1. What is Cashkaro?

Cashkaro is one of the fastest-growing cashback and coupon websites in India. By using this platform you can get cashback on all the top brands and online orders from Snapdeal, Amazon, Myntra, and 500+ other e-commerce stores.

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Cashback offers deals, discounts, and offers on more than 100 plus brands across India. You can save up to 20,000 -25,000 INR per year using this website. Cashback and coupons are a highly popular trend in western countries, recently managed to take off in India.

1.1 Cashkaro Payout Options

Once you reach the minimum payout amount of Rs. 250 INR as a confirmed cashback in your wallet, the amount will be transferred to your bank account directly. 

You can use the NEFT or redeem the cashback as Amazon gift cards or Flipkart gift vouchers.

2. What is GoPaisa?

GoPaisa provides aggregate offers with great deals to Indian Online Shoppers. It was founded by Aman Jain and Ankita Jain with the idea to offer smart cashback options, coupons, deals, and discounts on shopping online.

It is one of the best apps for getting high cashback on every purchase. We consider this as one of the best alternatives to CashKaro as it has all the other big e-commerce stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, Myntra, Snapdeal, Yantra, and many more.

Cashkaro vs GoPaisa : Which is a better deal for you?

2.1 GoPaisa Payout Options

You need to have at least a minimum of Rs 50 for mobile or DTH recharge and Rs. 100 for an online bank transfer.

3. How to make an advantage out of Cashback websites?

3.1 Refer to your friends.

These cash-back websites offer a bonus if you refer your friend. You can do this by sending an email using the website’s referral page. 

Basically, you won’t get any referral amount until your friend earns the amount through the website.

3.2 Use freebies

As we already discussed we can earn free cash or rewards by completing surveys or entering any prize draws. The prize may be worth it if you can spare a little time on it.

3.3 Withdraw funds as Gift cards.

If you go for the option of withdrawing in gift cards, you will earn a top-up on your cashback. Not all sites allow this but Quidco and Topcashback do. 

You will be shown a large list of retailers offering gift cards here and you can earn top-up up to 15%.

3.4 Think outside the box.

It is not just purchased that gives you cashback, you can book flights, hotel rooms, and many more to get cashback even during having fun or vacation. 

You can earn hundreds of pounds by just signing up for a new broadband or phone contact via cashback sites. You can also do car hire, travel insurance, airport car parking, and many more.

4. How do Cashback apps/Websites make money?

Take a cash-back site with an offer for 7% cashback at Amazon, for instance. On the off chance that you click on the offer connection before shopping, it will take you to the Amazon website to finish your buy. 

On a $300 TV, you would get back $21 after your exchange or transaction is finished and confirmed. The cashback apps and websites make money in this process.

Cash-back sites can add time, however, it’s great that cash comes. You must be reliable. You truly need to compel yourself to make one additional stride in the entire shopping measure. 

Cashkaro vs GoPaisa : Which is a better deal for you?

So where does your cash come from? Cash-back websites build associations/relationships with retailers and get paid for sending the clients. 

The sites at that point share a segment of their reference income with the individuals who shop. The process of how cashback apps make money is simple yet easy.

If one of our individual’s shops at these retailers, the retailers pay them( i.e, cashback websites/apps) a commission, and they give that to the purchaser as cashback. This is how the process goes.

5. How Does Cashback Work in GoPaisa?

  • Register at Gopaisa and sign in to your account. It is free for everyone to use.
  • Once you log in, you can search for the products from various retailers and categories on the website.
  • Compare the deals and discounts from various stores.
  • Select the product or service of your choice.
  • After selecting click on “Get Cashback” which will redirect you to the payment page.
  • You can track the order you placed once you are done with the transaction.
  • As soon as your order gets confirmed you will get the cashback to your wallet.
  • You can redeem the cashback to recharge Mobile/DTH services, make bill payments, purchase gift vouchers from leading retailers, or transfer the money to the bank account. 

6. Conclusion:

To conclude this, both the apps are doing great in the cashback industry today. It all depends on the user and the products you buy.
You can try both Cashkaro vs GoPaisa before choosing the right cashback app for your online shopping needs.If you want more options or If you want to earn from more websites, You can check the Top Cashback websites that provide amazing deals for you whenever you shop:


  • Deal My Deals.
  • GoPaisa.
  • CashKaro.
  • LetyShops.
  • CouponDunia
  • Paisawapas.


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Also if you want to start your own cashback business, feel free to visit our website, look at our expertise and get a free quote. 

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