1. Introduction

The E-Commerce industry is at its peak because of the ease of selling and buying on the internet. Ans whenever talks about a versatile marketplace selling vast amounts of goods from different categories, people in India boil down their options to the 2 most famous names, Amazon.in and Flipkart. 

Even though both the companies have done their best to solve the problems of the customer in various ways, there are a few differences between them when it comes to their features.

Upon thorough research, the difference between Amazon and Flipkart from a user point of view lies in the reviews display. There are several filters along with a graph that helps you sort the reviews and gives you a broader picture than just the numeric rating. However, in Flipkart, you have to manually see the reviews listed according to the date, which can be a time taking task.

Let’s take a look at some of the other differences between Flipkart vs Amazon.

2. Amazon Vs Flipkart: Differences In Features

2.1 Which Site Has Got The Best Interface And UI?

Amazon’s font is significantly more legible and easier on the eyes, so it is able to fit more results on a single page because each result is smaller in size, which isn’t the case with Flipkart. There is a problem with Flipkart’s “Assured” logo. ‘Prime,’ on the other hand, is a lot more subtle. 

Winner: Amazon

2.2 Which Marketplace Is Best For Books?

Amazon offers a limited number of books at Amazon Kindle, however at no discount. Flipkart, on the other hand, doesn’t provide any discounts on their books. Even with free delivery, a large number of these books are out of stock. 

There is a strong risk that the delivery costs will eat away at the savings you’ll receive. In other words, unless you buy a large number of books at once, you may wind up spending more than the books themselves!

Winner: Amazon

2.3 Which Has Got A Simpler Payment Method? 

While the front-end user interfaces of both sites are nearly identical, the user experience on Flipkart while purchasing, checking out, and making a payment is far simpler than on Amazon. Amazon on the other hand has tons of options in terms of payment methods like its own UPI, Amazon Pay balance and much more.

Winner: Flipkart

2.4 Which One Shows Changes In Price Of The Products?

When you add a product to Amazon’s wish list or cart and check it out after a few days, it informs you in case there is any reduction or increase in the price. However, Flipkart has this feature available while you are browsing the product only.

Winner: Both

2.5 Is There Any Feature Of Gift Option?

Suppose it’s one of your closest friends’ days, and you want to give her a fancy box with your customized message, but unfortunately can’t meet her in person.

In Amazon, certain products are available for Gift options, which means Amazon will pack the product in the form of a gift along with a gift message written by you to the person whom you are gifting. This feature is, however, absent in Flipkart.

Winner: Amazon

2.6 Which Marketplace Has Got The Better Review Display?

Amazon displays reviews better than Flipkart. A rating like 4.2 written in filled stars is far more striking and catches one’s attention than one written in numeric value.

  • Moreover, in Amazon, you have the option to filter the reviews based on positive, negative, recent, and much more. 
  • Even the trending keywords and adjectives used for the products are visible on top of the reviews. 
  • There is a chart showing the distribution of 1, 2, 3,4, and 5 stars among customers who have reviewed the product, which gives an overall average of how the product is.
  • Moreover, you can even search for related questions if you have any queries using the search bar.

Flipkart lacks all of these features and makes it a manual search for customers to research the reviews. Below, see the pictures to get a better understanding of both.

Winner: Amazon far way

2.7 Which Site Is Available In Different Indian Languages?

It has been more than 1.5 years since Flipkart’s app was first launched in Hindi and has since been translated into seven Indian languages, including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Marathi. But these languages can be changed only in the app. If you are using the website, you have to browse everything in English.

But Amazon also provides its services in different languages, both for its app and website, equally.

Winner: Amazon

2.8 Any Premium Subscriptions Available For Amazon And Flipkart?

Subscriptions have taken off as the internet’s influence continues to rise at an astronomical rate. Both Flipkart and Amazon now offer subscription models to their consumers, charging a yearly fee for the privilege of receiving more services and benefits. 

On the other hand, Flipkart offers an annual subscription service called ‘Flipkart Plus,’ which provides you with free shipping on all your orders, same-day delivery (depending on your location), priority customer service, special discounts, and early access to newly launched products and offers.

Winner: Tie

2.9 Which Costs The Least Delivery Charges Among Flipkart And Amazon?

We have observed that for some products if your total cart value exceeds a threshold amount, you will be exempted from the delivery charges. However, some products mandatorily charge a shipping fee despite how much worth of products you buy.

