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Cashback scripts in WordPress and PHP

Nowadays Cashback scripts and cashback businesses are racing across the world. It is mainly due to the affiliate unique business model to earn money easily. For online shopping, websites offering cashback is one of the easy ways to attract people easily and make them loyal. These cashback and coupon websites increase the customers to shop and to save the money as cashback while shopping.For this sake, Techweblabs launches the unique affiliate Cashback script in both WordPress and PHP also provide the cashback website templates. These cashback scripts are very helpful to people who want to start their own business and entrepreneurs.Through the coupons, deals and cashback website, the sales and the commissions are integrated through API. Some of the features in the cashback script are e-wallet integration, referral earnings, available balance, paytm integration, UPI transfer, cashback earnings, multi payout system etc.

Cashback scripts

Why people show interest in cashback scripts or websites?

In this digital world, people will show much interest on cashback websites. This is the best way to save money while shopping and this is the trending and low-cost business. It is a one-time investment and the work is also less because the coupons are automatically imported from affiliate networks. The cashback scripts also available in both WordPress and PHP based on your requirements and our cashback script captures all the out-going links, commissions, cashback status etc are fully automated.

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  • Easy installation
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Cashback website features in WordPress & PHP

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