1. Introduction

No one can disagree with the fact that hailing a taxi is easier and cheaper than maintaining a car by yourself. It was also estimated that by the end of this year the taxi riding apps revenue will be around $258,384M.

The growth of taxi booking/hailing apps has grown enormously in the past years, but even with huge competition, the taxi apps are managing to get high ROI. This proves again that they are ruling the world of transportation. 

Imagine getting ready for your office on a lazy Monday morning. How do you reach your office? It is obvious that you are going to book a cab/taxi at your comfort and wait for it to arrive at your doorstep.

But, with various options Uber, Lyft, Curb, Grab, and many more it is difficult for the users to choose the right ride-hailing app. Today we are going to compare Curb vs Uber for you and let you decide the best raid hailing app for you!

2. What is Curb App?

Curb is one of the most popular taxi booking apps in the United States. You can book the ride/taxi using this mobile application at your comfort. Unlike other taxi booking apps, the Curb allows its users to enjoy a safe ride with professional and insured riders. So you don’t have to feel uncomfortable sharing a ride with others.

This app is available in 65+ cities in the USA which include, New York, Boston, Chicago, LA, Washington, DC, and many more. The people in these cities can happily enjoy the services of the curb anytime. You will also have a few special features using this app that may include a wheelchair, AC, baby-seat, etc.

This app has a rating of 4.5 in the apple store and has secured a funding total of almost $11M as of now.


2.1 Features of Curb app

  • You can get connected with the nearest professional rider.
  • Various payment options for taxi fare.
  • Free rides with referral codes.
  • You will also receive an e-receipt at the end of the ride.

3. What is Uber?

From San Francisco to the world’s top raid-hailing company, Uber has grown into one of the biggest companies in the world. It is operating in almost 70 countries and over 10,000+ cities.

When the vehicle arrives you can happily enjoy your ride with Uber. After the ride, you can rate the driver and the services.

Also, this app has received an amount of $25.5B as a part of its funding. It has become one of the most used and popular all around the world.

3.1 Features of the Uber app

  • You can book a ride in advance.
  • A Real tracker is always available to track the driver’s location.
  • You will also have the option to choose the driver.
  • Various payment options.
  • You can add multiple drop-off points when traveling with friends/colleagues.
  • You can check ride History anytime.
  • In-app chat or call available.

4. How Many People Ride with Uber currently?

It was found that currently uber has around 93M active users using it all around the world. It processed around $26.61 billion worth of bookings despite the pandemic in the year 2020.

However, the pandemic has shown a negative impact on this top taxi riding app too. Due to the pandemic, Uber’s ride-sharing percentage has dropped 42.99% in the past year. Not only that, but the Uber trips have also reduced by 24.21% in the last year which was 1.44billion trips before the pandemic.

5. What are the major differences between Curb vs Uber?

Though there are not many differences below are the few major and noticeable differences that users can find between Curb and Uber.

  • First things first, if you are going to take a cab using a Curb make sure you have extra bucks in your pocket. Because the ride estimation is not the actual price you pay. You will be paying according to the meter running in the vehicle. For instance, if the estimated price says $10 then your charges may go up to $15 or more sometimes.
  • When you talk about waiting for a taxi, we say that uber is much faster than Curb (can depend on the city or place you live in sometimes). Though Curb shows the arrival time of 5-10 mins away, it actually takes longer to arrive at the pick-up location compared to Uber cabs.
  • The second point is that Uber already suggested that there is no need to pay any tips for the riders. So it is definitely cheaper when compared to booking a taxi via Curb.

6. What do we like the most about Curb?

Advantages and disadvantages are more common for every app/ service.  The one advantage that the user receives using Curb is that they won’t have any surge prices. Isn’t it amazing? Imagine booking a cab to go out during heavy rain or festive times the Uber prices can actually sweep your bank balance. 

But you don’t have to worry about surge prices when using Curb, there are no surge prices here no matter the situation and place. The price will always be the same.

7. Is Curb a better option than uber?

One of the biggest advantages that Curb has is that it has professional and ensured drivers. So the user can happily rely on them for their ride. As user safety is the utmost priority they make sure to provide qualified and insured drivers.

That doesn’t mean Uber drivers are underqualified, but it has personal riders who can hail their private cars for the ride. It can sometimes be uncomfortable for the users.

Another amazing feature of the app Curb is that you can go cashless when riding. You can just link your account to the app and the payment will be done automatically.

8. Conclusion

These two taxis that we discussed today are the top taxi-hailing apps that are famous in many countries. Despite high competition in this industry these two companies managed to survive and earn a lot of findings from investors all around the world.

If you are planning on launching your taxi booking app for the users after reading this blog you should reach out to us at [email protected]  because we can turn your dream into reality! 

With our help, you can enter into the ride-hailing industry with a unique app and app idea. If you are still worried or have any queries contact us today and get a free quote.

8.1 Frequently Asked Question

8.1.1 Is Curb cheaper than Uber?

When there is a high demand for drivers or the riders, you can see surge prices in apps like Uber. But no matter the condition or demand Curb provides the same charges with professional and insured drivers. So Curb is definitely a cheaper and best choice.

8.1.2 How many employees does Uber have?

Uber has around 22,800 employees all around the world. And out of it, 12,400 people i.e, 54.4% are those who are based outside the United States. Another interesting fact is that Uber’s annual base salary is almost $150,000.

8.1.3 How to use “Pair and Pay” with Curb?

The Pair and Pay option allows the user to pair their cards to the app and pay for the taxi ride. When you start your ride if you click on Pair and Pay you will be asked to enter a 7 digit code that appears on the backseat screen of the cab.

8.1.4 Is Curb safe?

Yes, It is definitely one of the safest options. Whenever you book a taxi using Curb you will be sent professional taxi drivers who are fully insured and licensed.


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