Winner: Tie

2.10 Which ECommerce Among Amazon And Flipkart Gives The Option To Buy International Products?

If we want to buy goods from a different nation, we may do it easily on Amazon. However, it’s restricted to a few goods only which impose a hefty delivery charge, sometimes exceeding Rs2000 also. Flipkart makes it simple to browse; however, because it is an Indian firm, no products from other countries can be purchased.

Winner: Flipkart

2.11 Which Company Has Got Better Customer Service

Amazon has a leg up on Flipkart when it comes to providing excellent customer service. Amazon.in’s customer service representatives respond quickly to your calls and do their best to fix your difficulties as quickly as possible. 

Flipkart, on the other hand, has a lot of complaints about its customer service workers, and they often try to dodge your issues rather than fix them. Customer dissatisfaction might result in negative feedback for your website as a result.

Winner: Amazon

3. SuperCoin Zone

Well, Flipkart provides this scheme for certain products. It’s like some of the listed products, if you purchase them, you are entitled to some coins. And once you have accumulated a lot of them, you can get some hefty discounts on the purchase of selected products (the products will be mentioned in the format of Rs. X+  no of coins).

Take a look at the below picture to get the idea.

Winner: Flipkart

4. Products For Various Categories Of People

Both Amazon and Flipkart are marketplaces where vendors from all around the country may join and sell their goods on the site. User reviews and Flipkart’s initial reputation is excellent. In contrast, “value items are marginally lower on Amazon than on Flipkart,” the insider stated. 

Because Flipkart has a significant presence in Tier 2, 3, and 4 cities, it often introduces items that appeal to a wide range of customers.

Winner: Flipkart

5. Is There Any Way To Know Verified Products In Flipkart And Amazon?

You’ve probably noticed that certain items on these websites have unique badges attached to them. There is an “Amazon Fulfilled” badge on Amazon. in, while there is a “Flipkart Assured” badge on Flipkart. To ensure that your order arrives on time, the products are stocked, packed, and dispatched by the company itself. Customers feel more confident and satisfied when they see these badges.

Winner: Both

6. Which Are The Subsidiaries Of Amazon And Flipkart?

A number of companies are owned by Amazon, including Amazon Air, Amazon Game Studios, Amazon Body Labs, Goodreads, Zappos, Graphiq, and AbeBooks. PhonePe, a mobile payment provider, Myntra, Ekart, Jeeves, and Jabong.com are all subsidiaries of Flipkart.

Winner: Tie

7. Customized Recommendations of Products

There is a separate page in Amazon where you can discover the style of your products by liking or disliking the products shown to you for instant recommendations. This will give you a way more customized option. However, Flipkart shows you the recommendations on the basis of your search history on Flipkart only.

Winner: Amazon

8. Flipkart Vs. Amazon: Which Is Better For Sellers? 

8.1 Convenience

Both Amazon and Flipkart marketplaces have mastered the art of making registration for vendors as simple as possible. Flipkart ensures honest vendors and high-quality items by enforcing a strict registration requirement.

Amazon, on the other hand, approves new seller accounts very quickly. An account is not only approved, but the vendor may begin selling immediately.

Winner: Amazon

8.2 Dashboard For The Seller Central

Flipkart’s user-friendly design makes it appear as if we’re looking through a directory of all eCommerce sites. Sales will not be guaranteed despite this. Secondly, there are just a few ways to sell your product. To the maximum degree feasible, the seller has control over the product listing and other attributes.

However, Amazon sellers have full control over their listings, price, advertising, bulk selling, and shipping. A range of sales tools helps the sellers to ensure more visibility of their products.

Winner: Amazon

8.3 Promotion

This is where Amazon and Flipkart differ significantly. Flipkart’s humorous ad campaigns target a wide range of businesses. It is not possible for a seller to establish their own bids on keywords in the Flipkart marketplace. In addition, promotional items such as banners aren’t an option for promoting products. In this instance, there is no or extremely little ad moderation.

Campaigns with SmartROI are currently unavailable on Amazon India. Amazon’s advertising network offers a wide range of extra alternatives for promoting your items and generating purchases as often as feasible. 

Winner: Flipkart

9. Flipkart Vs Amazon: Best Features Common To Both

  • Both allow us to compare technological devices like laptops, smartphones, and more.
  • Customers may select from a wide choice of items in each category because of their extensive range of offerings. Both Flipkart and Amazon have competitive product collections.
  • Shipping and Courier: There are separate courier services for Amazon. in and Flipkart. ATS and EKart are Flipkart and Amazon’s respective courier services (Amazon Transportation Services). Delivery services for both e-commerce websites are practically identical in terms of quality and dependability.
  • In addition to COD (Cash on Delivery) options, both services provide a wide range of convenient features. You’ll be notified through SMS when your order has shipped, is on its way to you, or has already arrived.

