1. What is Cashkaro?

Cashkaro is one of the fastest growing cashback and coupon websites in India. By using this platform you can get cashback on all the top brands and online orders from Snapdeal, Amazon, Myntra, and 500+ other e-commerce stores.

What is Cashkaro?

Cashback offers deals, discounts and offers on more than 100 plus brands across India. You can save upto 20,000 -25,000 INR per year using this website. Cashback and coupons is a highly popular trend in western countries, recently managed to take off in India.

2. What is Letyshops?

What is Letyshops

Letyshops is another popular cashback app that allows you to save upto 30% of your money. It has both an extension and A mobile app through which it helps you save money. 

The extension will remind you of the opportunity to get cashback, simplifies your cashback activation, reduces your risk of loss, and indicates cashback activations with red and green colors on the extension.

3. Why do they offer cash back for us?

Cashback is usually offered to the user or customers to attract them. Everybody loves to shop and everybody loves to save money. The cashback is one such concept that is built out of this very thought!

You may understand it better if we explain in general first! Cashback is a reward or gift given to the users or customers for spending money on a particular brand or company.

It is not sure that the reward you get is always monetary. They give back the percentage of money that you spent in the form of cash, gift cards, vouchers and many more.

Similarly with Cashkaro and Letyshops. When you purchase something through these websites(Cashkaro and Letyshops) they receive a commission from the e-commerce store. A part of that commission is shared with the user in the form of monetary cashback or rewards.

app like cashkaro

4. Availability of stores.

4.1 Cashkaro.

In cashkaro cashback website you can shop for your favorite products from your favorite retailers. There are 2000+ e-commerce stores available on Cashkaro. 

So everytime you shop from one of these sites through cashkaro you will be paid a commission which allows you to save upto 20,000 INR per year.

4.2 Letyshops.

In Letyshops cashback website there are 3760 e-commerce stores which allow you to shop and enjoy the cashback. Similar to Cashkaro you can enjoy the offers and deals on Letyshops too.

5. Payout options

5.1 Cashkaro.

Once you reach the minimum payout amount of Rs. 250 INR as a confirmed cashback in your wallet, the amount will be transferred to your bank account directly. 

You can use the NEFT or redeem the cashback as Amazon gift cards or Flipkart gift vouchers.

5.2 Letyshops.

In Letyshops you need the minimum confirmed amount of 500 RUB in your account for the payout.

Then you can directly transfer it to your bank account or use UPI or paypal. Paytm is going to be added as a new payout method in Letyshops,

withdrawal methods

6. Other ways of earning using Cashkaro vs Letyshops.

6.1 Cashkaro.

Cashkaro offers a “Referral Program” to its users, through which they can invite their friends and family to shop using Cashkaro.


By inviting family and friends like this you can earn 10% every time they shop using Cashkaro app or website. It has no expiration date.

6.2 Letyshops.

You receive a special bonus referring Letyshops to your friends and family. Not only you but the friend who joined using your referral will also be getting the bonus for joining Letyshops. The more friends use your link, the more bonuses you earn!

“ The referral bonus is credited only for those orders that automatically appear in your friend’s account.”



Lety-Code is a special code that will allow you to get increased cashback for a particular period of time. It is also a part of the Loyalty program offered by the Cashback website.

You may activate Lety-code in your personal account, “Lety-code” section. Just submit the code and click “Apply code”.

7. Which is the best: Cashkaro vs Letyshops?

After talking about all their offers, availability of stores, cashback option, payout options and other ways of earning we believe you found the right app for your shopping needs.

If your answer is no, let us do this for you. The reason we compared these two apps is because they are best in their industry. 

But if you ask us to choose one we would go for Letyshop. As it is a foreign app it has more ecommerce stores available. Moreover, it also has a referral program and Lety-code program to save more unlike Cashkaro.

app like cashkaro

Cashkaro is also one of the ideal options to make. You can save upto 20,000 INR using this website/app for your daily shopping needs.

If you want more options or If you want to earn from more websites, You can check the Top Cashback websites that provide amazing deals for you whenever you shop:


  • Deal My Deals.
  • GoPaisa.
  • CashKaro.
  • LetyShops.
  • CouponDunia
  • Paisawapas.

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