1. What is CouponDunia?

CouponDunia is one of India’s largest discount and cashback websites. This business has grown enormously within a very short period of time. It has been only 10 years since Coupondunia started but it has already gained more than 2000 retailers on their website.

This app was first started in the USA by Sameer Oarwani and then shifted to India. But now it works in various countries like Brazil, Indonesia, Poland and Turkey with different names. 

It has partnered with 1200+ retail outlets along with 5000+ restaurants and 2000+ online shopping sites. You can Imagine its popularity just by these numbers.

2. How did CouponDunia start?

Sameer Parwani the founder of CouponDunia started it from America to offer various deals and discounts for Indian customers who love to travel, shop and eat food. 

While pursuing his bachelor’s degree in the field of computer science from Cornell University he developed a website with the name RateDesi.com in the year 2003. It was a social networking site for South Asian Community who are living in US, UK and Canada.

Though it didn’t get the proper promotion as a commercial product it has gained a huge network with 3.5 lakh registered users.



After completing his studies he started working as an Information security consultant in NewYork till 2006. Later on he started another company Tysam Networks for college students in 2006 and quit it in 2008.

After Working on many freelancing projects and roles for one and half years he started his career in entrepreneurship by starting CouponDunia.

3. Is CouponDunia legit?

Yes, CouponDunia is a legit cashback website that you can use whenever you want to shop online. When you shop using Coupondunia, the company gets a little commission from the retailer in which more than 50% is transferred to you (the user). 

They can only pay you the percentage of the amount that they receive from the retailer but not more than that, so they always generate profit. 

So when the business model looks sustainable you can’t expect it to be fake or leave the industry anyday sooner.

4. What are the Advantages of using Coupondunia?

If you shop online through Coupondunia, you are most likely to get these benefits and enjoy shopping.

  1. You can get real money as cashback that goes directly to your coupondunia account. You can also withdraw these funds with no fee and deduction.
  1. You also get a shopping assistant reminder that reminds you when you have the best offers when shopping. 
  1. To narrow down the choices they provide various offers, deals and discounts on top stores or websites like McDonalds, Oyo, Healthkart etc.
  1. You can find all the deals and best discounts at one place which makes it easier to shop and find the products.
  1. You can check the cashback that is available on your favorite product before buying through coupondunia.

5. How to Use CouponDunia to Get Cashback on Shopping?

First thing you can do before shopping online is to sign up for your CouponDunia account to login into it. Once you make an account with Coupondunia you can start browsing products, deals and discounts on the website.

Once you select the product  all you have to do is just to click on the activate button to get your discount or reward. 

Then just sit back and relax and the cashback will be credited to your account. It may take time to get the cashback approved but once it’s approved you can transfer it to your paytm wallet or bank account using the payout options.

6. When Do You Get Paid?

You can withdraw your amount once if you reach the minimum withdrawal limit which is Rs. 250. It is the same for all the payout options, it may take upto 90 days to confirm your cashback amount  before it becomes available for withdrawal. 

6.1.  Coupondunia Payout Options

  • Recharge
  • Paytm
  • Gift Cards (Flipkart and Amazon)
  • Bank Transfer. (It may take upto 5-7 business days for the complete process).

7. CouponDunia Business Model

The business model of CouponDunia is so simple, The retailer enlisted in the CouponDunia gains a commission. which can be shared with the customer as cashback after each successful purchase.

8. Current CouponDunia Status

  • It gets over 9 million users per month in both app and website combined.
  • 5M+ app downloads.
  • Recurring customers rate is 50%.
  • Rates $166 million per year at GMV (Market Value).
  • It is operating in 7 Cities in India including  Ahmedabad, Delhi-NCR, Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai and Chennai.
  • Partnered with 5,000 restaurants, 12000 retail outlets and 2000 online stores.

9. Marketing Strategy

CouponDunia is an online based market that offers deals and offers online to its customers. As we know, now all businesses are making their online presence stronger than before, so Why not find your customers online?

But specially when we talk about the marketing of CouponDunia, it has used SEO, SMM, PPC, display advertisement, social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram), email marketing, to promote itself and reach out to the world.

10. Conclusion

Online shopping through Cashback websites makes it more easy and profitable for the users. You also get extra satisfaction and cashback on purchases. 

So, there you go! We gave you all the important information about the current trend of cashback websites. We also simplified many things for you by providing the steps to get cashback on various products from demanding websites. By following the above steps and process you can start your online shopping happily. 

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