1. Introduction

Flipkart and Amazon are the two biggest e-commerce websites that are ruling the Indian shipping industry. Flipkart is an Indian company and works only in India. Unlike Flipkart, Amazon is a global leader and works in almost all major countries of the world.

Though Flipkart is an Indian company Amazon dominated it by following it in its footsteps. Now they are in a neck to neck competition fighting for the top place regularly.

2.What is Amazon?

Amazon is one of the largest online retailers and an amazing cloud service provider. It all started with book selling and now expanded into a wide market of consumer goods, digital media, electronics, TVs, ebooks and streaming partners.

3. What is Flipkart?

Flipkart is an e-commerce company that is started in Bangalore, Karnataka. This company was recently acquired by an American retailer Walmart. 

It has around 30,000+ employees working in the company and makes over $3 billion as of 2017 reports. Walmart acquired 77%  of the company for $16 billion  by making it the largest e-commerce acquisition in history.

4. Comparison: Flipkart and Amazon

4.1 Products Collection

Both the websites that we are discussing today have huge collections of products. They sell products ranging from electronics, computers, footwear, clothing, sports apparel, health, beauty, kids and many more. 

So you can choose your products from various sellers and prices. In this product collection both the websites are neck to neck.

4.2 User Interface

When we talk about user interface, Flipkart is going to win this category. Because it makes the purchase and check out more simplified than Amazon does. 

Amazon has the same interface for all the other countries, but the Flipkart design is made by keeping Indian users in mind so it is easy to understand.

4.3 Features

Both Flipkart and Amazon include some amazing features that make shopping more easy and effortless. They have the cash on delivery option that helps them pay when they get the product offline, which is truly helpful.

You can also get the products with no shipping fee sometimes, and great deals during festivals and celebrations. So using these apps can be beneficial and satisfying.

4.4 Marketplace

Both Amazon and Flipkart are market places where a wide variety of sellers join together and sell their products by displaying them on the platform. Recently flipkart also gained a lot of marketplace with various retailers and variety of products.

4.5 Prices and shipping

The price fluctuations are always common among the websites. But lately as we observed,  Amazon has more affordable and low prices than Flipkart which is relatively high. Lop price doesn’t mean any lack of quality here. Not only that, they also offer various discounts and time to time offers.

When it comes to shopping for the products, both the companies have their own courier services for the product delivery. Flipkart has E-Kart and Amazon has ATS. So this will be a tie between both the companies.

4.6 Returns

As we all know, both the companies accept product returns according to their company policies. But we feel Amazon’s return policy is more clearer and flexible than Flipkart’s return policy.

5. Comparison Table.





Jeff Bezos

Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal

Founding year

July 5, 1994



Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.

Karnataka, Bangalore, India

Company type

Its is a public listed company

It is a private listed company


Amazon is available all over the world. It is a global website.

It is available only in India

Comparison of products

Comparison of products is not available

Comparison of products is available


US $ 280.522 billion ( as of 2019 )

US $ 6.1 billion ( as of 2019 )

6. Which is better: Amazon vs Flipkart?

As the world is digitizing everyday, everyone wants to be updated. So why not shopping? E-commerce has also gained a lot of popularity over the years. It not only digitalized shopping but also created a lot of employment opportunities.

They made shopping easy and as per their preference. As we discussed Amazon and Flipkart and continuously making changes in their marketing and developing strategies to get on the top position.

Flipkart was indeed a top e-commerce company in India until Amazon entered the run. And now, both of them are having a tough fight and growing at the maximum rate in terms of sales and popularity over users. 

Both of them are very good companies that provide high quality goods and time to time offers, but in the comparison chart we found that Amazon has an edge compared to Flipkart.


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