admin Panel

Content management:

Admin can manage the content anywhere in the food delivery mobile app.

Category management:

Admin can also manage the categories like rice items, veg items, non-veg items etc.

Advertising management:

Admin can manage the advertising the app to post the offers and discounts.

Message alerts:

The main purpose of message alerts is to tell our information like any offers, appreciations for new registrations, order details etc.

Location tracking:

Admin can manage the locations for every food ordered customer and send it to the driver.

Database backup:

Database is very important for every business. Here admin can manage the drivers, customers and restaurants info and backup is used for future use.

Charts and reports:

Admin can see the total reports for analysation of business growth.

Customer support:

Customer support is very important for every business. If customers have any doubts, they will contact to the customer support.

Withdrawal requests from restaurant owners:

Admin can give the amount of money to restaurant owners. So they can accept the withdrawal request from restaurant owners.

Order detail and status:

Admin can see every order placed in their app and he/she can also see all the order details and status of the order.

New order push notifications with firebase:

If the new order is placed in the app, admin can send the push notifications to the new user regarding order.

Users management:

Admin can have access to manage all the users registered in the app.

Membership Packages:

This membership package is only for restaurants to add the restaurants in the food delivery app.

Restaurants management:

Admin can also have access to manage all the restaurants that are present in the app.

Track order:

Admin can also track all the orders and all the drivers also.

        Restaurant panel

Time and menu management:

The restaurant owner will manage the restaurant opening and closing time and their menu in the restaurant panel.

Customer order management:

The restaurant owner will manage the orders from different customers and allocate the orders to the drivers based on locations.

Offer management:

The restaurant owner will manage the coupons and offers to attract customers to order food using their food ordering app.

Multiple payments:

Allow customers to pay the order amount using different payment methods.

Social media connections:

Allow the customers to connect their friends using social media.

       Driver Panel

Order request:

Driver can check the order requests and accept or decline the order as per their convenience from the restaurant.

Order tracking:

Driver can track the customer location and deliver the order to the customer in time.

Service availability:

Driver can also mention if he is available or not at the order request time to delivery.

Delivery Information:

Driver can check the order delivery information like name, order location etc.


Driver can also set their profile(name, address, mobile number etc.) in the driver app.

payment and order history:

Driver can also check the previous payments and orders from the restaurant.

     Why Food Delivery App Development?

In past days, when people are hungry they will go to the nearby restaurant or they will cook at home. It will take much time and people didn’t like to wait that much time when they are hungry. In the present days, technology is much increased. When people are hungry at just one click they will get their favourite food at their doorstep. So, food delivery mobile apps are increasing and these apps also have much craze in society. So, starting business and earning money is easily only by developing the food delivery app like Swiggy.

Every company has its own terminologies although some of them are the same but there are few differences. Why food delivery app development means, this is the current trending business in the world and people also attracted to food easily. So, you can earn money easily just by developing the food delivery mobile app. If you want the best and unique food delivery mobile app to start your business, Techweblabs will provide you the food delivery app development with the affordable cost and the custom features and you can launch your food delivery business within 24 hrs using our zomato clone script.


      Food delivery app working and revenue model

food delivery app development

The above image is showing the working or ordering process of food delivery app. This is the chain process. At first, the customer opens the food delivery app and choose the restaurant and order their favourite food. Then customer schedule the delivery time pay the amount through COD or online. Customer can track the order and he/she will share the app to their friends through social media. Customer can also have multiple payment options and he/she rate and review about the service in the food delivery app.

food delivery app development

The above image shows the revenue model of online food delivery from different methods. For each method, you will earn money on your food delivery app. Most of the people knowing about food delivery app is food delivery apps earn a commission from restaurants. Because people place their restaurants in food delivery app. people order the food in a particular restaurant that are available in the app, then the restaurant owner will give commission to the admin. By using third-party services like Google Adsense you will earn more money compared to other methods. Advertising and delivery services is very important for any food delivery mobile app.

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