10. Features Of Amazon.in eCommerce

10.1 Pros Of Amazon

  • Easy navigation and a user-friendly design make it possible for visitors to swiftly and easily locate the products or services that they need. 
  • Access to items from all around the world is made possible.
  • For more than two decades, the firm has been a leading online retailer, serving more than 300 million people throughout the world.
  • Amazon’s free two-day shipping on most purchases has resulted in a greater conversion rate for individuals who buy on the site.
  • Logging into your Amazon account and using the Amazon mobile app on your phone or tablet allows you to purchase from virtually anywhere.

10.2 Cons Of Amazon

  • There have been reports of Amazon merchants not delivering on their promises of high-quality merchandise.
  • Amazon might be irritating for some people since they can’t locate what they’re looking for fast and readily like they can in a real store.
  • For some products, shipping charges might be prohibitively expensive.
  • Inventory shortages or mismanagement by the company’s logistics department may cause some things to arrive late.

11. Features Of Flipkart Marketplace

11.1 Pros Of Flipkart

  • First, Flipkart is the largest online megastore in India. A wide variety of items are available in a variety of categories. No other Indian online shopping platform has as many product categories like this one. They’ve already had millions of books available for pre-order, even before they’ve launched.
  • Flipkart has several courier service tie-ups. Therefore, most of the items may be delivered in a timely manner to most locations.
  • In addition, Flipkart offers discounts on a wide range of items, something you won’t find on many other online retailers.
  • As previously said, Flipkart exclusively sells reputable brands and non-branded merchandise.

11.2 Cons Of Flipkart

  • They only ship to India. Even if you’re prepared to spend extra money, there is no service available outside of India. 
  • Certain regions of India are also excluded from the service. They provide a webpage where you may enter the location’s pin code to see whether it’s available.

  • Occasionally, buyers are surprised to find that the things they ordered have been delivered, but the boxes are empty. In this case, the customer service is unable to provide an adequate response. 
  • When compared to metropolitan regions, the quality of service in rural areas is not good. It’s not uncommon for deliveries to remote locations to take a long time.

12. Amazon Vs Flipkart Features: At A Glance




Popularity Rank

Number 10 of all websites according to Alexa

Number 94 of all websites according to Alexa

Type of company

 public listed company

private listed company

Subscription type

Amazon Prime

Flipkart Plus

International Services



Availability in Indian Languages

Available in both app and website

Available only in the app

Review display

Far better with filters, top adjectives used and rating chart

Less convenient

Gift option



Payment option

Its own payment option, i.e Amazon UPI is available along with Amazon ICICI credit card, Amazon pay later and much more apart from conventional payment methods

You can link to conventional payment methods like UPI, Net banking, Cards, etc

Save for later while checking out


Restricted to 24 items

Affiliate Program



Changes in Price

Shows in the cart and wish list

Shows while browsing

Customizing recommendations

Available by liking or disliking


User Experience

Accommodates a lot of products in one page, starting from recommendations to recently viewed, to recently bought, products in the cart, etc

The font size is quite large and overall the website sees spacious

Ratings on Google play store 



Number of reviews on Google play store

7 million

26 million

13. Which One Should You Choose Between Amazon And Flipkart?

No doubt both the marketplaces are amazingly great and only a few features are different. But when it comes to choosing the products between Amazon and Flipkart, we would recommend you to:

  • just check which product has a lesser listing price and what the total charges you need to pay after delivery. 
  • Check for the reviews as sometimes different people can have different experiences on both platforms.
  • These prices change from time to time thus fixed advice isn’t feasible to give.

However, if you are gifting someone or looking to purchase some international products, you should definitely go to Amazon.

14. Conclusion

 In India, the two biggest e-commerce platforms are Flipkart and Amazon. Unlike Flipkart, which exclusively operates in India, Amazon is the world’s most popular online retailer and operates in nearly every major country in the globe. 

Flipkart and Amazon are both well-known names in India, making them both popular options for consumers. It’s not uncommon to see corporations like Amazon and Flipkart branching out into new markets with each passing year.

We hope you were successful in finding what you were looking for today while deciding between Amazon and Flipkart. By following the steps and procedures outlined above, you will be able to begin eCommerce shopping with ease.

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