1. Introduction

Food delivery apps are such a great way to try out new foods from your favorite local restaurants whenever you want. For example, Grubhub is an online and mobile food ordering website and mobile app that allows users to order food for delivery from select restaurants in the U.S. 

Consumers can locate restaurant menus, view real-time updates on the status of their food orders, check out trends in menu item popularity, follow special promotions, and more. The service features over 20,000 restaurants in over 1,800 cities across the country. 

2. Does GrubHub Hire Felons?

Usually, GrubHub doesn’t hire Felons or people with any criminal offense including traffic violations. However, they have a few exceptions after going through the applicant’s background check and legal requirements. As we know it is a huge company, hiring Felons can damage the company’s goodwill and reputation.

 As customer safety is the company’s first priority most of the top companies like DoorDash, GrubHub avoid recruiting Felons. However, they will run a background check and check the legal requirements before hiring them.

3. GrubHub Background Check

It is compulsory that every employee should go through a background check when applying to GrubHub. Below are the few points that one needs to satisfy or meet to enter GrubHub:

  • The Applicants should have their own Valid ID for using bikes.
  • They should have a valid driver’s license and Insurance.
  • They should have a proper bank account for direct deposit.
  • The applicants should pass the driving test and criminal background check.
  • The drivers should have at least 2 years’ experience.
  • Most importantly the applicants should be above 19 years old.
  • They should have access to a smartphone with iOS 10 or higher or Android 4.0 or higher.

4. How Does A Criminal Background Check Work?

The background check is not directly carried out by the company. Instead, they have a third-party company helping out in doing that. In GrubHub’s case, they use a company called Checkr that helps them carry out this process.

If the applicant fails to pass this background check then it is highly impossible for them to get into a job in GrubHub. Not only GrubHub, but they also can’t even work with other companies that use Checkr like Instacart, Postmates, and DoorDash.

Check is a fast and efficient company that takes very little time to give the results. In fact, the users/applicants said that they received their results within 2 days.

5. Legal Requirements

It is important for the company to get the required permission to run a criminal background check on the applicant.

If the employee fails to pass the test, then it is the company’s duty to disclose the details of rejection by clearly explaining that he /she is not a proper fit for the position they are hiring for.

If the applicant feels that he is falsely accused about the criminal background then he/she will have the chance to contact legal assistance to resolve the issue.

6. Who Does Not Fit GrubHub Requirements?

As we already said before, people with criminal backgrounds are not fit for working with GrubHub. The company themselves said that they don’t consider working with people with felony charges, DUI convictions, or the people/applicants who are dangerous for their customers.

Moreover, if you have no proper license or have major violations regarding your license then they might disqualify you immediately. It doesn’t mean that you can’t work with them forever, but if you can assure that you are reformed and will not re-offend in the future then you might still have hope. 

7. Conclusion

There are few cases where the people were hired despite their criminal background. This is a very rare case that happens only in the areas with more driver demand and food riders. But we insist you not raise your hopes on it.

Instead, there are many companies that don’t do background checks. Uber is one such company that doesn’t check the criminal background of the employees. So if you are looking for immediate employment then companies like Uber will be the right choice.


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