1. Introduction

With a relatively huge number of food delivery apps, it is so hard for food lovers to choose the right app for their food choices. So to narrow your choice and direct towards the right food delivery app we are going to compare two top competitors today. 

They are Caviar vs ubereats. Both are leading food delivery companies that are in a neck-to-neck competition. Today we will compare both the food delivery aps, their services, delivery fees and many more to know which suits you the best.

So if you are excited to know the result just stick to the flow and continue reading. 

2. What is Caviar?

Caviar is a food delivery app that was founded in the year 2012. It delivers the food only from particular restaurants but not everything. It doesn’t partner with any restaurant but just those restaurants that have 4 or 4+ stars on Yelp.

The advantage of this app or company is that it merges food with high-end technology to make deliveries easier and faster. It has both a website and mobile application that allows users to order food from their comfort.

Caviar also delivers alcohol to its users, where most of the food delivery apps don’t do it.

2.1 Advantages of using Caviar:

  • Offers high-quality local restaurants and premium selection.
  • Has got high reviews for its services.
  • Also delivers alcohol for the users
  • Offers more discounts and promotions.
  • Offers prepaid card support, debit card, PayPal,apple pay, and Gpay for payment.
  • Better search process.

2.2 DisAdvantages of using Caviar:

  • Doesn’t offer strong customer support
  • Has no Venmo payment option.
  • Operates in less markets compared to other food delivery services.
  • Partners with a few restaurants.

3. What is Ubereats?

Uber Eats is an American food delivery and ordering platform that was launched by the giant company Uber in the year 2014. It is a company that is based in San Francisco, California. It helps the user to find the local flavors with ease and get them delivered to their doorstep within no time.

After expanding its business into the food industry in 2016, the company has grown into other parts of Australia and New Zealand. The company also offers partnerships with KFC, Subway, and Coles.

The company extended its business in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, France, Germany, Guatemala, Ireland, Italy, and many more.

3.1 Advantages of using UberEats:

  • Greater recognition of Brand when compared to Caviar.
  • Better alcohol ordering services.
  • Operates in more countries than Caviar.
  • Offers strong customer support
  • It has various payment options including Venmo.
  • Partner’s with various top brands like McDonald’s
  • Well-maintained delivery services.

3.2 DisAdvantages of using UberEats:

  • Works only with a few restaurants
  • Alcohol is not delivered all the time.
  • Cannot pay using debit cards or prepaid cards.
  • Doesn’t accept any google pay, Apple pay, or Paypal.

4. Comparison Table: Caviar vs ubereats




What they deliver

Food from partner restaurants

Food and alcohol from partner restaurants


Usually no


Delivery fee

“Variable” though some sites report it’s $4.99.

$1.99 to $8.99, based on your distance from the restaurant and a service fee of 18%.

Surge pricing


No, but will increase minimum orders during busy hours

Minimum orders

There is No minimum order

Yes, the minimum order can range from $15 – $25

Apple store review



Google Play store review



Is it available outside US

Yes, it is available

No, it is not available


No. There is no subscription or premium services.

No. There is no subscription or premium services.

5. Conclusion:

If you were confused between UberEats and Caviar then we hope our article solved your confusion. As you can see from the table they both have many similarities and cover most of the areas. So finally Ubereats can be a great option if you are highly reliable on food delivery as it works in almost 13 countries. But if you want a premium dining experience then you definitely have to go for Caviar.

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6. Frequently Asked Questions:

6.1 How much do Caviar delivery drivers make?

On average, a caviar driver can make around $33 per hour. Sometimes it may range between $22-$33 which is taken as their average salary.

6.2 How much do UberEats drivers make?

On average, Uber Eats drivers are expected to make anywhere between $8-$12 per hour. This is the final payment that they get after factoring in the expenses of the delivery like gas and vehicle maintenance.

6.3 How is Caviar different from UberEats?

Though both the food delivery apps are top competitors, with the same goal to provide shameless food delivery to the users are different in one thing. The only difference between these two apps is that Caviar delivers alcohol to its users just like any other food delivery and uberEats doesn’t deliver alcohol to its users.

6.4 Which delivery services have the lowest fees?

In this lowest fees list, UberEats is the top one with the lowest fees despite its high prices and low delivery fee. On the other hand, the highest fee was recorded by GrubHub which is almost 3x costlier than UberEats.


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