1. Introduction

If you are going to start a business or website it is natural to look for your competitors in the same industry. Finding your competitors will help you enhance your business ideas, strategies, and eventually the output. As of today, we are going to see coupon and cashback website Development. We will show you What it is. How does it work? Benefits of this website and many more. 

2. What is a coupon and cashback website? 

A coupon and cashback website is something that offers a reward to its customers or visitors when they make any good or service purchase through affiliate links or discount coupons. Usually, they offer digital currency to the customers that will be transferred to their Digital wallet. While others host the offers provided by the business. 

There are many popular coupon and cashback websites like Swagbucks and CouponDunia who helped their customers save billions of money while shopping online. 

Now let us see why it is important to start a Coupon and cashback website. 

3. Why start your coupon cashback site in 2021?

As most of us are not born with hefty bank balances, we all tend to develop a mindset called ‘ Saving’. We do not like to take a chance when it comes to saving money. This kind of Mindset is strong enough in Continents like Asia and Africa when compared to other continents and countries. There are many benefits accompany these websites few of them are listed below: 

  1. No maintenance as it runs on Auto-pilot 
  2. Only needs initial Investment from the developer for building the website.
  3. The website can be run easily with a simple website or an app, without having to set up a physical store. 
  4. Your website becomes integrated with people all around the world and their affiliating vendors. 
  5. Money keeps flowing into the market without any hard logistics or shipping of products. 
  6. Finally the commission, it is the same as that what you get owning an e-commerce website. 

4. What is the process of building a cashback website?

Starting a coupon and cashback website is not a big task but I must say it is very challenging. You should give a tough competition to all the competitors who are senior to you in this industry. 

Steps to develop coupon and cashback website: 

  1. Selecting business name and domain. 

Name and domain play a vital role in any Business. They should be very unique and catchy. with all the information in one word. It should describe what your website is all about. 

Now here I am going to share a few tips that you have to consider while naming your website. 

  • Keep the name meaningful, attractive and memorable.
  • It should communicate your brand essence.
  • It should have easy access which means people can easily type or say it.

And also make sure to follow similar processes and tips for the domain name as well. If your favorite domain name is already taken make sure to consider something more similar to it.

  1. Purchasing a cashback script. 

Nowadays Cashback scripts and cashback businesses are racing across the world. It is mainly due to the affiliate’s unique business model to earn money easily. For online shopping, websites offering cash back are one of the easy ways to attract people easily and make them loyal. 

These cashback and coupon websites increase the customers to shop and to save the money as cashback while shopping. For this sake, Techweblabs launches the unique affiliate Cashback script in both WordPress and PHP and also provides the cashback website templates. These cashback scripts are very helpful to entrepreneurs and people who want to start their businesses. 

Through the coupons, deals, and cashback website, the sales, and the commissions are integrated through API. Some of the features in the cashback script are e-wallet integration, referral earnings, available balance, Paytm integration, UPI transfer, cashback earnings, multi payout system, etc. 

  1. On-board affiliate partners. 

Your third step should be finding the right affiliate partners and establishing connections with them. Make sure that each partner is offering various kinds of products in various categories. Know their daily traffic, sales, and other related parameters. E-commerce stores that are very popular and have high sales can help you earn high ROI with minimum effort and time. 

Another important thing to be considered is website design. Contact a friendly and experienced team of designers and developers to create an SEO-friendly website for your business.

  1. Website Hosting. 

So, you are all set with your website. now comes website hosting. Website hosting is the place where you decide to host your website. So don’t take a chance in this key step and go for popular web hosting sites like GoDaddy and build your server. 

The cost of website hosting increases as the traffic of the website increases. So go for the basic plan in the starting and can upgrade in the long run. 

  1. Get a business email 

Now that you are almost done with everything, the next step is getting business mail. This is also as important as the remaining steps. This email will make your business trustworthy and make your website look professional. 

Make sure to take an email with the same domain name of your business, doing so will increase your brand awareness and visitor’s trust. 

For example, if your website name is CashBounce.com then your email should be similar to it like [email protected] 

  1. promote your coupon cashback website. 

Now that you have completed the development process of your coupon and cashback website, affiliate URLs have been added along with the cashback script. Now the thing that is left behind is earning commission through cashback coupons. But you need to generate traffic to do that. 

These days it is easy to generate traffic. You can promote your website using social media ads like Facebook ads, SEO, Content creation,

Influencer marketing etc. These are a few examples of methods of promotion. You can pick your favorite method and start promoting. 

5. Top players in the cashback industry and their statistics 

According to the global Cashback industry report, the coupon and cashback industry has grown around 108$ billion, because of entrepreneurs who realized this industry’s worth. 

Recent research also said that India alone valued around 5 billion in this industry and is continuing to increase. 

A few of the top players in this industry are: 

  1. Cashkaro.com found by Ratan Tata 
  2. Go paisa.com founded by Amn Jain and Ankita Jain
  3. Indiancashback.com 
  4. Grabon 
  5. Pennyful.com 

6. Cost of building a Coupon and Cashback website. 

Depending on the requirements and demands, the development of a coupon and cashback website will cost something around 1500$. If you need rich features and strategies it may go up to 3000-5000$. 

The bigger requirements need more money. So what you can do is start with an MVP and keep adding features later on. 

7. Coupon and Cashback website business model

The model of coupon cashback websites is really short and simple. It earns through affiliate marketing where the seller provides various links and coupons to every retailer or marketer with which they track the sale. 

An affiliate link is the same as any other link but it has information coded in it related to the referer. First, the user visits a cash-back coupon site and can check the offers on their favorite e-commerce store.

Once he clicks on a particular offer, the cookie file stores in the device and helps merchants track information like user ID, click ID, and purchased time. 

Coupon and Cashback website business model

Once the user clicks on the coupon link the cashback code gets revealed and he will be redirected to where it is applicable. After the user makes the payment from any third-party e-commerce website a little share will be shared to the coupon and cashback website. The share varies from product to product. 

how cashback website works for the owner

8. Final verdict 

So, there you go! We gave you all the important information to get started with building and launching a coupon and cashback website. We also simplified many things for you by providing examples and demanding websites. By following the above steps and process you can start your website within no time and can run successfully within a few months. 

To collaborate with top website developers for your coupons and cashback websites send an email at [email protected] and discuss your requirements and get a custom quote.

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