1. Introduction

Cashkaro is one of the fastest growing cashback and coupon websites in India. By using this platform you can get cashback on all the top brands and online orders from Snapdeal, Amazon, Myntra, and 500+ other e-commerce stores.

Cashback offers deals, discounts and offers on more than 100 plus brands across India. You can save upto 20,000 -25,000 INR per year using this website. Cashback and coupons is a highly popular trend in western countries, recently managed to take off in India.

2. How does Cashkaro work?

The company now successfully completed over 5,600 exchanges in a day. The business model of cashback is so simple, The retailer enlisted in the cashkaro gains a commission. which can be shared with the customer as cashback after the purchase.

How does Cashkaro work

Creating a cashback website is really a very good idea. Currently, this is the trending business online.

Nowadays affiliate online business is the current trending and emerging business. Starting a coupon website is a one-time investment and lifetime benefit. 

These types of websites offer coupons or deals on products that make you want to redirect to a particular ecommerce store. Developing and maintaining the cashback website is the easy way to earn money. 

So most of the business entrepreneurs are interested in building these types of coupons and cashback solutions.

3. Follow the below steps to create a cashback website like Cashkaro.

  • Affiliate networks capture the outgoing links with user id, click time, coupon ID etc. and shows for each & every tracked sale.
  • This data is again fetched by a cashback website using an API and allocates the cashback to corresponding users by keeping some share of commission earned.
  • You have to check with the network and merchant whether cashback passed-on is allowed or not and then reward accordingly.
  • you can always reward your customer with some reward points and this liberty can be used to convert cashback to some reward points and pass-on to clients. This way, you can offer cashback on as many merchants as possible.

4. Benefits of CashKaro for Customers:

  • Cashkaro is not only one of the biggest cashback websites but also the best savings website for all online transactions.
  • The cashback you earn from cashkaro is the real cash that can be transferred  directly to your bank account.
  • the user can also earn cashback by referring the app to their friends and family members. Cashakro’s referral program is permanent and pays you for life. You can earn 10% of every cashback of your referral forever.
  • Cashkaro also works as a personal bargainer for users. It gives them the facility to compare prices on multiple websites before making any purchase.
  • CashKaro helps users earn Cashback on various products and services including groceries, entertainment, online banking, flights, and much more. Even if you are not a frequent shopper can earn nearly Rs.20,000-25,000 per year by simply shopping for their favourite products via CashKaro


5. Benefits of CashKaro for Businesses.

  • Affiliate marketing will help you in increasing your dividends for a business. This also helps in building trust with your customers.
  • The other advantage of having an affiliate business is, it is based on a performance process. So affiliates are commissioned only when they generate a sale or lead. So they help in gaining higher ROI and higher conversion.
  • The process of affiliate marketing is completely cost effective and reduces the risk of investing your money into an unproven market strategy.

5.1 Is Shopping Via CashKaro Safe?

When we talk about saving, cashkaro is one of the most trusted and completely safe websites. You will get your cashback in the form of money or rewards after the shopping.

Is Shopping Via CashKaro Safe

The producers you receive will be from the retailer brand not the affiliate website like cashkaro. For example, if you purchased a product from amazon through cashkaro, you will be receiving the product from  Amazon not Cashkaro.


5.2 Is CashKaro an Indian app?

CashKaro.com was Founded by Swati & Rohan Bhargava in April 2013, which is India’s Largest Cashback & Coupons site. backed by Mr. Ratan Tata & one of India’s leading VC firms, Kalaari Capital.

5.3 How can I redeem CashKaro cashback?

Once you have Rs. 250 or more Confirmed Cashback you can transfer this Cashback to your Bank Account via NEFT or redeem it as an Amazon Gift Card.

5.4 Is flipkart removed from CashKaro?

Flipkart chops down affiliate business with CashKaro, CouponDunia, and others. After being secured by Walmart, Flipkart has diminished commission and covered the deals driven by affiliate partners drastically. Smaller affiliates lost as much as 80-90 percent of their business.

5.5 Revenue statistics of Cashkaro.

The beginning years for cashkaro were slow  and steady. From 2 years after starting they got revenue under 2 crores in 2013. 

By the time investors got interested in cashkaro, the users list galloped from 40,000 users to 2.5 lakh users which helped cashkaro raise 25 crores in a series from Kalaari capital. 

And by FY16, operating revenue was up to Rs 17.56 crore; and the startup was in the black.

Last year it increased its marketing spend by 60% which got over 50% more monthly visitors. Now Cashkaro has around 2.5 million users.

Revenue statistics of Cashkaro.


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