1. What are cashbacks and coupons?

A Cashback website is a reward website that pays the users a percentage of money earned when they purchase anything through the affiliate link provided.

Few websites provide users with a percentage whereas few pay a flat sum of amount for each action.

2. Which is the best Cashback app for Flipkart?

We recommend CASHKARO as one of the best apps for Flipkart Cashback. They have the best cashback rates compared to all other similar cashback apps.  It gives you the best deals for clothes, shoes, accessories, food and everything. Who doesn’t like to save money? So if you want to save money when shopping, Cashkaro can be your ideal choice.

Given below are the Top 7 apps or websites that provide you best deals with Flipkart, that you don’t want to miss.

3. Top 7 apps for Flipkart Cashback.

Cashback Website.

Cashback Rates

Waiting time.



  • Upto 5.67%: Rewards on Grocery

  • Upto 5.67%:Rewards on Appliances.

  • Upto 5.67%: Rewards on mobiles  and Tablets.

  • Upto 5.67%: Rewards on fashion.

  • Upto 5.67%: Rewards on Tv and washing machines.

  • Average waiting time for cashback: 60 days

  • Maximum waiting time for cashback: 90 days



  • 12.6 %: Quick Grocery

  • 12.6 %: NEW CLIENT: Flipkart Supermart

  • 10.5 %: NEW CLIENT: Books & General Merchandise

  • 10.5 %: NEW CLIENT: Home (Home Decor ,Home Furnishing)

  • 8.4 %: EXISTING CLIENT: Books & General Merchandise

  • 8.4 %: EXISTING CLIENT: Home (Home Decor ,Home Furnishing)

  • Average waiting time for cashback: 55 days

  • Maximum waiting time for cashback: 90 days


Cashback is not available for Flipkart currently.

  • Average waiting time for cashback: 72 hours

  • Maximum waiting time for cashback:7 days


There is currently no cashback in this store.


Earn Upto 3% CashKaro Rewards

  • Upto 80% Off on Televisions, Mobiles, Fashion, Grocery & more.

  • up to 85% on Clothing, Apparel, and Accessories.

  • 50% to 80% on Mobile Phones, Laptops, Electronics.

  • Upto 3% on Kitchen Appliances and Products and Dining

  • Upto 2.5% Clothing, Luggage, Footwear, Watches

  • Average waiting time for cashback:5 Minutes.

  • Maximum waiting time for cashback:72 Hours


Offer you upto 8% cashback on every deal.

  • Reward tracking time : 24-72 hours

  • Average waiting time: 70 days.

Happy Credit

Offers you upto 3% cashback.

Offer you 5% cashback on every purchase made using Axis credit card.

4. How to get cashback from Flipkart?

  • You have to create a free account on Cashback apps like Cashkaro.
  • You need to access the offers using your cashback app/website link.
  • Your cashback amount would be tracked once you’re done with the payment.
  • It takes almost 60 days for the merchants to validate the cashback.
  • With cashback apps you can earn cashback on Flipkart on the go
  • The Chrome extensions can remind you to claim extra cashback every time you shop on Flipkart.
  • Cash Back apps always help you save more money every time you shop.

5. Few important steps to follow to earn successful cashback from Flipkart

  • Make sure to disable all third-party extensions before purchasing the item. As the third-party extensions may cause cashback cancelation.
  • Every Store has its own terms and conditions which need to be followed in order to get the cashback successfully. So before making a purchase make sure you read all of them properly and continue with shopping.
  • Cashback is accepted only after the return window is over for all products in the order.
  • Processing stage of cashback can last upto 12 days from the date of purchase. It may increase if an order is made from an unregistered device.
  • Using or purchasing from a registered device will allow you to track the order.

6. Frequently Asked Question.

6.1. Does CashKaro have Flipkart?

Yes Cashkaro has Flipkart, but the thing is sometimes they can remove the flipkart campaign due to various reasons. One reason is their flipkart account will have a monthly earning limit, once its exhausted they won’t be getting extra earning from Flipkart for that month. In this case they will be forced to pause the campaign on their website and mobile app until their limit is restored.

Below are the steps to successfully shop and earn cashback by shopping from Flipkart on Cashkaro:

Step 1: Visit CashKaro.com on your browser or download the CashKaro app for your device.

Step 2: Search for Flipkart from the search bar and go to the Flipkart store page on CashKaro.

Step 3: Copy any Flipkart offers 2021 (when available), Sign-in, or click on the shop now button and you will be redirected to the Flipkart website. If you are not signed in, your user id will not be tracked and you will not earn the cashback.

Step 4: You can complete the shopping and be eligible for a cashback offer.

6.2. What are the best cashback apps in India?

These are the few best cashback apps in India that allow you to shop by saving maximum rates.

  • Deal My Deals.
  • GoPaisa.
  • CashKaro.
  • LetyShops.
  • CouponDunia.
  • Paisawapas.

6.3. Is CashKaro safe?

When it comes to saving money when shopping, cashback is one of the best solutions. And it is absolutely  safe to shop through cashkaro. Just by taking another extra step you can earn money in the form of cashback or rewards.

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